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Rep. Charles Dent: A RINO in Search of a Primary Opponent

Rep. Charles Dent (PA-15) just put the final nail in the coffin of the oft heard argument the establishment GOP Rep. Charles Dentmakes for supporting Republican In Name Only candidates for Congress – “at least he will support a Republican for Speaker.” 

Dent, who co-chairs the “Tuesday Group,” a caucus of Republicans who claim to be “middle of the road,” but who are the most liberal members of the House Republican Conference, contradicted that establishment “logic” when he came forth with this astonishing comment to CNN:

If we can't get 218 Republican votes for a Speaker, then we'll have to try other options. I don't know what those options are, but I certainly don't want to put somebody in the Speaker's job who is going to appease those who are making unreasonable demands. 

Rep. Dent has an “F” rating from Conservative Review, chalking an abysmal 34% rating giving him the second worst score in Pennsylvania’s RINO-ridden Republican House delegation. 

Dent’s American Conservative Union score is 63.1, again putting him near the bottom of currently serving Pennsylvania House members. 

Dent has only a 50% score from National Right to Life. 

The National Taxpayers Union gives Dent a C+, again putting him near the bottom of Pennsylvania’s RINO infested congressional delegation. 

These ratings should not be a surprise given that Dent is supported by such far-Left liberal organizations as the homosexual lobby “The Human Rights Campaign,” and the anti-conservative “Republican Main Street PAC.” 

So it should come as no surprise that elsewhere in the interview Dent said:

In my view it's come time to marginalize those members who doesn't want to be part of the governing majority. .. I've said for some time that in order to pass anything out of the House we need to assemble a bipartisan coalition whether it's on the continuing resolution, the debt ceiling, we will have to assemble a bipartisan coalition. That's the reality of this place and I don't think that any of our leaders should make accommodations to those who are going to make unreasonable demands... 

Just what are the “unreasonable” demands of those who opposed Speaker Boehner and now oppose the idea of elevating Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy or Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan to become Boehner 2.0? 

The list of “unreasonable demands” includes, returning the House to “Regular Order,” especially on appropriations bills, an end to secret negotiations and deals between the Republican Speaker and the far-Left President, no more threats and coercion of Members who vote their conscience, no more “show votes,” and pursuit of the agenda Republicans ran on in their 2014 mid-term landslide; repealing and replacing Obamacare, stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, securing the border and reigning-in the spending, deficit and debt that are destroying the American economy and the quality of life for our posterity.  

You can watch principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Dave Brat annihilate Dent and explain his 10 expectations of any new Speaker and Republican leadership team in this segment from Sunday's "Meet the Press."

While those policies may constitute “unreasonable demands” to Washington’s ruling elite, like Rep. Charles Dent, for millions of American – especially the grassroots conservative base of the Republican Party – they are the minimum expectations for a Republican Congress. 

But, as Rep. Charles Dent made clear in his interview with CNN, he doesn’t want a Republican-controlled Congress – he wants a bipartisan governing majority that will keep spending, and maintain its power by engaging in lies and show votes. In 2014 Rep. Dent had no Democratic opponent for the obvious reason that Democrats are getting their policy goals accomplished without the trouble of recruiting a candidate and mounting a campaign. 

It is time conservatives ran a real Republican against Charles Dent, one who will fight for conservative principles, such as reining in the spending, deficit and debt that are destroying our economy, standing for the right to life and the Biblical definition of marriage and most importantly, committing to vote for a Republican Speaker.

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