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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll - Does The Carly Factor Change Your Mind?

Did Ted Cruz's announcement that Carly Fiorina would be his running mate change the dynamics of the remaining Republican primaries? Will it help Cruz get to the magic number of 1,237 delegates? While you may change your mind later, tell us who you'd currently like to see as the GOP nominee.  

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cruz vs trump

they always act crazy but Cruz has really been crazy and they all cut each down worse than children. it really gets old and tiresome listening to all of them do this, thats why so many people do not vote these days

cruz vs trump

After reading your posting I am sure glad people like you do not vote.
Just where do you get that Cruz has really been crazy? He resisted the insults from trump for a long time, only when trump began attacking Cruz's wife and then his father did Cruz begin to respond in kind.

Carly Fiorina

Fioria is definitely not a liberal!


If this group has a significant number of people who are so far to the left that they think Fiorina is conservative then tell me now so I can delete this bookmark and never trouble your deluded minds again.

Cruz is dead to me

I know why he picked a Kalifornia liberal republican veep at this time but I don't have to like it. If he was willing to make a pick that would alienate the conservative base why didn't he pick Boxer?


I did not like the tactics Cruz and Kasich used to eliminate Donald Trump. I was not happy about what happened to Dr. Carson's campaign. I am not fully trusting Ted Cruz and his way of achieving the nomination. I also do not think he is flexible enough to work with Congress and get things done. However, I believe whoever the candidate is ALL REPUBLICANS should vote for that person in the General Election in order to defeat the Democratic polices which are currently destroying this country!


First EVERY campaign is based on tactics and strategy.
Second, whatever happened to Dr. Carson's campaign was his own fault, he being a novice and all. First. he left the campaign to attend a book signing event. Second, he then made the statement that he was leaving for Florida to get a new suit which CNN then reported that he was leaving the campaign. Third, the Caucus is based on people attempting to change the minds of those involved to vote for other candidates. Third it is apparent you do not understand any of this.
You say Senator Cruz can not work with Congress to get anything done. WOW, do you like what Congress did last year? Pass a budget funding ALL of president obama's illegal/unconstitutional executive orders, from changes to obama care to amnesty. If you oppose what Congress did then you are on the same side as Senator Cruz. He was the only one who fought against what Congress has been compromising on.
You and far too many others want Congress to compromise. When you compromise one side (A) gets part of what they want, the other side (B) believes they have prevented them (A) from getting ALL of what they (A) wanted. Unfortunately, side (A) will return for another attempt at what they want and the other side (B) will again compromise giving side (A) what they want.
Just who do you think side (A) is and who side (B) is?
Senator Cruz is the one who led the fight against compromise.
Here is an example of compromise that has harmed this nation from the time it was done. The 14th Amendment was originally intended to insure that the former slaves were considered as American citizens with full rights the compromise ended up making it so that any person born on U.S. soil is considered American citizes. And look where we are now with the issue of immigration, legal and illegal, and who is and who should not be considered American citizens.
So in my view all you people who want compromise are the cause of our problems we face.

Cruz is a far better choice

Ted Cruz is a far better choice than Trump on large list of reasons. First Ted Cruz KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the Constitution, which is more than can be Said about Trump. Trump can't even articulate one part of the Constitution. Trump is a lifelong Democrat, and just because he's playing a role in his newest TV reality Show "Running for Office" just means he's NOT fit to be in the Office of President. Trump has called people filthy names and I don't believe has missed insulting anyone - starting with comparing Dr. Carson to a pedophile, calling Ted Cruz a pussy, calling Carly ugly, saying George Bush didn't keep us safe after 9/11 (which he certainly did) and on and on and on the list goes. Trump can't even articulate one single policy and be consistent with it - he spouts what he knows the Republicans want to hear one day, and the next day says he always leans to the Democrat's point of view. Trump is ok with perverts using women's restrooms with our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, and wives and how can anyone support Trump when he thinks this is ok. He doesn't see the bigger picture. Cruz is a far better choice in every single category!

totally agree

I say amen to all of the above!

NY Liberal Donald Trump.

New York liberal Donald Trump isn’t just politically Incorrect, he’s completely wrong. He constantly refers to himself as "smart" and "well-educated" yet, he speaks like an adolescent 13-y/o boy with severe attention deficit disorder.When I look a Trump, a man who will be 70 in a few months, I see someone who is an unfettered narcissist.  His entire life has been spent promoting himself and casually using, defrauding and discarding people along the way. 
I see someone who cannot accept and recognize his personal failings and mistakes -- rather it is always the fault of others. Trump decries Washington insiders, but he hired one to save his campaign . Paul Manafort is a veteran GOP lobbyist who's represented dictators and corporations. Dont be a kool-aid drinking Trumpaloompa.#nevertrump. Trust-Ted ....


