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Why are Obama and Ryan Ignoring this Patriot?

When the name of the terrorist group that the San Bernardino extremists — Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malif — were affiliated with became public, retired Department of Homeland Security employee Phillip Haney told our friend Ginni Thomas of The Daily Caller News Foundation that he sat up straight in his chair. 

“That’s my case,” he exclaimed, hearing al-Huda and Tablighi Jamaat — both movements a part of the Deobandi movement within Islam. 

Phillip HaneyYet Haney’s work on the case had been shut down years before (in 2012) due to political correctness and the demands of outside of government Muslim “civil rights” groups that claimed such work “profiled” Muslims and violated the civil rights of foreign nationals. 

“The administration was more concerned about the civil rights and liberties of foreign Islamic groups with terrorist ties than the safety and security of Americans,” Haney told Thomas. 

Challenging these policy changes up his DHS chain of command, and then to the Department’s Inspector General, Thomas reports Haney’s courage and tenacity to protect Americans only ended up putting a target on his own back. Of Haney’s records, 67 were deleted. He faced discipline and retaliation, until he finally retired in July of this year after enduring significant personal and professional “trauma and difficulty.” 

Asked by Thomas whether the motivation to stop his work was political correctness or something more nefarious, Haney said, “I think the players are pretty obvious at this point. Islamic-based influence groups definitely play a role in controlling the narrative. The administration side definitely plays a role in submitting to that narrative. And combined together they create a potent force that has shattered our ability to do our job.” 

Mr. Haney has also published an open letter to Congress offering to testify and detailing how political correctness is blinding the United States to the threat posed by these foreign Islamist movements. 

Haney wrote:

“…it was among my responsibilities to raise concern, not only about the individuals primed for imminent attack, but about the networks and ideological support that makes those terrorist attacks possible.  
I investigated numerous groups such as the Deobandi Movement, Tablighi Jamaat, and al Huda as their members traveled into and out of the United States in the course of my work. Many were traveling on the visa waiver program, which minimizes the checks and balances due to agreements with the countries involved. But the scrutiny we were authorized to apply was having results. This investigation could possibly have prevented the San Bernardino jihadist attack by identifying its perpetrators, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, based on their associations with these groups.   
Almost a year into this investigation, it was halted by the State Department and the DHS Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. They not only stopped us from connecting more dots, the records of our targets were deleted from the shared DHS database. The combination of Farook’s involvement with the Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah Mosque and Malik’s attendance at al Huda would have indicated, at minimum, an urgent need for comprehensive screening. Instead, Malik was able to avoid serious vetting upon entering the United States on a fiancé visa and more than a dozen Americans are dead as a result.  
The investigation was not stopped because it was ineffective, it was stopped because the Administration told us the civil rights of the foreign nationals we were investigating could be violated. When did foreign nationals gain civil rights in the United States, especially when they are associated with groups we already know are involved in terrorist activity? Based on what I have seen in the Department of Homeland Security, I no longer have the confidence this administration can adequately vet or screen refugees or immigrants from Islamic countries.  
I took my story to the American people last week. Remarkably this week, DHS’ former acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis, John Cohen, told ABC News that under the direction of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, potential immigrants’ social media activity was off limits to those responsible for screening.  Just as they did when they halted my investigation in 2012 which could have provided key intelligence and potentially saved over a dozen lives DHS described a potential “civil liberties backlash” if the law enforcement officials tasked with keeping our country secure did the most basic checks on potential travelers, immigrants and refugees. Parents checking on someone their child may be dating look at social media, but our law enforcement officials can’t?   
This administration has a deadly blind spot when it comes to Islamic terrorism. It is not willing to allow proper vetting and screening of refugees or immigrants from Islamic countries; Congress must take action to defend the security of the American people.” 

The reaction of President Obama to Phillip Haney’s information?  

After Mr. Haney appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly the Department of Homeland Security told Trace Gallagher that Mr. Haney’s story contains “many holes,” but declined to elaborate further due to privacy laws. 

And Mr. Haney’s offer to testify before Congress? 

He’s been retired since July of 2015 and so far no one has called him. 

We urge CHQ readers to call House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell them to invite Phillip Haney to testify and hear what he has to say about how political correctness is blinding our intelligence gathering to the threat Islamism poses to constitutional liberty.

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