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The Cure For The GOP Betrayal On Amnesty? It’s The Primaries, Stupid!

CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie

The conservative grassroots voters of America, who handed Republicans a historic victory in the 2014 midterm elections, yesterday suffered a betrayal of epic proportion when House Republicans, led by Speaker John Boehner, voted to fund the Department of Homeland Security without any prohibition against Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to grant “executive amnesty” to millions of illegal aliens.

To those remaining conservatives who really thought that the Capitol Hill establishment was going to make good on its promise to fight Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty “tooth and nail” all I can say is you haven’t read my book “TAKEOVER,” because such betrayals are part of a now-over 100-year pattern on the part of the Republican Party’s progressive establishment.

The Republican leaders’ surrender on amnesty is just the latest in a long list of examples that, as I point out in "TAKEOVER," prove that the number one enemy of limited government, constitutional conservatives is not the Democrats, but big-government, establishment Republicans, such as John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Bush 45 wannabe.

And for those who say “we need to leave the Republican Party and start a new Third Party, a real conservative party,” I likewise say you haven’t read my book – that’s been thought of and tried by some of the leading conservatives of the previous generation, and dismissed by no less than Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

This conservative disillusionment with the GOP isn’t new; it goes back at least to the 1950s and early 1960s, when a vehement group of libertarian-minded thinkers, such as author Ayn Rand, argued for a separate movement, while William F. Buckley Jr. argued for a conservative takeover of the Republican Party.

Goldwater had to swat down the idea of a third party, telling conservatives at the 1960 Republican National Convention to grow up and concentrate on taking over the Republican Party.

Some conservatives had even urged Ronald Reagan to run as a third-party conservative candidate. During the 1970s I found plenty of reason to support these efforts, and I was certainly fed up enough with the failures of the Republican establishment to bolt the Republican Party myself.

This effort gathered so much steam that a group of conservatives convened a meeting in Washington to urge Reagan to leave the Republican Party, launch “a full-blown national conservative movement,” and run as a third-party candidate.

To his great credit, Reagan chose not to pursue that path.

Reagan’s answer to those, including some of his good political supporters, who wanted him to head this new conservative party, was to tell them “they were out of their minds.”

As Reagan saw it then (and he was right) the bulk of conservative voters in America are Republicans—and they won’t desert the Republican Party for a third party.

And what’s more, we conservatives are tantalizingly close to achieving the goal Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan set before us – taking over the Republican Party.

We’ve got a far deeper bench than ever before – from city councils, to state legislatures to the halls of Congress we have more limited government constitutional conservatives in office than ever before.

But what we don’t have – the one key element we are lacking is our people in the key offices that control the levers of power in Congress and the Republican National Committee.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to America this week reminds me that conservatives are like the biblical Israelites who could not get to the Promised Land until that generation of failed/flawed leaders had passed from the scene.  And, likewise, conservatives are not going to get to the political Promised Land until we get new principled leaders.

The day after the 2014 midterm election we ran an article on CHQ quoting our old friend the late M. Stanton “Stan” Evans who once said, “The problem with ‘our guys’ is that once they get to Washington they stop being ‘our guys’ and become ‘their guys’.”

It's well known that there's no cure for Potomac fever except death, and likewise, there's nothing that will cure a congressional Republican of being addicted to big-government except a primary.

As I said in TAKEOVER: It’s the primaries, stupid.

The most important thing for conservatives to be focused on between now and election 2016 is the Republican primaries.

And already it appears a record number of establishment Republicans will face strong primary challenges in 2016, including, Renee Ellmers (NC), Pete Sessions (TX), Martha Roby (AL), to name but a few. 

We’re going to be building a list of Capitol Hill establishment Republicans who should be primaried due to their support for big government, amnesty, and things like their vote for Speaker, their vote for the CRomnibus appropriations bill which increased government spending, and there will be many other votes that will affect the 2016 congressional primaries.

You’re going to see a record number of Republican House members that are going to be challenged in the primaries in 2016 and that is where the battle for the future of the country lies, not in forming a third party that will guarantee a Democratic Party victory and the extinction of any possibility of reversing Obama’s unconstitutional actions. I urge you to join me in this important battle for the soul of the Republican Party and the future of this great country.

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Us against them!

Obviously, the GOP believes it can prevail without our (conservative) help!
They may be correct! Now we'll see if the idiots who sent these turncoats to Washington are as dumb as the idiots who voted for Obama and his Democrat co-conspirators!

GOP betrayal

I've come to understand that the powers behind the scenes control the GOP. They keep people in positions of power who prevent conservative legislation from being discussed, initiated, voted upon and ultimately made domestic or foreign policy.

They are a minority. We, the conservatives formerly know as "Republicans", outnumber them vastly. We must unify outside their control, in a new party with new rules.

The "betrayal" on amnesty is less of a betrayal than it is a continuation of the GOP Establishment's march toward a more and more powerful, central government in Washington, a government which increasingly chooses winners and losers in the private sector while it erodes individual and states prerogatives.

The GOP merely poses as an "opposition" party. They are in fact, by their actions over the past 25 years or longer, in league with Democrats. When the Democrats have a majority, we get liberal policy. When Republicans have the majority...we still get liberal policy. At this point, it's not difficult to see how the game is being played.

Let's move past them. We outnumber them.

Primaries as a tactic

I agree that one of the best ways to keep RINO Republicans in line is to constantly hold the threat of a primary over their heads. But, we may be overlooking an even more fruitful opportunity to gain political and legislative ground. I'll bet that there are many ultra-liberal Democrats in Congress who represent districts where a centrist Democrat would have a good chance to win a primary. Replacing an ultra liberal with a moderate Democrat might achieve just as much politically as replacing a moderate Republican with a Conservative - and it might be a lot more fun.


An even better idea would be for some conservatives to join the Democrats and and dilute their party. The same way they do us.