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Bill Kristol’s Not So Funny Joke on Conservatives and America

One of the Washington elite’s great conceits is that anyone can be President – when what they really mean is that anyone like them can be President. 

This applies to professional political class Democrats and Republicans alike, but it is an opinion sadly over-represented among establishment “conservatives” associated with many of the longtime opinion-leading Bill Kristolright-of-center Inside-the-Beltway institutions.  

Its latest, and most damaging manifestation is the preposterous notion, promoted by Bill Kristol and the #NeverTrump cabal, that National Review writer and constitutional lawyer David French is a viable candidate for President. 

Mr. French is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a recipient of the Bronze Star, and an author of several books who, by all accounts, lives a life of quiet rectitude in Columbia, Tenn., with his wife Nancy and three children. 

On paper Mr. French looks like a great candidate – to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate or Congress.

Goodness knows that, sight unseen, he would be vastly superior to Senator Lamar Alexander or the near-treasonous Senator Bob Corker, author of the Iran Nuclear Deal legislation. 

But Bill Kristol isn’t talking about placing Mr. French somewhere where he could actually advance the cause of governing America according to conservative principles, he’s looking for him to be the allegedly conservative spoiler in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Kristol, a veteran of the White House and a variety of political campaigns, must on some level recognize that his gambit to promote David French for President bears a striking resemblance to the old Little Rascals series episode where the Gang, dejectedly sitting around their club house suddenly brighten when Spanky says, “Hey everyone, let’s put on a circus!” Soon Alfalfa is the lion tamer, Darla is his beautiful assistant and their faithful dog Pete is dressed up like a lion. The only question here is what role poor Mr. French will play. 

It’s all a big joke for the Little Rascals, not so much for the adults who are always trying to spoil the Little Rascals’ fun. 

Why are Kristol and the #NeverTrump cabal engaged in this comic opera exercise? 

One reason might be to salve their consciences for not getting in the race from the start and unreservedly supporting principled limited government constitutional conservative Ted Cruz in the early primaries, when that support might have blunted Donald Trump’s populist surge. 

Another reason might be to make themselves relevant.  

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie observed in his recent column Conservatives Should Embrace the Creative Disruption in Today's Politics, "Conservative principles—our products, if you will—are timeless, but some of our brands and marketing have gotten stale."  

It is obvious to any unbiased observer of today’s political scene that the inside-the-Beltway conservative establishment is in serious need of self-reflection. Rather than engage in a serious examination of how they became so disconnected from such a significant percentage of country class America, creating a spoiler campaign allows them to remain relevant, without admitting their negative role in stoking the populist anger powering the Trump movement. 

Finally, there is a less pleasant alternative, and that is that the dead enders of the #NeverTrump cabal who are promoting the preposterous idea of a David French candidacy wish to filter out of the national political scene anyone on the Right who is not like them.  

Donald Trump’s populist, often bombastic and occasionally profane rhetoric doesn’t really fit in with the high-minded exchanges of the inheritors of William F. Buckley’s urbane intellectual conservatism, expressed so brilliantly in God and Man at Yale

Likewise, Trump’s populist supporters, who harbor white-hot fury at the betrayals of the Republican establishment and the neglect of the inside-the-Beltway conservative elite, don’t look like they fit in with the tweed sweater-vest set at the latest University Club seminar on the fine nuances between the economics of Hayek and von Mises. 

Mr. French's colleague at National Review, Kevin D. Williamson, spoke for this darker reason when he wrote that white workers who have lost their jobs and had their quality of life devastated by thirty years of liberal folly and establishment Republican cronyism with Big Business are immoral for wanting a government that will actually serve the interests of its citizens.

To Williamson and his editors at National Review, Trump's supporters look way too much like the Carhart-clad masses who filled Sarah Palin rallies in 2008 and brought the McCain – Palin ticket even with Obama, until Senator McCain’s team of rented strangers threw it all away on the Wall Street bailout. 

David French may be a fine gentleman, he may be a man of many talents; an excellent constitutional lawyer and writer, but conservatives already ran a candidate with better intellectual and political credentials than his in Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump ended-up with the delegates necessary to win the Republican nomination for President. 

The claim that, five months from Election Day, David French is a serious and relevant candidate for President in a year when the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns will spend over $2 billion on the election is a joke, and not an amusing one when the future of constitutional liberty hangs in the balance. 

Mr. French can, at best, be an embarrassment to the cause of governing America according to conservative principles, and at worst be a spoiler. Conservatives should recognize Bill Kristol’s effort for the not-so-funny joke that it is, and reject it and its arrogant proponents out of hand.

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Funny joke on America.

You ask the wrong question.
What role will Mr. French play should be replaced by what role with bill kristol's role be if Mr. French did run and undoubtedly would lose and hillary clinton would win. Guess it would not matter that his career and reputation would be destroyed butt it would matter that America would also be destroyed right along with kristol's reputation.
This fear that trump would be a disaster should be viewed in a different way. hillary would not be President and if trump did go off the deep end and create short term chaos, I am sure that it would not be difficult to find enough reasons and votes to impeach, convict and remove him from office leaving a republican in the office of the President.

