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Have You Voted Yet? This Week's CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll

After his big win in Colorado's GOP Convention Ted Cruz is gaining on Donald Trump. While you may change your mind later, tell us who you'd currently like to see as the GOP nominee. 

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Ted Cruz

Vote Cruz

Trump wins NY

Looks like Trump ran away with it all in New York, Told ya, winner winner. NewYork is tired of all the political BS, that is why Trump is running away with the vote and now that he knows about the delegates he will win there too. Trump all the way to the White House.


Trump will get us back up on our feet and make America great again

Trump for president

I'm voting for trump because he will allow this country to be great again. No one since Regan has had those intentions. Trump will build the wall. He will stop the flood of illegal immigration. And get rid of the life long politicians sucking this country dry and only getting richer every year on the back of the American people. Trump will Stop the BS spending and make smart business decision for this country. He can build the wall by taking it off the top of the trade deficient the U.S. has with Mexico if he has too, one way or another he will make it happen he always does, Trump is a winner and we need winners. Trump will stop the BS Obama deal with Iran and Cuba. Trump will be oweing nothing to anyone except the people of the United States who put him in office. No matter that trump is not experienced politicians it's the politicians who have been robbing this country blind for 30 years. It's time the people rise up and insist on doing the right thing. A Vote for Trump is a vote for the American people.


i think trump will get the country back in shape with out all the hasle with patseys telling him what they wont in this time of days to much bullshit in this take care of our vets they nead all the help they can get cause they put there buts on the line for this country an i see that they deserve all they nead to live piecefully.

Response to Gatbattreal

I hope Trump will supply lots of money for adult education. You are an example of a person who would benefit as your vocabulary is so limited and your spelling and syntax so bad. The veterans of WWII had the GI bill and thousands of people went to college who would not have had the where-with-all to be better educated. It lifted the whole country to have a well educated populace. Most community colleges are either free or have low tuition. You should take advantage of them.


Why is Donald Trump whining about the RNC process being rigged and his votes aren't being counted fairly, when so far he has 37% of the votes and 45% of the delegates? If the system is as unfair as Trump whines that it is, and that Cruz is stealing all his his votes, then please tell me why the process doesn't have Trump with 37% of the delegates, and 45% of the votes? That's because the RNC process favors the leading candidate, as it always has since 1856. Come of Donald, you can't have it both ways. When are you going to start learning how a republican form of government really works? Mr Trump, you are constantly telling us what a great negotiator you are, so why are you just now getting into the game in California? Is it because you are like every other politician who's not familiar with the US Constitution? Until you know it as well as Ted Cruz does, you are out of your league. Might I respectfully recommend you read Article IV, Section 4, of the US Constitution? Mr.Trump has said many times: "This is not how a Democracy is supposed to work!" Well Mr Trump, your ignorance is glaring, because you'll never find the word Democracy in the US Constitution, because America is a Representative Republic - NOT a Democracy. If Donald Trump wants my vote to start negotiating deals for me, he'd better know our three founding documents: 1) The Declaration of Independence, 2) The US Constitution, and finally 3) The Federalist Papers, as well as Ted Cruz does, and stop whining. It isn't Presidential and it makes him look like a cry-baby.

Trump................, the rest are the PROBLEM

Cruz & Kasich are already part of the corrupt political system! We don't need more democraps, socialists and people who are afraid to tell the truth and LISTEN to the real American Citizens! Kasich would be a republican turncoat and sell out our country. Cruz has shown he has no backbone to stand up to the king BO and now wants to steal an election thru backroom political deals. Trump is in no ones back pocket and tells it like it is and the "politically correct" ingrained politicians are afraid he will change the "good old boy network" and work FOR the people not against them!

Trump has been in the system far longer than cruz

Trump has bribed politicians his entire life. If that isn't an insider, what is? Cruz has actually fought the system the few years that he has been in Washington.

Voting for someone else

My first choice was and still is Ben Carson. I will vote for Donald Trump if he is nominated at the convention. I will not vote for Kasich under any circumstances. And i can not vote for Ted Cruz. According to the Constitution and the background provided by the Founding Fathers, the fact that Ted Cruz's father was born in Cuba makes Ted Cruz ineligible. To vote for him i would be violating the Constitution.