I concur!




Ted is just making sure that everyone knows how desperate he is. He has lost, and is lost over what to do about it.

Try again in 4-8 years Ted!


I was pleased with Ted's choice of Carly. She was my first choice for prez when the primaries first began & then she dropped out so I switched to & voted for Cruz in the MI primaries. If Cruz doesn't win the primaries I won't be voting for president, just other things on the ballot. I can not go against God when I vote. I don't have to answer to man but I do have to answer to God & Trump seems to be against everything that God is for. I don't understand how any Christian can vote for a man that says he does NOT need to ask for forgiveness. Does that mean he is perfect like God??? How can he call himself a Christian? Sad.


In response to the comment about Cruz not tithing, when did this become something for people to know? You might be surprised how many people do not declare their tithing & offerings & charitable giving for this very reason.
Matthew 6 1-4 ""Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you."

Thank you!!! Well put and

Thank you!!! Well put and my thoughts exactly; however, I have been for Senator Ted Cruz from day one. God bless America because we definitely need it.


I totally agree. Trump is an ungodly man. He should be able to remember at least one time when he asked God for forgiveness, if he is really a Christian: when he was born-again through believing that Jesus Christ died for his sins. But Trump has obviously never done that. If he had, he wouldn't be living like the devil. "By their fruits ye shall no them." "No fornicator or unclean person hath any part in the kingdom of life and of God." "But without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and adulterers, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie." Trump is an unrepentant adulterer. Unless he one day seeks pardon for his sin through Jesus Christ—just attempting to do better won't cut it—he will not see heaven. And in the mean time I fear he will turn America into a veritable hell on earth, by leading it into even greater depravity.


Watching this election is like watching the Republican version of Obama. All talk & me, me, me. I'm wonderful & will do wonderful things for this country. His ego is frightening. I thought only Dems were dumb but it seems like some Republicans can be snowed also.
Cruz knows the constitution & how this country should be run. Carly knows the business side & has met with most world leaders. This pair is so good. I have stopped watching FOX News Channel because they are pushing Trump so hard & I want to just keep my eyes on God & pray that He will forgive this country enough to let me see a true conservative president before I die. I will no longer hold my nose to vote for a RINO or worse.

None better for the job!

Two people willing to lead from the front and take arrows in the back if necessary.

Two people so skilled in debate that their adversaries fear and respect them.

Two people ready to answer any question any time - I've watched Fiorina handle trick questions with aplomb, but more importantly, correctly based on principles.

Pray they make it at the convention, because there are none better.

VP -- forgiveness

Check the quote. Trump did NOT say he does not need to ask for forgiveness. You've been misled by those who misquote Trump. Here's the report:

He said that he loves God and he loves his church.

"Donald Trump said Saturday that "I am not sure that I have" ever asked God for forgiveness, telling the 2015 Iowa Family Leadership Summit that "I just go on and try to do a better job from there.

"I don't think so," Trump, who is Presbyterian, said in response to the question from pollster and summit host Frank Luntz." "When we go into church — and when I drink my little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and have my little cracker — I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness. I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed, OK?"

Trump and forgiveness

To set the record straight, Trump did not say that he did not have to ask God for forgiveness, what he actually said was that when he took communion to remember Jesus Christ, that was his way of repenting and if he did something wrong, he would do his best to do better. I am a Christian and I am voting for Trump. Trump's minister said that Trump always used Christian attitudes when he made decisions. Cruz does not even pay tithing. If he were so religion why would he not pay tithing?

Cruz doesn't pay tithes

How the heck do YOU know how much Cruz pays in tithes - it's none of your darn business anyway, and Trumpo certainly doesn't do much in the line of charity. HE CLAIMS he does, but when the numbers hit the pages, he lies. Just ask all the veterans agencies what happened to the $6 million Trumpo raised for the veterans - IT ALL WENT TO THE TRUMP FOUNDATION, NONE HAS GONE TO THE VETERANS AND IT'S BEEN FOUR MONTHS! Yet, you disparage Ted Cruz because YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH HE TITHE's - how much does Trumpo tithe? Bet you can't answer THAT!


Matthew 6 1-4 ""Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you."


