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RED ALERT: Boehner Promises Amnesty Like Election Never Happened

Obama and Boehner

As our friend Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review said, "It’s as if the November 4 elections never occurred."

Today, the new House membership met in a private conclave and reelected every one of their top leaders by voice vote.  This includes John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as Majority Leader, Steve Scalise (R-LA) as Majority Whip, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) as Conference Chair.

And as Horowitz observed, "At a time of one of the worst constitutional crises in our nation’s history, when the president is threatening to imminently remake our society with immigration amnesty – a policy over which Congress holds absolute power – Republican leadership elections lacked any debate on strategy to stop this crisis.  None of these people had to provide a platform or a commitment as to how they will deal with this dangerously imperial president.  None of them had to make commitments to defund any and all lawless activity.  They were all reelected by voice vote."

Just hours before winning reelection to his speakership, Breitbart reported that Boehner said the following to Obama about paying his ransom on immigration:  

After a White House meeting last week, Republicans described Speaker John Boehner aggressively confronting President Obama over the president's planned executive amnesty, prompting an extended period of a defensive Obama attempting to justify his actions. But a key moment of the meeting, left out from those accounts, was unveiled by Boehner himself, when according to Horowitz, in an exuberant moment of boasting in a closed-door meeting with GOP colleagues minutes ago. Boehner recalled telling Obama, “Mr. President, just give us one more chance to do this the right way. If we can't, then do what you gotta do.”  

So Boehner is telling Obama that he will have the green light to pass amnesty, but asked for permission to try one more time to pass it legislatively?  Horowitz had this quote mentioned by Breitbart confirmed by several people in the room when Boehner said it.


Read that again.  Boehner told the GOP conference behind closed doors that he told Obama he has the green light to shred our constitution and destroy our sovereignty if Republicans don’t do it through regular order.  And then he was reelected Speaker just hours later!
This fight is not over, not by a long shot. Game on. Conservatives will be watching.
To read Daniel Horowitz's complete report on Boehner's comments about amnesty click this link
Call or write your legislator today (the Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell Capitol Hill Republicans that you voted for them to stand tall and fight the Obama – Reid plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and that you future support of the Republican Party will stand or fall on their opposition to granting amnesty to illegal aliens..
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Boehner should not be S.O.House. He is a RINO; and not a conservative; we need a man that is standing for the will of the people and not the elistist! Boehner did nothing for the people during this last years but play golf with the Presient. We need someopne in there that will use the "POWER OF THE PURSE" TO STOP THE PRESIDENT IN HIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Also it would be helpful if we had a man who had enough back-bone to use the word: IMPEACHMENT.

Boehner hyper-drama

The constant Boehner-linked drama that our country is going through is unneccessary. He never should have been elevated to the Speaker's seat and I don't understand the 'thumb-sucking' as Warren Buffet would put it, on the part of House members when JB comes back to them for re-election as Speaker. Please, stop torturing your country and make another member of the House the Speaker.