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Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal A “Go” Corker and McConnell Betray America One More Time

As we observed after the Cruz – Trump rally against Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran, we didn’t expect it to stop the deal from going forward. And true to form the establishment Republican “leaders” of the Senate, particularly Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, stepped forward to save the deal and hand the Iranian Islamists who yearn to destroy Western civilization a shorter path to the nuclear weapons through which they can accomplish that goal.  

Corker ObamaAnd don’t be fooled by the lies with which Senators McConnell and Corker have been blanketing the air waves – even this late in the process the Republican leaders on Capitol Hill had other options than allowing Senate Democrats to defeat the phony resolution of disapproval. 

Two of the smartest lawyers and policy thinkers we know – Senator Ted Cruz and National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy – outlined a process by which the Iran nuclear weapons deal could be defeated and sanctions left in place. 

And that would be to simply follow the provisions of the Corker – Cardin legislation. 

Flawed (indeed treasonous) as it is, the Corker bill set-up a process that was to be followed to review and provide Congress a vote on Obama’s nuclear weapons deal. 

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which Corker authored, requires the Administration transmit to Congress all documents related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran —including side agreements—prior to a 60-day review period and subsequent vote.   

As Senator Cruz outlined in a letter to McConnell and Speaker Boehner, a three part process as outlined below could leave sanctions in place:  

1) Majority Leader and Speaker Boehner must determine that because President Obama has not submitted to Congress the widely reported side deals, the President has not yet submitted the Iran agreement as required by Corker-Cardin. Therefore, the 60-day clock for congressional review has not yet begun to run. And, critically, as a result, federal law prohibits the Obama Administration from lifting sanctions. 

2) Leader McConnell should introduce a resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that, if the agreement had been introduced as a treaty, it should not be ratified. This will put everyone on record and will make clear that there is insufficient support in the Senate for approving the agreement as a treaty. 

3) McConnell and Boehner should make clear to the CEOs of banks holding frozen Iranian funds that their misplaced reliance on the President’s lawlessness would not necessarily excuse them from the obligation to comply with existing federal sanctions laws. And if they release billions in funds to Khamenei, they risk billions in civil (and possibly even criminal) liability once President Obama leaves office.   

Cruz’s letter can be read in its entirety here

There’s no doubt that Obama has not complied with the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, indeed even Senator Corker said “there’s no question that two of the documents are not here,” but he and Senator McConnell chose to take the resolution of disapproval to the Senate floor Thursday, where it was sure to fail – and did. 

This gives a legal imprimatur to the deal that it would not otherwise have, and as Andy McCarthy has been saying since the Corker – Cardin insanity started back in April, Obama’s leftwing apologists, Iran’s Islamist supporters in the international community and venal international commercial interests will correctly conclude that the sanctions regime that has hobbled Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been repealed by the action of the Senate’s Republican majority. 

And make no mistake about it – it was the Republican “leadership” of the Senate that handed Iran a shorter path to the nuclear weapons with which to confront, and they hope defeat, the United States and western culture. 

What’s more, as McCarthy has warned in several articles for National Review and other outlets, Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran, as authorized by Corker – Cardin, creates a long-term arrangement, lasting 15 years, which will govern the conduct of the next several presidents toward Iran. 

So, despite the pronouncements of various Republican presidential candidates, the next President can’t on day one unilaterally undo Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran, because the Republican majority in the Senate yesterday effectively repealed the sanctions regime that a future President might have relied upon to once again stop the Islamist nuclear weapons program. 

Rather than take the path outlined by our friends Andy McCarthy and Ted Cruz to leave the sanctions in place, thanks to yesterday’s vote – forced for no reason by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – McConnell and Corker have effectively given the Iranian nuclear weapons the go ahead and hobbled the next (hopefully conservative) President who might have been expected to try to undo the vast damage to our national security Bob Corker, Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama have inflicted.

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Senators McConnell

Senators McConnell must be replaced! We can not have a lap dog for the Democrats running the Republican controlled Senate. You would think after the way Harry Reid treated the Republicans there would be some fire in McConnell's belly to get things right........ Even use the tactics employed by the Reid controlled Senate.

Iran deal

AS I listened to Rush Limbaugh today, he said several times that this "agreement" was inexplicable. I kept yelling at the radio "TREASON". Giving aid and comfort to our enemies is the definition of treason. Iran's leaders keep shouting "death to America" so I fail to see how anyone can say that they are not the enemy.

it ain't dead yet