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Our Conservative Demands Of The Next Speaker Of The House

To: Members of the House Republican Conference

Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Charles Dent and other anti-conservative Members of the House Republican Conference have said they will not make any commitment to pursue a conservative agenda or fulfill their 2014 campaign promises in order to gain the support of conservatives in the election to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House -- terming the expectation Republicans will fulfill the campaign promises as "unreasonable demands."

As a conservative, here are my expectations of any Republican seeking a leadership position in the House of Representatives:

10 things Americans Want from New Congressional Leadership


1.    We want a conservative vision and strategy for a prosperous future that frames a contrast with the failed progressive, liberal policies of President Obama and the Left. We want strategies that include passionate, effective messaging for getting important legislation inserted into must-pass bills, using outside allies and all possible resources.

2.    We want a unified, more effective messaging strategy that moves members and allies to go on offense together over the biggest threats to the nation. We want leaders to stop excessively using mainstream media to talk to the nation, and craft new and effective tactics that will go around a hostile news establishment.

3.    We want effective government oversight by committees who expose the lawlessness and change what is wrong with the unaccountable, growing administrative state, which abuses its citizens and drains the national treasury in the process.

4.    We want regular legislative order through committees with an end to backroom deals and special favors at the White House or in leadership offices.

5.    We want a meritocracy in Congress where partisan politics and fundraising play less of a role in highlighting Member/Senator ideas and committee assignments.

6.    We demand that you stop punishing your own team, many who are champions to conservatives. Respect your base by showing greater offense to the radical Left than your conservative base.

7.    We demand that you fight to protect political opponents of the President and the institutions that are increasingly under attack, i.e. military, law enforcement, private property, free markets, rule of law, religious liberty, etc.

8.    We demand that you force the opposition to defend their failed and harmful ideology and policies by shining a light on the damage they have done and are doing.

9.    We demand you keep your promises you made as you campaigned for office, and go full bore to stop President Obama’s fundamental transformation having lost too many months and too much trust amongst Americans already.

10. We demand that you restore Congress' legislative powers so it is once again a branch holding the other two branches, and the administrative state, in check.

Self-government, as designed by the founders will end as a check on unrestrained power in the other branches, if Congress continues to fail to exercise its constitutional role as a brake on executive and judicial abuses of power. Congress will become irrelevant in the scheme of our government.

John Boehner did not care about the institution, as he claimed. Had he cared, the Congress would be on offense, pushing back and defending the country's interests under this lawless, power-hungry President. Do not be the Congress and its leaders who history books reveal as the men and women who squandered and lost America’s self-government.

Republicans, squandering their landslide 2014 victory, have failed to use their powers to stop the big-government, big-business agenda dominating Washington backrooms. They failed to listen to conservatives, instead engaging in bizarre and petty name-calling, just as liberals hoped. This caused the division on display now. Surrendering to and accommodating the growing-government agenda, just to get re-elected, is not why Republicans were granted majorities in both houses of Congress last year.

I demand a conservative Speaker, who will -- at a minimum -- commit to the reasonable expectations of the grassroots limited government constitutional conservative base of the Republican Party.

Campaign has expired

This petition has expired

55 conservative leaders from across the country have signed their names to this list of expectation of the next Speaker of the House. Add your name to the list today.

AMERICA values and the Constitution!

The Democrats can't go any further left. Of course we know they would take us down the LEFT BANK of The VOLGA RIVER IF they are elected. We need Conservatives in Congress as well as The Speaker of THE HOUSE and The Senate. We can't elect RINO Wimps anymore like Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy, McConnell, and their miserable ilk which will enable the Agenda of the Damnorats!

Speaker Boehners Departure

The Republican Establishment will rather the next Speaker to continue were Speaker Boehner left off as being a Republican with solid conservative principles of smaller government and lower taxes and will not give in to the demands of the Democrats. Many issues still before Congress including the Export Import Bank fiasco, Benghazi, Amnesty and the lingering debt ceiling. We need a Speaker as Congressman Daniel Webster to tackle the real issues facing the country and Congressman Daniel Webster will also pursue these issues through the democratic process via the US Constitution.



Our sentiments exactly