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Trump Is Right: Jeb Bush Is “Not A Man Of Honor”

The biggest scam that, for the better part of a century, the Republican establishment has been perpetrating on country class America is the idea that after they kneecap conservatives in the primary, everyone has a duty to “unite” behind the establishment choice for the November election. 

Of course this idea of “uniting” only goes one way: If the conservative somehow wins the nomination after being scorched by the establishment in the primary, establishment interests and politicians will continue trashing the conservative candidate straight through to Election Day, especially if the conservative generates anything Donald Trump Jeb Bushremotely resembling a controversy. 

Donald Trump to his credit has finally called BS on this. 

In a radio interview on Wednesday with Mike Gallagher, Trump said the former Florida governor is “not a man of honor” for refusing to back his candidacy. 

Trump, who we will stipulate intimated several times that he might rescind his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, hammered Bush for saying he would not vote for either Trump or Hillary Clinton. 

“Jeb Bush dishonored his pledge, I mean he dishonored his pledge,” Trump said on Gallagher’s Wednesday broadcast. “He signed a pledge, and, if you remember, they all wanted me to sign it, so I signed it. But that pledge is a guarantee, there’s no outs. It doesn’t say, ‘subject to me liking Donald Trump or anything.’” 

“You know, Jeb Bush spent $12 million in negative ads, on me and then after he spent it I started hitting him very hard,” Trump said. “And then they said Trump was mean, but I wasn’t mean.” 

Trump said Bush’s ads about him weren’t even true. 

“I had a right to do what I did,” said Trump. “And it was tough and he left, and then he said he’s not gonna endorse me? I said, ‘well, then you violated your pledge.’ And I think he said, well he doesn’t care. Well, that’s not a man of honor, when you violate your pledge.” 

Many conservatives who remain skeptical of Trump will find more than a little irony in Trump’s remarks about honor after the disclosures about his broken marriages and sharp business dealings, but that’s sort of the point. 

One of the main lines of establishment attack on Trump centers on whether or not he meets the standards of ethics and personal integrity that country class America expects in a political candidate and President. 

The precedent for this standard of rectitude in a candidate was perhaps best summed-up by Jeb Bush’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, who remarked of New York’s liberal Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s rather checked love life, “Have we come to the point in our life as a nation where the governor of a great state—one who perhaps aspires to the nomination for president of the United States—can desert a good wife, mother of his grown children,  divorce her, then persuade a young mother of four youngsters to abandon her husband and their four children and marry the governor?” 

However, Senator Prescott Bush was not around to question the integrity of his own son, George H.W. Bush, when he said in his speech accepting the Republican nomination for President, “Read my lips, no new taxes,” and then proceeded to cut a deal to raise taxes with George Mitchell, the Senate’s Democratic leader. 

Some CHQ readers will recall the smirk on Senator Mitchell’s face when he left the news conference announcing the deal – he knew he’d just destroyed the core of George H.W. Bush’s appeal – the idea that he represented a kind of old fashioned New England Protestant rectitude that could be trusted to keep its word and run a competent and trustworthy government. 

Today, when about half of marriages end in divorce, Trump’s marital history has lost a lot of its shock value and his questionable business deals seem like small potatoes to country class Americans who have been screwed over and over again by establishment Republican politicians, like Jeb Bush. 

Donald Trump may not be a paragon of virtue and personal rectitude on par with George Washington, but he’s right about Jeb Bush. A pledge is a guarantee, there’s no outs, and in refusing to offer even a pro forma endorsement of Trump Jeb Bush dishonored his pledge.

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Evolving Honor

I could not disagree more. No honorable person continues to honor a promise when he realizes, over and over again, that he erred by making it in the first place. So fault Bush for that, if you will--that he failed early on to investigate Trump's dark character, history, and views. But give him high marks for being the first--well before Ted Cruz--to distance himself from Trump and call him out for what he really is: a crass demagogue with neither character, competence, nor core convictions; a true madman into whose hands no responsible citizen would ever place the nuclear trigger. Your website is slowly drifting into Trump's orbit, along with the Republican establishment that you so consistently vilify; so too are most of the talk-show gurus who bewitched us with Trump in the first place, and the multitudes of angry, thoughtless, low-information voters who will rue the day they ever looked upon the face of Donald Trump. Yet the Bush's and Mitt Romney and a handful of die-hard conservatives at National Review stand almost entirely alone in refusing to kiss Trump's ring. For my money, they are the honorable ones, as, I trust, the next few years (not to mention the Day of Judgment) will make abundantly clear.


Yes, Jeb Bush did go back on his word. I can't help but feel " How lucky the American People Are To Find Out NOW" We all know he was the Elites GOLDEN BOY and if, We The People didn't finally stand up & say NO MORE we might have had Jeb, who is not a m,an of his word in the White House Again


I have not seen the contract that Priebus made the candidates sign, but I'm quite sure they had no choice but to sign it and I respect that Jeb cannot endorse nor vote for Trump. It was a stupid thing to do! I do not want Trump for my president either!


So, you gonna sit it out like the bunch in 2012. Stop crying in your drink. Grow up and Bush, the dynasty boy, is just like you. Not grown up, not responsible and pouting like a baby.


What? They had no choice! Of course they had a choice, they could have stood their rightful ground and said I will support the Republican nominee if they are acceptable to my belief system.
No one could force them to sign anything or prevent them from running for office.