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CPAC Wrap-Up: Phyllis Schlafly On Ed Meese's Contribution To The Conservative Movement

This year Ronald Reagan's Attorney General and longtime confidant Edwin "Ed" Meese III was honored with the 2016 Paul Weyrich Award. The award is given annually for lifetime of service to the conservative movement. It is given in memory of my dear friend, the late Paul Weyrich, who did so much to elect conservative members Phyllis Schlafly Ed Meeseof Congress and hold them accountable after they got there. I was honored to receive the 2015 award last year at a gala evening attended by over 300 conservative leaders. 

As many of you know, Edwin Meese III was at Ronald Reagan's side during Reagan's two terms as Governor of California and his two terms as President of the United States, serving as our nation's 75th Attorney General. He helped to recruit conservative judges like the late Justice Antonin Scalia who believe that courts should enforce the original meaning of the Constitution. He helped found the Federalist Society which continues to provide a home for conservative lawyers and support the appointment of conservative judges. 

General Meese has continued to lead the conservative movement, especially on matters concerning the judiciary, in the years since Ronald Reagan's term ended. His series of reports called "Memo for the Movement" have been so useful to guide younger conservatives with fidelity to our founding principles. On this special occasion of the I would like to express my love and gratitude to Ed and Ursula Meese for their lifetime of dedicated service to America and the values that made America great.

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