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Senator Bob Corker Insults the Memory of 9/11 Victims & Middle East Vets

The Obama – Corker Nuclear weapons agreement with Iran is set for debate on of all days September 11, 2015. 

911 memorialGiven the Islamist penchant for marking anniversaries with some spectacular act of terrorism one might expect a replay of the Benghazi attack, or the riots across the Middle East and North Africa that cloaked it, to occur this Friday. 

But let’s be honest – what could be more spectacular than the United States handing $150 billion to the number one state sponsor of terrorism and putting the largest and most long-lived Islamist regime on the path to a nuclear weapon. 

And in that regard September 11, 2015 may prove to be a day every bit as infamous as September 11, 2001, because it shows that the Washington foreign policy establishment, the establishment media and most especially the Capitol Hill Republican establishment have learned nothing from 9/11 and the vast sacrifice of lives and treasure America expended subsequently in the Middle East. 

The real lesson of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq (and now Syria), the rise of the Islamic State, the current invasion of Europe by Muslim “refugees” and of course the attacks right here in America is that the enemy is not “violent extremism” and we are not engaged in a “war on terror.” 

It is that Islamists have declared war on the West, and the vast majority of Muslims worldwide, and most especially the Islamist leaders of Iran, approve of and regularly facilitate that war. 

Unlike in the United States, where the Republican Congress gave away its oversight power in the treasonous Corker-Cardin bill, in Iran, parliament and the Supreme National Security Council technically have oversight of the deal, however, the Supreme Leader has the final say in most matters of state, including the nuclear accord.  

And Ayatollah Khamenei has made it clear that he will broke no American influence in the political, economic and cultural life of the Islamic Republic because the goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the destruction of the United States and Israel. 

The Obama fantasy that “engagement” and the deal to allow Iran to pursue its nuclear weapons program free of economic sanctions opens the door for the revival of Iran's pro-democracy movement has no basis in reality because the Islamic Republic is not a society where the majority yearns for a future based on Western consumerist values. 

It is a millennialist Muslim society where millions yearn for the Islamic conquest of the West, the arrival of the Twelfth Imam and the Muslim version of the Apocalypse.  

Princeton University professor emeritus Dr. Bernard Lewis identified that as the key reason Iran is an imminent nuclear threat, based on its rejection of a concept that kept nations from nuclear attacks during the Cold War -- mutual assured destruction. 

“There is a radical difference between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other governments with nuclear weapons,” Lewis noted. “This difference is expressed in what can only be described as the apocalyptic worldview of Iran’s present rulers.” 

In other words, Iran doesn’t fear retaliation if they attack Israel or the United States because a final global struggle against an evil enemy will present them with the privileges of martyrdom as taught in Islam, Lewis wrote. Death is not a deterrent. 

What is going on today between the United States and Iran is not a clash of interests or even ideology, but of cultures. In the Mideast, and particularly with Iran which is the epicenter of Muslim terrorism, America has but two choices; win or be defeated. 

Approval of Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran will signal that the United States has made its choice – and that choice is to abandon the defense of Western civilization and its values and thus lose the long war with Islam. 

This Friday as the Obama – Corker Nuclear Weapons deal with Iran is debated you will hear all kinds of patriotic statements and speeches about 9/11.  

No doubt some, such as Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee who made the approval of the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran inevitable, will claim that they are doing the patriotic thing by voting against the deal. 

But their speeches and votes will be a sham and a lie. 

An independent commission declared that Iran harbored and provided safe passage to the heinous terrorists that carried out the attacks on September 11th, 2001. What then will happen when we allow them to develop nuclear weapons and give them billions of dollars of sanction relief? 

A nuclear-arms agreement with any adversary—especially the terror-sponsoring, Islamist Iranian regime—should be submitted as a treaty and obtain a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate as required by the Constitution, but Bob Corker prevented that from happening. 

The real vote on the Obama – Corker nuclear weapons deal with Iran was the passage of Bob Corker’s Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 that set up a sham disapproval process on Obama’s nuclear weapons agreement with Iran that will receive a vote on 9/11. No matter what he says this Friday, Bob Corker’s shameless surrender of the Senate’s power to consent to treaties and his present phony opposition to the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran dishonors the victims of 9/11 and the thousands of Americans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and lost their lives in the battle with Islamists. 

We must stop this bad deal. If you'd like to see who your Senator supports (Iran or America), you can check on the Secure America Now Iran Deal Scorecard through this link. Then please sign our petition to let your senators and representative know you want the treasonous Obama – Corker Iran nuclear weapons deal defeated.

George Rasley, editor of served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, and on the staff of Rep. Mac Thornberry (TX-13) a member of the House Permanent Select on Intelligence, and now Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

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Senator Bob Corker-Iran Deal

Just contacted Senator Bob Corker Washington DC office at ph# 202-224-3344 A member of his staff told me he was against the Iran Deal. So unless they are not telling me the truth according to his Washington DC office he does not support President Obama Nuclear Deal. FYI.

Corker's Lies About Opposing The Iran Deal

Corker is the author of the bill that turned the Constitution on its head and allowed a minority of Obama-aligned Democrats to make the Iran nuclear weapons deal law. He voted to proceed with considering it on Thursday even though he admitted Obama had not even complied with the weak provisions of the law he himself authored. If he was truly against the Iran deal why allow a vote when Obama did not comply with the law he authored? Bob Corker claims he is against the Iran nuclear weapons deal, yet he has done everything possible to facilitate the passage of that disastrous assault on American national security, he is in my view a phony, a liar and a traitor.


Primary out the SOB he is more interested in his power and doing what the party wants than what is right for the people

senator Corker

senator Corker, emphasis mine is a total crook, he was crooked and investigated long before he got to DC but the investigation in TN was inconclusive naturally. He is arrogant and cares for one thing, himself and of course having never served he does not hold the military in any special light, just an a$$hole walking is what he is.

Iran Deal

Corker and all the Republicans except Senator Tom Cotton voted for the Corker/Obama Bill. McConnell could have refused to bring it up and today it would take only 1/3 of the Senate to kill this TREATY. It is a treaty in a normal world but not in establishments, Rep. & Dem world. They have been cooking the books and fooling the American people for a long time.
Why is it Trump, Carson and Fiorina are going up. I hope it is because enough of the sheep have awakened from their slumber.

Iran deal

The Iran must fail. If not all that are for it will burn in He'll.