And now we learn Mr. French has changed his mind!

So what does Mr. Kristol do now???????? Who can he come up with next?????? Perhaps he should take his marbles and go home...since he has proven to one and all that he hasn't a CLUE as to what ordinary everyday Americans hold dear. That is the United States of our founding fathers planned it...not as a social experiment, nor as a Europe-lite. We cherish our freedoms and are not willing to overturn what has been proven to be the best charter for a country...THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!

TRUMP 2016 to Make America Great Again!

Mr. Kristol should join Mitt and the rest of the suddenly bold Republicans...NOT willing to go after the Democrats, but are chomping at the bit to take on the one Republican candidate who has listened to the voices of Americans...and is DOING SOMETHING about it!

Donald J. Trump does NOT want to be on the losing team so he can sit around and gripe and know, the song and dance routine the GOPe has down pat! They would rather have the Democrats in power so they can continue to claim there is nothing they can do than to actually be held accountable for DOING SOMETHING positive for our country. Be gone, the lot of you!

This is the most important election in our lifetimes...and it is time to stop playing games and SUPPORT the candidate who has earned more votes in the primary election than any other candidate before him. Do you hear us, Mr. K? GO HOME - get a good book and sit out in the backyard...and SAY NOTHING MORE!

Poor Mr. French!

Our "Lackluster" Republican, so-called leaders are at it again. doing everything in their power to cling to power, even to the point of destroying the party and Trumps hard earned candidacy. Shame on them! Crystal is the problem and has nothing to do with being part of any solution. Just sour grapes about losing his/their prestige!

As for me, I am looking at the Trump candidacy as a Three legged stool. One leg is something that all of us (including those of us like me who has not yet signed on to his candidacy yet) love, that being Trump's willingness to attack ( the Clintons, the press, etc.). The second leg is (and this is what I am waiting for) his commitment to a Truly Conservative platform with no ambiguity at all and his willingness to sign a pact to remain faithful to that platform throughout the campaign and more importantly throughout his presidency. Lastly, (and this is the true lynch-pin!) the Republican (Leadership) at all levels including elected, etc. must not only sign on to that platform but also faithfully to do all in their power to make the platform a reality! The party whips must line up the beltway gaggle of representatives to accomplish this otherwise, the presidency will be all but meaningless, again!

If these three legs are fully in place to the greatest extent possible by election day, I will joyfully support the candidate (Trump), the Platform and the party. If, on the other hand, one of these legs are missing the whole endeavor will be for naught and the Republican party (and brand) will cease to exist for good reason.

In closing, Trump is flamboyant and a great messenger (whether he actually believes everything he is saying remains to be seen) however without all three of those legs, he will be a one term president for all of the obvious reasons and the Republican party will cease to exist (rightfully so).

The ball as they say is now in "Leadership's" hands. If there is a screw-up, it will be on their hands, not Trump's (unless he is just blowing smoke which many of us believe he might be). So! There you have it; 1) Trump signs a statement of staying with his platform, 2) The platform is Conservative at every level and 3) The Republican party in toto (House, Senate, RNC, State, county, etc. all pledge to support the Republican candidate (RNC has the con!) then and only then can this country be saved. Alternative, leave at the first opportunity because all is lost!

For what its worth!

Was Romney a True Conservative, Mr. Kristol?

Anyone who would want to run a Independent candidate because their intellectual boy didn't win the Primary and now they're having a hissy fit, because the good old boys are going to be replaced, doesn't understand, or does understand what a Clinton administration would do to America. Was Romney a Conservative really? When he ran for Governor of Massachusetts he said he was Pro Choice, supported big bank bailouts, TARP, Socialized Healthcare, and said he would support a Federal Health Insurance Mandate. He said he wanted marriage between one man and woman but later supported by subterfuge, as his name was on the bottom of the email, freedom for gay and lesbian Americans to marry who or what they wish. Look up "Mitt Romney Supports Gay Marriage, except he doesn't, but his team will profit from it." Red State, July 9, 2013.
If Republican Elite don't like Trump, they can thank themselves, because people no longer trust career politicians and want to give an outsider a chance to make America Great Again, even if he may not be able to do that. It's a crap shoot, and a long shot, but Americans have had enough already of the lying scheming politicians in DC on both sides of the aisle.


Yo Billy, Read and try to understand the PARABEL of the Dog in the Manger....It completely illistrates YOU, the bush family, wacky mitt and hundreds of others that have no clue how it is going to be under president hillary. Actually it seems that you want her in power so you can shoot for after her 4 years you can nominate someone that you can control. Well after here 1st 4 years there will be no USA left for you and your buds to dabble with. Really ..... R U NUTS ???


Bill Crystal may be a Conservative but he is certainly not a member of the current Republican Party or a true American. He illustrates quite well what is wrong with Washington DC and our illustrious "Politicians". God help us and the USA.