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Sorry Rush, You Missed It On Rubio

Yesterday, our good friend Rush Limbaugh gave Marco Rubio’s struggling campaign for President a major boost by commenting that the Florida Senator is a “full throated conservative.” 

We think Rush missed it big time with that comment about Senator Rubio because, based on his record going back to when he was in the Florida legislature, if Marco Rubio is a “full throated conservative” it is because he is all talk on our issues. 

Marco RubioConsider Marco Rubio’s record when he was in the Florida legislature and Speaker of the Florida House.  

During the time Marco Rubio was in the Florida House and served as Speaker (and the Florida House held the purse strings of Florida state government) state spending ballooned by 52 percent, from $48.6 billion in 1999 to $73.9 billion in 2006.*And state expenditures per capita rose from $2,809 in 1999, to $3,942 in fiscal year 2006-2007. 

Marco Rubio’s record in the U.S. Senate?  

Well while Ted Cruz and others were fighting the Omnibus that funds Obama’s gun-grab, executive amnesty for illegal aliens and his program to bring some 300,000 Muslim immigrants to America at taxpayer expense Rubio didn’t vote. 

Then-Speaker of the Florida House Rubio also pushed through Jeb Bush’s so-called education reforms taking away local control of Florida schools and substituting state mandates. The result was a curriculum rewarding students who are taught to take multiple choice tests, but who can’t form a logical argument or name the three branches of the federal government – compliant drones for the Big Businesses that were the primary advocates of Jeb Bush’s “reforms” and that are now Common Core’s staunchest advocates. 

And where was Senator Rubio on this year's big education battle over the Every Student Succeeds Act to reauthorize the anti-conservative Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESAA) for four years, with an authorization of some $24.5 billion for fiscal 2017, increasing to $26.1 billion in fiscal 2020? And increase standardized testing, using race-based scoring and other anti-conservative policies? Marco Rubio wasn’t there to fight it or even vote against it. 

After running for the Senate as a Tea Party-backed constitutional conservative Rubio quickly joined the DC establishment, and began to adopt the language of the Left in attacking his conservative opponents on amnesty for illegal aliens, his backing of the Obama-Hillary Clinton adventures in the Middle East, and Mitch McConnell’s crony government spending. 

“Conservatives who have sensible questions about the 'Gang of Eight' amnesty for illegal aliens plan backed by Florida Senator Marco Rubio are finding out the hard way that the bill’s supporters don’t plan to engage in a polite Tea Room debate about the merits of the 700-plus page bill and its unworkable implementation,” said CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie in an April 2013 news release. 

And that view was echoed by Erick Erickson of RedState who observed, Marco Rubio has been an active participant in the attacks on conservatives as “racists, slavery supporters, bigots, haters, baby killers, un-Christian, etc. They are waging a coordinated attack between Senator Rubio’s office and others against conservative stalwarts like the Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint.” 

The “they” to whom Erickson refers was the unholy alliance of establishment Republicans, business interests and New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, Illinois Democratic Senator Richard Durbin and a host of other left-leaning political operatives and interest groups. 

And when the amendment came up requiring completion of the border fence? Marco Rubio voted NO. 

And Rubio did the same thing when he joined anti-conservative Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham in attacking limited government constitutional conservatives who had sensible questions about the Obama-Hillary Clinton strategy in the Middle East. 

The policies Rubio, McCain and Graham support are that we must have open borders, bring in millions of Islamist Muslims to our country, and then send our troops overseas to get involved in every inconclusive Islamic civil war

And they attacked Ted Cruz and others who pointed out that the disastrous nexus between Rubio’s immigration and Middle East policies has not enhanced our national security, led to an endless war in the Middle East, brought 2.5 million Muslim immigrant security threats into our country and proved disastrous for the quality of life for millions of American families.** 

As Hot Air’s Allahpundit put it back in 2013, if you’re down on Rubio for being too much like McCain on immigration, you can take comfort in the fact that he’s … a lot like McCain on foreign policy too. 

Sorry Rush, if you take Jeb Bush’s policies and record on spending, education and amnesty for illegal aliens and add-in John McCain’s policies and record on amnesty for illegal aliens, bringing Muslims to America and engaging in endless and inconclusive adventures in the Middle East, add a dash of support for the Obama and Hillary Clinton disasters in Libya and Syria you don’t get a “full throated conservative” what you get is Marco Rubio.  

*South Florida Sun-Sentinel figures

**Hat tip to our friend Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review for first noting the conflict in these policies.

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A Marco Rubia is much like a Mitt Romney; on the issues

Some of Sen. Marco Rubio’s policies change, change, and change with the winds; much like Mitt Romney.

Rubio flip-flops equal to Mitt Romney

Some of Sen. Marco Rubio’s policies change, change, and change with the winds; much like Mitt Romney.

As a former Floridian

with family still there, I, too, think Rush missed the boat on this one. I wasn't listening so can't comment on exactly what he said. However, just by the fact that he lives in Florida, he should be aware that a majority of Floridians (including all of my family members) hold both the senator and the former governor in VERY LOW regard.