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Congressman Hal Rogers’ Corrupt (But Legal) Bargain For Amnesty

Hal Rogers

Anyone who thinks Washington is not riddled with and run by a legal form of corruption should read Matt Boyle’s article in Breitbart about the ties between Congressman Hal Rogers, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and the most outspoken advocate of facilitating Obama’s illegal executive amnesty with an omnibus spending bill, and General Dynamics, the giant government contractor that has a plant in Rogers’ district and has donated thousands of dollars to his campaigns.
As Boyle’s exclusive investigative report reveals (link at the end of this article) General Dynamics at a plant in Hal Rogers’ district in Corbin, Kentucky, already prints green cards, work permits, IDs, and other documents for immigrants under a long-term multi-million-dollar contract with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). (link to Matt Boyle’s article at the end of this piece)
It turns out that after its employees donated $10,000 to Rogers’ campaign this year and thousands in previous cycles, General Dynamics is in the running to print the millions of green cards, social security cards and other IDs that illegal aliens would receive if Obama declares an illegal executive amnesty.
Now here’s an interesting tidbit to help connect the dots of the financial ties between Congressman Rogers and General Dynamics.
According to an article Boyle dug-up in Government Security News magazine “Along with its team member, LaserCard Corp… General Dynamics oversees the production of 1.5 to 2.0 million green cards each year; another 1.0 to 1.5 million cards for people with ‘temporary protected status’; 300,000 to 400,000 Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, called TWIC cards; and a slew of ‘Employment Authorization Documents,’ known as EAD cards…” and this was back in 2011.
In 2011, the contract to produce those documents was worth around $5.5 million dollars. Imagine what the new contract will be worth because the new contract solicitation calls for a “surge” of 9 million new immigrant IDs “in one year sometime very soon,” and that the “guaranteed minimum for each ordering period is 4,000,000 cards. The estimated maximum for the entire contract is 34,000,000 cards.” (emphasis ours)
So just to be clear what’s going on here let us connect all the dots: Multi-billion dollar government contractor General Dynamics has a plant to print green cards in Corbin, Kentucky, in Congressman Hal Rogers’ district. Rogers has received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from General Dynamics’ employees. The company stands to make millions printing up to 34 million green cards for illegal aliens who receive amnesty under Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. Hal Rogers is the main proponent and architect of a bill to fund Obama’s planned amnesty AND provide the money that would pay General Dynamics perhaps as much as $125 million to print green cards and other documents for the illegal immigrants to whom Obama will give amnesty.
And the House Ethics Rules and our campaign finance laws apparently don’t call the relationship between Rogers’ General Dynamics employee campaign contributions, and a contract worth as much as $125 million, corruption.
America already has the world’s most generous immigration policy, as the millions of green cards and immigration documents being printed by General Dynamics demonstrates.
As Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has observed on numerous occasions an executive order on immigration would increase by millions more the number of people in the nation's workforce pool — and further hurt the opportunities of American citizens to get jobs.
"We have the lowest percentage of people in America today who have been working in 40 years. This is a stunning statistic. Almost every person who's gotten a job in the last 10 years is going to an illegal immigrant," Sessions recently told NewsMax.
As Senator Session said, and we agree most emphatically, “A nation’s first loyalty must be to its own citizens.”
But the immigration policies of President Obama that Congressman Rogers is helping to facilitate on behalf of his campaign donor General Dynamics, help only billionaire special interests, amnesty activists, and the citizens of other countries – while reducing jobs and pay for our own.
And there’s no glossing over the fact that Hal Rogers’ insistence on a long-term Omnibus spending bill facilitates Obama’s plan to give lifetime work permits and citizenship to over 30 million immigrants over the next ten years.
Right now the foreign-born population of the United States is at record levels, quadrupling since 1970. Since 2000, the U.S. has issued nearly 30 million lawful visas to foreign guest workers and permanent immigrants. During that time, all net employment gains among the working-age went to immigrant workers.
This large surplus of labor has pulled down wages – family incomes are down more than $3,000 since 2009 alone.
Imagine then what will happen if we double the supply of foreign labor. For many Americans, who will be pushed out of the workforce altogether, their wages will be reduced to zero.
What Obama and his allies like Hal Rogers are attempting to do through both legal and illegal means is to completely remake America. What Obama wants is a government-dependent society, and what Rogers and his billionaire crony capitalist allies want is cheap labor. Importing millions of low-skilled low-educated aliens is central to their mutual goals.
Call or write your legislator today (the Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044). Tell Capitol Hill Republicans not to fall for the trap; it is time to stand tall and fight the Obama – Hal Rogers plan for a long-term spending bill that does not prohibit amnesty for illegal aliens.

Click here to read Matt Boyle's exclusive article on Hal Rogers' ties to General Dynamics

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Hal Rogers

Just another treasonous bastard on a long list in Washington.

What we all can do.

WE can do more:

Over at "Legal Insurrection", it has been suggested that state and local (i.e, county) governments should pass a bill declaring any such executive amnesty order illegitimate and would not be recognized in said county (state). This would force Obama to sue to enforce his executive amnesty action virtually in every county and state in the union. To this end, I am presently addressing this matter with my local GOP executive committee, with the hope of passing a resolution, asking our county commission to also pass such a resolution. In addition, I have asked my state legislative delegation to bring this matter up to the state legislature for a resolution of support. I have also addressed this matter to my governor.

In addition, it may even be a very good idea to call for another Article V notification from each state on this issue.

So you see, there are plenty of things each of us can do sitting right in front of our computer screens.

ex animo

Is America a nation?

Your quote: Senator Session said, and we agree most emphatically, “A nation’s first loyalty must be to its own citizens.”

Does this not suggest the question of what a nation is? or what America is? Or, what the relationship is involved here? All the sound bites and clever sayings don't amount to much when the people read into it whatever they FEEL like. Words are important and too many people are twisting words all out of context. The connotations and denotations are so messed up that the voters are being misled. I would say they are deceived. All this comes from liars and con men in positions of trust. I hope we can find a moral and ethical foundation. If not, we are "sunk". Semper Fi.