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Steve Scalise and Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

Scalise Apologizes For Event He Didn't Attend

The venality and outright lies about House Republican Whip Steve Scalise’s association with David Duke’s racist organization, EURO, keep getting more obvious as Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy struggle to contain the damage keeping Scalise on the House leadership team is doing to the Republican Party.

None of what Scalise has said to try to explain away his association with David Duke, and Duke’s principle Louisiana political operative Kenneth Knight, has passed the smell test, and the more Scalise tries to explain it away, the deeper the lies get.

Scalise said in an interview Monday with The Times-Picayune that he did not know at the time about EURO’s affiliation with racists and neo-Nazi activists.

How could he not know?

In a recent interview with The Washington Post’s Bob Costa, where you’d think Kenneth Knight would be on his best behavior and be careful with his words, this is what he had to say about his relationship with Steve Scalise, “Steve was someone who I exchanged ideas with on politics. We wouldn’t talk about race or the Jewish question.”

“The Jewish question” is exactly the language Adolf Hitler used in a chapter of his Nazi manifesto “Mein Kampf.”

In Chapter II, on page 66 of the American English translation of “Mein Kampf” (if you can stomach it) you will find the subhead “The Jewish Question.” And thus begins Hitler’s tirade against Jews and the Jewish faith.

How can you not know who you are dealing with when the language of Adolf Hitler and Nazism creeps so casually into your next door neighbors’ conversation?

What’s more, in an old interview from 1999 in Roll Call —three years before the 2002 David Duke conference that Scalise is now facing fire for— Scalise admitted he knew who David Duke was, and seemed to support some of his policies.

Scalise is quoted by Roll Call reporter John Mercurio, as saying that he was someone who “embraces many of the same ‘conservative’ views as Duke” but painted himself as “far more viable.”

Let’s make one thing clear – there’s nothing “conservative” about racism and anti-Semitism, they are immoral perversions, not concepts that have any place in political discourse, especially conservative political discourse.

First Scalise apologized for attending and speaking at the 2002 EURO event, then his supporters said he actually only attended some sort of pre-event, then they said the event he attended was some sort of civic association event and was not connected with the EURO event at all.

Is it conceivable the congressman apologized for attending a meeting he didn’t actually attend?

More importantly, is it conceivable that Scalise, who was invited by his next door neighbor Kenneth Knight, with whom he had a long personal and political association, that included Knight phone banking and donating $1,000 to his 2008 congressional campaign, didn’t know what Knight and David Duke are all about?

As we said in our article, “Steve Scalise Must Go As House Republican Whip” Scalise is either too dumb to be Republican Whip, or just plain lying about his association with David Duke's despicable racist organization.  

As far as we are concerned the evidence is in; make your own judgement, but to us it looks like Scalise is lying. Just like the Germans who claimed they didn’t know about the Holocaust, Steve Scalise is lying about his association with Kenneth Knight and David Duke – Scalise’s continued tenure as House Republican Whip shames every Republican member of Congress and is a disgrace to the Republican Party that can only be atoned for by removing Steve Scalise as House Republican Whip. 

For more on House Republican Whip Steve Scalise's relationship with David Duke and Kenneth Knight see Matt Boyle's article "Scalise Pitch 20 Years Ago: I'm 'David Duke Without The Baggage.'"

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