If you don't have to "apply" for citizenship, then by definition, you are a "naturally born citizen". It has also been codified in US law for the last 100 years or so... if you believe in the law anyways.

Trump gives RINO a new meaning...

I liked Ben Carson until he endorsed Trump. I will never vote for a guy who acts like a 3rd grader. On top of that he is the most liberal of all the republicans. Don't believe his mouth, look at his actions over the last 25 years. You will find that he and Hillary aren't that different.

Then Trump is not natural born either

Donald Trump's mother was born in Scotland.

Trump not natural born

Donald Trump was born in the USA. Any child born in the US is granted automatic citizenship, no matter the parents' citizenship.

However, there is movement underway to change that, similar to Switzerland's citizenship requirements. Accidental birth in the US and deliberate manipulation, planned birth by non citizens, should be re examined.


I believe she became a naturalized citizen prior to Donald Trump's birth.

Someone else

Someone else is not getting very many votes!


Trump, Trump & Trump. The millions in Colorado who didn't get to vote forgot to vote, they were all stoned. Must be the amotvational syndrome from being stoned all the time! New York will show us how it's done! 10,000,000 Trump fans.


Trump is the peoples Choise. The best person to make this country great again. Get rid of political correctioness

Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz is the only qualified Conservative to nominate and elect in 2016. Please join together to bring the United States back from the brink!

Cruz 2016

I agree! Cruz is the only one who will restore Constitutional-rule. Following the Constitution is what we need to restore our Country's greatness.


Trump is it.

Trump doesn't act like the leader of the Free World

Trump is not the only candidate that can win the White House. Trump whines and complains about nearly everything when things don't go according to his thinking. Trump may be very smart but it hardly shows in the way he criticizes and complains and cries foul when he himself fails because he hasn't paid any attention to the rules. Who wants a President that acts more like a spoiled teenager than the successful businessman that he is.

Re: Candidates

Trump is the best man for the job. Cruz would do better if he stopped yelling about Trumps this and Trump that. He should be telling is what his plans are rather than blasting other candidates. Trump has at least told us what he plans to do and he is not beholden to others by taking big campaign contributions. And, Cruz talks about picking liberal Republicans as his VP should he win. I think he is beholden to big donors and is not the same man he was when be first became a candidate. So, with me I chose TRUMP.

You haven't been listening.

You haven't been listening. Cruz has been telling us about his plans in interviews and town halls. I did not hear him blasting Trump. As for campaign financing, how do you know how Trump actually does this? His words? He has been receiving campaign contributions.


Trump is the only candidate that can win the White House. Trump has the support of Republican's, Trump Democrats, independents and 1st time voters. He digs deep into the democratic base and non of the present polls reflect the phenomenon going on. The Republican Party should be putting a leash on the Stop Trump movement because he is bringing millions of voters into the party. Trumps base will have very long coattail's to support control of House and Senate. RNC and GOP stop biting the hand that feeds you!

Kasich is not Conservative

Kasich is not a conservative for six reasons.
1. He supported ObamaCare by expanding Medicaid over the objections of the Ohio Legislature. Then he had the audacity to claim Jesus told him to do it.
2. Kasich supports a Path to Citizenship for illegals.
3. Kasich rabidly supports Common Core.
4. Kasich voted for the Assault Weapons Ban in the 1990s. Bill Clinton even sent him a special letter thanking Kasich for his support.
5. Kasich supports same sex marriage.
6. Kasich has received $700,000 in campaign contributions from George Soros and his surrogates.

Given his track record, Kasich should be a Democrat.


I will NEVER vote for this RINO! I can't stand to see him on tv. Voting for him is no different from Hildabeast or the socialist. NEVER KASICK! and yes I do know how to spell, just used the one I liked best.


You got it. I hope many millions of other people get it as well.

Never Kasich

I will never vote for Kasich. I may as well vote democrap if I voted for him. I will vote for Trump or Cruz but I will NEVER vote for this man. If the repubs pull any BS they better expect a riot!

kasich is a member of the velvet mafia

This is NOT a secret in So Cal ... west hollywood. One needs to simply follow john around and watch his deeds.