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FLASH: Jihadis Attack Paris -- Will Capitol Hill GOP Stop Obama From Importing Jihad Here?

Jihadi attack in Paris


Updated at 8:00 a.m. November 14, 2015 As Muslim terrorists in Paris have taken as many as 100 people hostage and at least 35 innocent people have been killed so far (5:00 p.m. Friday, November 13, 2015)

At least 120 127 people were killed as Muslim gunmen murdered nearly 100 people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan music hall and conducted five other attacks in the Paris region, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside a stadium where French President Hollande and the German Foreign Minister were watching a soccer match. 

This attack should remind all Americans that our own President wants to bring this war to America by importing thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees without the slightest investigation into their background or potential to engage in terrorism.

This would add to the millions of Muslims already admitted to America without any attempt to assimilate them or vet their commitment to our culture and values.

Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz are practically the only lawmakers asking the questions we’ve been asking ever since it was revealed that the Muslim Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were welcomed into the United States as “refugees” and given welfare and other government benefits during their youthful inculcation in radical Islamist thought and terrorist tactics.

As the entirely predictable story of the latest Paris atttacks unfolds it is worth noting that even though everyone knows the Boston Marathon Bombing was committed by two so-called refugees, the Capitol Hill Republican establishment seem oblivious to the danger of bringing another jihadi attack to America that Obama's immigration policies pose.

The Cruz – Sessions letter about reccent Islamist terrorists wasn’t just a “drive by” political point-maker or media ploy; it asks for detailed information on the immigration history, including family immigration history, of 72 individuals involved with or sentenced for terrorist activity in just the last year alone.

You can read the chart of the 72 individuals through this link. And remember, this is just one year’s worth of Muslim terrorists operating here in the United States.

During the time the Tsarnaevs came to America, from 2000 to 2013 (the last year for which statistics are available) some 2,338,013 legal immigrants arrived in America from Muslim countries. (Say it out loud for effect: 2 million, three-hundred-thirty-eight-thousand and thirteen)

Why does America need over 2.3 million Muslim immigrants? What is the benefit to America? Moreover, what are the risks? Which government agency is vetting who arrives, who gets to stay and who qualifies for US citizenship?

Transferring murder, mayhem and radicalism from dysfunctional Islamic countries to Europe and America, and in so doing voluntarily putting our own citizens at great risk is not a requirement of being a compassionate, open-minded, enlightened and tolerant human being.

Moreover, such questions do not constitute “Islamophobia.” Moderate, assimilated Muslims know these kinds of questions are fair minded and entirely reasonable. After all, the Egyptian and Pakistani people also face Islamic terrorism in their own countries.

It is naive to believe that could not (and is not) happening in America.

As we concluded in our columns “America's Suicidal Muslim Immigration Policies,” “Importing Jihad” and “Why Do We Let These Vipers Into America?” Islam, as it is today practiced by millions of Muslims across the globe, is inimical to the separation of church and state and government based on constitutional liberty.

We are in a war of ideas, not just with radical Islamists, but with concepts deeply embedded in Muslim culture. And as long as mass legal (and illegal) immigration from Muslim countries continues unabated we are losing that war.

Which leads us to ask, why would we bring these vipers to America and PAY THEM to stay here?

We urge you to contact your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to demand that America freeze immigration from Islamist terrorist hotspots until there is a security investigation and assimilation process in place that will guarantee we are not importing more jihadis and social vampires like the Tsarnaevs to America.

For the text of the Sessions – Cruz letter click this link.

Legal Immigration from Muslim countries 2000-2013:

Afghanistan:  50,336

Albania:  86,965

Algeria:  21,354

Azerbaijan:  28,883

Bahrain:  2,298

Bangladesh:  193,537

Brunei:  511

Burkina Faso:  3,674

Comoros:  65

Djibouti:  773

Egypt:  151,029

Gambia:  11,217

Guinea:  13,703

Indonesia:  58,979

Iran:  304,267

Iraq:  158,633

Jordan:  95,069

Kosovo:  2,646

Kuwait:  24,057

Kyrgyzstan:  9,405

Lebanon:  97,613

Libya:  5,889

Malaysia:  44,574

Maldives:  40

Mali:  6,105

Mauritania:  5,603

Morocco:  77,024

Niger:  5,686

Oman:  1,386

Pakistan:  334,934

Qatar:  2,657

Saudi Arabia:  24,080

Senegal:  19,141

Sierra Leone:  40,909

Somalia:  98,120

Sudan:  52,882

Syria:  64,153

Tajikistan:  6,497

Tunisia:  8,034

Turkey:  82,635

Turkmenistan:  3,145

UAE:  12,189

Uzbekistan:  73,076

Western Sahara:  7

Yemen:  54,233

Total:    2,338,013

Constitutes on average 15,000 per month and continuing unabated

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