It is obvious that Fiorina is a desperation move. There is no way on God's green earth she would be selected by a winning candidate. She doesn't bring a state's electors, she has a record of lost campaigns, she was an early dropout in the primary season, she is a huge proponent of giving American jobs to foreigners, and her female demographic isn't particularly attracted to her. There are much better female choices out there who just might bring electors and/or a demographic, too: Brewer, Martinez, Haley, Rice, Blackburn, etc.

It was a terrible selection. That alone should tell us Cruz is not ready for prime time.

That said, it's obvious now that Trump is going to win this.

The only path left for the others is to start a war that will blow up the opposition to Clinton immediately prior to the fall campaign. That's a loser's gambit, and CHQ needs to reject it or accept irrelevance for some time to come. Sometimes we just need to recognize the fat lady is singing.

VP Choice by Ted

Nicely said. I agree 100%. Condi is a much better choice. Perhaps Donald will pick Condi.

Game not over, true, but almost....

I would like either Trump or Cruz in the White House. Of course you have to win primaries first. It helps.

Ted Cruz doesn't use media well

As organized as Ted is, he hasn't been able to overcome the media bias toward Trump. He has got to get on any show he can to present his case. Also, he needs to answer questions directly instead of providing long winded preambles.

Ted Cruz doesn't use media well

Agreed, too many times when Senator Cruz was asked a question his response was, "well let me tell you what donald......", last week when he was on Hannity he did that and Hannity took him to task for it.
Senator Cruz would have served himself better by stating his position first than comment on trump.
As a supporter of Senator Cruz who has donated a little money to his campaign I have been disappointed that he has not from the beginning been MORE SPECIFIC on his positions on all other issues as he was about his religious positions such as abortion.
For an example he should have been more detailed on his positions on immigration. During the past several primaries the press has pushed on the fact that in the exit polls immigration was not on the top of the list of concerns of the voters. The economy, jobs and national security were at the top of the list.
What is needed is a candidate that will connect the dots between the economy, jobs, national security and immigration both legal and illegal. we already know about all the illegal alien invaders taking jobs that American citizens should be filling. But now we continue to read more and more stories of American companies bringing in legal immigrants under the H1B and now the H2B visa programs to fill jobs that should go to American citizens and in many cases these immigrants are actually replacing American workers. Senator Cruz has been silent on this issue where trump has supported the H1B visa program because as he put it, it is good for business, all those people who support trump are going to be very disappointed if he gets elected when they realize trump supports business over the average American citizen.
Senator Cruz could also point out that this issue of importing foreigners to replace American Citizens is just another step towards the one world government. Inhabitants of our country no longer assimilate with no allegiance to our country or our Constitution.
All I know is that we really do need a debate on this issue more than we have had to date, a debate like the Lincoln/Douglas debate, where each candidate can have enough time to be specific on their views and force their opponent to be specific.

No media

He has been very specific and he has pointed out all of what you are saying numerous times in Town Hall meetings across the country. What you are NOT recognizing is that the MEDIA cuts him off or cuts him out. The Media is promoting Trumpo. They did that with Obama, and LOOK WHAT GARBAGE WE GOT WITH THAT! TRUMPO IS NOT DIFFERENT FROM OBAMA - HE'S ALWAYS BEEN A DEMOCRAT AND WILL ALWAYS BE A DEMOCRAT! The media are fawning over Trumpo just like the did Obama. They barely give Ted Cruz the time of day. And by the way, point of fact, EVERYTHING Trumpo has been raising a stink about, Ted Cruz had been touting long before Trumpo picked up on it - the problem is the media won't play it when Ted Cruz says it!

Hey No Media

OMG are you for real???!! You really need to wake up,,,at least get your head out for cryin' out loud,,,I mean c'mon smell the friggin' coffee. Trump is the nominee, now pull your big boy pants (or big girl pants) up and support the inevitable nominee. It's either that or you're supporting hitlery,,,game, set, match,,DUH !!!!

No media

First I support Senator Cruz and hope he wins the nomination.
I agree with you that trump is a democrat and you may be correct about Senator Cruz being very specific at the town hall meetings but the only people who see that are those at the town hall meetings. I have seen him on many interviews on different shows and when he is asked about his position on a specific issue he will always start out as I indicated, "well let me tell you what donald thinks....."
He has been on FOX many times I have never heard him say "let me tell you if you are a voter who wants an outsider I am the #1 outsider, just walk down the halls of the Senate and see how many avoid me, that is not just because I have a dry personality it is because I have stood toe to toe with the aristocratic elite politicians on both sides of the isle and fought the fight based on the principles of the Constitution. Where has donald trump been, let me tell you he has been out taking old ladies homes under eminent domain and paying off politicians to get what he wants from them".
This would have put a whole new light on the subject of who is really the outsider.