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Today a number of leading conservative organizations and elected officials joined together with state and local leaders to use social media throughout the month of July to highlight American exceptionalism.

Watching our President and his party seek to divide, not unify Americans, #AmericaProud is a nationwide coalition effort to bring our divided country together in July to remember what makes America an exceptional nation. President Obama has stated he believes in an America that is self-critical and always changing. He says those who view America as exceptional because of her past are “afraid." This is no way to describe the millions of Americans who believe in the American idea, including those who have fought and died so that America could remain a beacon of hope to the world. America was founded as a free and independent nation that recognizes the inalienable rights of individuals to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

America does not need to apologize for its character and identity. Our goal is to re-energize and provide hope for mainstream Americans who are demoralized by the erosion of American liberty and constant assault on our core principles. While the progressive left is intent on growing government, eroding man’s natural dignity from God as anchored in the Declaration of Independence, and threatening prosperity and sovereignty, this coalition knows that millions of Americans remain committed to the foundations of American exceptionalism.

July is the month to celebrate the true story of America’s history, independence and the principles that make America the most exceptional country in the world.

American Principles Project in Action, Americans for Limited Government, Concerned Women for America, ConservativeHQ, Eagle Forum, Hillsdale College, NumbersUSA, EAGnews, Tea Party Patriots, and The Heritage Foundation are the first members to join this new and growing coalition, representing millions of Americans.

Join the campaign by visiting to enjoy resources by our partners. Those interested can use the hashtag  #AmericaProud  to send quotes, pictures, songs, blog posts or speeches and share why America is exceptional to them.

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I take exception to the idea that we are exceptional. Our history, though flawed is no where near as exceptional as that of Germany, Great Britain, China, Indonesia, Chile, etc. To be certain, we have a great many black marks, but most of these (with the exceptions of slavery and its aftermath, and Indian extermination), have taken place since 1953 (80 attempted coups d'etat), and most recently, the ill-fated journey into the miasma of torture. Apparently we are trying to catch up to the exceptional in a hurry!