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How The GOP Leadership Stokes Conservative Outrage

CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie


The resignation of establishment Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is viewed as a victory for conservatives and a major defeat for Boehner’s cronies in the Washington political establishment. However, grassroots conservatives remain in a white hot fury with the GOP’s failed leadership, and merely rearranging the titles of Boehner’s allies isn’t going to mollify them.

The root of this conservative fury isn’t the Capitol Hill GOP leaders’ minimal communications skills and lack of legislative victories – leadership requires no legislative success.

Conservatives didn’t win the Panama Canal Treaty battle, but its leaders inside and outside of Congress became the leaders of the Reagan Revolution.  Lack of legislative success is a scarecrow to explain away the fact that today’s GOP leaders don’t fight, let alone win, because they don’t see values worth fighting for in the conservative agenda.

Quite simply, they are not us.

  1. They’re not outraged about Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of dismembered babies
  2. They’re not outraged by the endless spending, deficit and debt – they enable it
  3. They’re not outraged about the invasion of our country by people from South and Central America
  4. They’re not outraged by the rape of boys by our Afghan “allies,” and the cashiering from the military of an honest American who was outraged
  5. They are not outraged by the Muslim extermination of Christians in the Middle East
  6. They are not outraged by the war on religion and believers of all faiths, but especially Christians, right here in America
  7. And where is the outrage on Capitol Hill over the abandonment of America’s global leadership, the many foreign policy failures of Obama and Hillary Clinton and the complete contempt for America shown by the leaders of Russia and China? 

Margaret Thatcher once said to win the vote you must first win the argument. And you can’t win the argument if you don’t lead against the Democrats every day.

Yet you never hear or see the Republican Party’s “leaders” speaking up on the issues that grassroots America is talking about – Rush, Mark Levin, Eric Ericson, Laura Ingraham and we here at CHQ are speaking up, but the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill “leaders” are not.

If they had no legislative victories, but spoke out and fought every day on these issues we’d be singing their praises.

But pick any issue and the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill “leaders” are MIA when it comes to fighting for conservative outcomes in the battle with Obama and his far-Left allies, and exercising congressional oversight of the Obama administration’s disastrous policies.

Conservatives are no longer going to tolerate Capitol Hill “leaders” who don’t share and will never fight for our conservative values and principles, and who so obviously have contempt for the conservative majority of the party they allegedly lead.

We conservatives are sick and tired of the contempt that so-called leaders, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator John Cornyn of Texas and John Thune of South Dakota have heaped upon us.

They act like they are embarrassed by our issues – religious liberty, the invasion from the South, the threat from Islam, the endless spending, deficit and debt, defunding Planned Parenthood, etc.

In all of these battles, most recently the battle to defund Planned Parenthood and put an end to its taxpayer-subsidized trafficking in human baby parts, Capitol Hill’s Republican “leaders” surrendered before the fight even began.

Instead of leading the fight and exposing this utterly corrupt and depraved organization and thus winning the argument, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated he would not use the congressional power of the purse to stop the flow of tax dollars to an organization that kills babies and sells their dismembered bodies.

If Capitol Hill Republicans aren’t outraged and won’t fight that depravity what will they fight for?

What Representatives Kevin McCarthy, Jason Chaffetz, Steve Scalise, Pete Sessions, Patrick McHenry and other establishment Republican “leaders” are incapable of understanding is that grassroots conservatives accept that they won’t win every battle, but every time Republican leaders fail to fight they give up any opportunity of winning, and they create more dissention and fury in the grassroots of the Republican Party.

As I said in my recent column "Capitol Hill GOP Must Clean House To Unify Party" the Bible and Lincoln tell us that a house divided cannot stand. During his tenure as Speaker John Boehner divided the Republican Party like it hasn’t been divided since Progressives bolted the GOP over 100 years ago, and the only thing that could possibly reunite Republicans is new leadership on Capitol Hill.

For the past five years we conservatives have been like the biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until a generation of flawed leaders had passed from the scene. Like the wandering tribes of Israel we conservatives are not going to get to the political Promised Land unless we get new leaders.

And that’s the silver lining to the incompetence and fecklessness of today’s Republican “leaders” – every time they surrender before the battle even begins they motivate another principled limited government constitutional conservative to file in their Republican congressional primary, like Becky Gerritson has in Alabama-2 (against incumbent Martha Roby), like Frank Roche and Jim Duncan have in NC-2 (against incumbent Renee Ellmers) and like Russell Ramsland is contemplating in TX-32 (against incumbent Pete Sessions).

The resignation of John Boehner is a good start, but until a whole new generation of conservative leaders takes the reins on Capitol Hill, stands for conservative principles, shares our outrage and fights on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, stopping executive amnesty, securing the border and bringing the endless spending, deficit and debt to a close the outrage will only grow and the Republican Party will remain a house divided.

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Conservative for AZ to run against McCain the Rino

We need a great conservative to run is AZ. Otherwise, the fed up constituents will vote for his dem opponent. We don't want a dem but what is the difference between this rino traitor and a dem? At this point they are one and the same and McCain has to loose his seat even if it is to a dem. The vote will be against McCain not for his opponent, much like 2008 when he ran for prez against BO. Too bad, so please, we need a conservative to vote for in 2016. Brewer, Arpaio, anyone?