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Another Key Evangelical Faith Leader Endorses Ted Cruz

Bishop E.W. Jackson, one of Virginia’s most well-known African-American pastors, and the Republican Party’s 2013 nominee for Lt. Governor has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for President. 

In making the endorsement Bishop Jackson said, "It is absolutely essential and urgent that we elect a Godly President who reveres our Constitution, honors our Judeo-Christian values and respects the freedom of the American people. After eight years of 'fundamental transformation,' we need a leader who will dedicate himself to restoring the fundamentals of America. I urge every American, but especially Christians, to elect Ted Cruz EW Jacksonas the next President of the United States." 

Bishop Jackson went on to note that when he announced Project AWAKENING, a comprehensive private sector plan to help rescue America's inner cities from poverty and crime, he reached out to several presidential campaigns and only one responded.  

Senator Ted Cruz demonstrated his support for this private sector initiative by sending his National Director for Faith and Religious Liberty to the press conference to speak in his stead. "This is exactly the kind of initiative that is needed for this country to help resolve the problems in the inner city and throughout our country," the Bishop said, "I know that if Senator Cruz were to become President of this country... he'd work with Bishop Jackson and other ministers like [him] to help create an environment where these kind[s] of faith and business sector solutions can be implemented." 

Bishop Jackson further stated, "Senator Cruz knows that 'central planning' by Washington elites will never match the ingenuity and effectiveness of free market capitalism working hand-in-hand with people of faith to restore cultural values and bring prosperity to the most needy people in our country." 

"We need a President committed to ending the cycle of poverty, violence and despair in the inner city, by marshaling the goodwill and resources of the private sector - churches, businesses, nonprofits and private schools. We do not need more government programs which only perpetuate poverty and dependence. People need a ladder out of poverty instead of a government sinkhole that keeps them mired in it. Our inner cities need to be places where law abiding citizens can raise their children, provide them with a good education and not have to live in fear of being murdered in street violence. Ted Cruz will be a President who casts that kind of vision and leadership. He has my enthusiastic endorsement." 

Senator Cruz's support for this type of comprehensive private sector solution became the final consideration in Bishop E.W. Jackson's decision to officially endorse Senator Cruz for President. 

Bishop E.W. Jackson said in conclusion, "I want every Christian in America to know, especially in Iowa where they will caucus in little more than a month, that Ted Cruz is a man of God. Like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, his faith is authentic, not political expedience. Faith in Jesus Christ has been central to his life, long before he ever ran for office. I have no doubt that he will defend our religious liberty, our Second Amendment rights and our right to be free from unlawful government intrusion and control. I urge fellow evangelicals in Iowa to go to the caucuses and vote for Cruz. 


E.W Jackson is Founder & President of STAND and MINISTERS TAKING A STAND, Bishop of THE CALLED Church, a Marine Corps Veteran, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia and a Senior Fellow for the Family Research Council. The above is a personal endorsement by Bishop E.W. Jackson as a private individual and does not imply the endorsement of STAND, his churches or affiliated organizations, their boards, members or supporters.

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