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#NeverHillary or #NeverTrump?

In our four-part series on what conservatives should do if Donald Trump is leading the field when the Republican National Convention opens, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie and I argued in favor of a Trump populist – Ted Cruz conservative alliance to oust the Republican establishment, break the Washington Cartel, and bring about a conservative-populist political realignment.

Click here for Part 1, here for Part 2, here for Part 3, and here for the Conclusion

Trump victory speechBut now we are not so sure that is even possible. 

First, the Trump campaign put air under the completely unfounded National Enquirer article claiming that Ted Cruz had affairs with numerous women, including Trump’s own media spokesman, Texas Tea Party activist and former congressional candidate Katrina Pierson. 

Then there was the bitter “War of the Wives” in which an establishment Republican Super PAC attacked Donald Trump’s wife Melania, prompting him, bizarrely, to attack Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi. 

The final straw was Trump repeating, on national television no less, a bizarre conspiracy theory, again spun by the National Enquirer, linking Ted Cruz’s Cuban immigrant father, Raphael, to the JFK assassination. 

After Trump attacked Cruz’s Christian missionary father in that way, social media was quickly awash in the NeverTrump hashtag, with many conservative commentators (including CHQ) expressing their outrage and concluding that Donald Trump had finally gone too far. 

But that was before the votes were counted in Indiana. 

From a strictly political perspective none of these personal Trump-Cruz battles change the facts and arguments in favor of a populist – conservative alliance to break the Washington Cartel and defeat Hillary Clinton. 

Yes, the deep-seated discomfort with Donald Trump’s life-style is real, but again, from a strictly political perspective it does not constitute a reason for movement conservatives to abandon their natural populist allies to make a deal with the establishment Republicans whose misrule, lies and betrayals have created the present political environment and enabled the rise of Donald Trump.  

But what of establishment Republican threats to go Third Party if Trump obtains the Republican nomination?  

Again, history, in the form of the 1980 and 1992 elections is instructive.  

In 1980 the all-but-dead liberal Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party chose to walkout and back the Third Party candidacy of liberal Republican Congressman John Anderson against conservative Ronald Reagan.  

The liberal Anderson booked 5,719,850 votes or 6.6% of the vote while Reagan won a majority of the popular vote with 43,903,230 votes and 50.8% of the total.  

In contrast, in 1992, H. Ross Perot running as a conservative populist against the moderate Republican George H.W. Bush booked 19,743,821 votes or 18.91% of the popular vote. Bush was soundly defeated even though his Democratic rival Bill Clinton did not get anywhere near a majority of the popular vote, booking only 44,909,806 votes or 43.01% of the votes cast.  

Looking at the 2016 exit polls and the historical evidence it is more likely that a walkout of liberal to moderate Republican voters would not defeat a unity ticket of conservatives and populists, However, a walkout of conservatives to back a Third Party cultural conservative candidate or populists sitting out the election because Convention shenanigans deprived Trump of the nomination, would most assuredly result in the defeat of the Republicans and the election of Hillary Clinton, and probably a Democratic Senate as well. 

The bottom line for conservatives comes down to these questions: 

Do we abandon our better judgment and principle in order to support Donald Trump?  

Do we surrender many of our principles, and the concept of the moral duty of leadership, to back populist Donald Trump, or do we let Hillary Clinton appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices?  

If we do abandon our better judgment and principle, will it will lead to more and more violations of our judgement and principles to continue to support him once he’s elected?  

If Trumpism is catastrophically and humiliatingly rejected at the polls in November is it worth the cost of making Hillary Clinton President? 

Over the next week we will continue to explore these questions and invite you to let us know what you think in the comments below and of course by voting in the CHQ Poll: #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary?

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Never Trump or Hillary

A ticket of former Sen. Tom Coburn or Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb


Never Trump or Hillary

Or perhaps Rick Perry, Ben Sasse

A time to mourn

I think this boils down to a simple question, which Christ posed to his followers: "What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

If we violate our consciences before God by joining ourselves to an ungodly and abominable man, what do we stand to gain that is really of any eternal value? What do we stand to loose by such a lack of faith and faithfulness?

We are strangers and pilgrims on this earth. God forbid that we should cease to pray for the peace of the nation in which we sojourn—that we might live quiet and peaceable lives, and that the gospel might be spread abroad.

We do all that we can to support government according to the principles of truth, that our nation might continue to receive God's blessing. But there comes a time when the people have rejected the truth of God, seeking deliverance from their oppressors through the words of ungodly men instead. At such a time, we cannot join them. We can only mourn their choice, and pray that God would turn their hearts back to him as their only true deliverer, through his words. Then not only will our nation be saved from impending disaster, but the souls of its people will also be delivered from suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

And so I do not think that conservatives should sully themselves by joining with either Trump or the establishment. Our recourse at this time should not be to men, but to God.

I cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary. I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump. And so I will do neither. I will come out and vote, to be sure, especially for the sake of down-ballot folks. But I don't yet know who I will vote for for President. Possibly for the libertarian party candidate.