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The Leftwing Media's Top Issues for 2016: Gun Control and Hiding the Truth About Islam

The Leftwing media made it quite clear after the Orlando Muslim terrorist massacre who ranks highest on their victim totem pole. And, to the surprise of many it turns out Muslims, and Islamism as conceived by the Muslim Brotherhood, far outrank over 50 dead homosexuals in the Left’s hierarchy of victims. 

You can always tell which victim group ranks highest by who gets to go on TV first to explain the crime, which is why we saw the national TV networks put up Imam Muhammad Musri (pictured), the president and senior Imam of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, immediately after the massacre and long before any LGBT spokesperson Imam Muhammad Musriwas put on to mourn the real victims.   

But Imam Musri wasn’t on TV to mourn the 50 victims of a homophobic murder – he was there to protect the lie that the massacre at Pulse had nothing to do with Islam. 

Then again, this should not have been such a surprise, because given Donald Trump’s attitude of supportive ambivalence on the homosexual political agenda there would be no Republican to slime with the media’s ever-present homophobe slur. 

Donald Trump and Islam, now that’s another story. 

Although his most recently hired DC-based advisors have tried to downplay or walk-back his comments Trump has largely gotten it right on the threat Islam poses to constitutional liberty. He hasn’t put it in DC political class policy-speak, but he’s been mostly right – as we pointed-out in our article “We Can – And Should – Ban Most Muslim Immigration To America.” 

So hiding the truth about Islamic views about the death penalty for practicing homosexuality and giving Muslim Brotherhood affiliated apologists a national TV microphone to explain at every opportunity that the Orlando Muslim terrorism massacre “has nothing to do with Islam” makes perfect sense. 

Except of course it has everything to do with Islam and how Islam is practiced by millions of adherents around the globe. 

Notice there’s been no national TV network explanation of the Islamic religious roots of this hate crime against gays. 

Even the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ infamous spokesman Ibrahim Hooper called the massacre a “hate crime,” while he was carefully shielded from any questions about the religious basis for Omar Mateen’s act of personal jihad against homosexuality – one of the seven Hadad crimes for which death or maiming is virtually automatic under Shariah or Islamic law. 

And Imam Muhammad Musri’s comments were where it gets really interesting. 

As our friend LTC Allen West put it, “What Imam Musri said about the attacks is nothing short of stunning, as he blamed ‘mass shootings’ for the tragedy even as he called for people not to ‘jump to conclusions’.” 

Imam Musri’s comments that “we must do something to stop the mass shootings that are happening all the time” is of course the one answer that is acceptable to the Leftwing establishment media – because of its implicit call for more gun control – and the one answer that conveniently hides the truth about Islam’s role in the shooting. 

And it is also the one political issue that conveniently brings together Islamists and Leftwing statists, like Hillary Clinton, because what they both want is more unarmed victims who are incapable of defending constitutional liberty and standing in the way of their totalitarian vision for the future. 

The Left’s call for more gun control is not a reality-based solution to the problem, because it focuses on the cosmetics of guns, rather than the Islamic motivations of gun possessors, which are always conveniently hidden or glossed over. 

The motivation is Islam – the very ideas expressed, by the way, by the San Bernardino jihadi’s father living right here in America. 

Where do these ideas come from? 

They come straight from the Koran and from the teachings of Islamist clergy and organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in America, such as CAIR. 

To confirm the folly of increasing gun control in a time of Muslim terror attacks we need only contrast what happened in San Bernardino and Orlando with what stopped the killing at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma. 

After a Muslim beheaded an unarmed grandmother at her workplace what stopped him was a manager with a gun and the personal courage and training to use it. That attack would have no doubt progressed as it did at Pulse – like a harvester scything wheat – had the good guy with a gun not been at Vaughn Foods to stop it. 

Think gun control will stop Muslim terrorists in America?  

Throughout the Middle East and particularly in areas of Israel where Palestinian jihadis have easy access to attack civilians, there has been a wave of Muslim terrorist murders of civilians and attacks on individual military personnel with knives. 

What happened in Orlando and San Bernardino is the new normal for America – and what the Israelis have learned, is that what stops these attacks is an armed citizenry and a police presence unbound by Obama’s traitorous political correctness. 

It should be clear by now that the Leftwing media sees hiding the truth about Islam and promoting gun control as two of the top issues, if not the top two jobs they must accomplish to elect Hillary Clinton. Don’t let them get away with it!

Please forward this article to your friends and contacts and tell gun control loving politicians that in this time of Muslim terrorism what we need is more good guys with guns, not more unarmed victims for terrorists.

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Stop using made-up words like Homophobe or phobia

Just makes my head explode. Adding the word "phobe" when slandaring or defaming someone is a Leftist Prog trick designed to demonize those they don't agree with. THERE ARE NO SUCH WORDS AS homophobia, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, transphobia or any other infantile words like them A "Phobia" is an unnatural or irrational fear of something and these Muslim savages are certainly not afraid of homosexuals nor am I afraid of them, either. But we as a people and nation better be very, very afraid of what these Muslim terrorist planned for us. And that fear is certainly NOT irrational.

gun control

There are strict gun control laws in France, Belgium, England, Sweden, and Denmark, yet muslims are attacking everywhere. Rape is a national pastime for muslims in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In France and England if there are no guns available to muslims, bombs have been used. Additional gun control is sheer trumpery. The more Americans that have guns and concealed carry permits the less chance there will be for mass attacks such as California and Florida; Also, remember there were bombs used at the 2013 Boston Marathon with 267 casualties ... yet I don't hear a great demand or hue and cry for additional bomb control. I would not try an attack in Texas because someone in that club, restaurant, theater, store church or other gathering place just might pull out their 45 and put one in your heart. And all the gun-control fanatics forget our American History ... it was the civilian with better guns than our American military in 1775 that helped save our nation. The Constitution's 2nd Amendment guarantees no infringement of that Right. It keeps Americans safe from their enemies both foreign and domestic and provides for Americans to be able to rise up against a "People by the Government" rather than a "Government by the People" ... which is not the case in America today ... our government is within an infinitesimal fraction of becoming a rogue government. Its overwhelming laws and regulations are a menace and an assiduous entropy to our American freedoms. This must be stopped! A well armed ... a very well armed American people, must be in a position to overthrow a rogue American government; and the military must understand that when the American people revolt against that rogue government their duty lay in protecting the American people from our enemies 'both' foreign and domestic. That includes the fact that no, repeat, no American President's orders are valid in that rogue government and the military must adhere to the will of the American people against such a president and his rogue government.

The Constitution, immigration, diversity and non-assimilation

Since the media is so willing to change the Constitution perhaps we should not stop at the 2nd Amendment, perhaps we should put it into reverse and change the 1st Amendment and do away with the free press and free speech.
We could go down the whole list and change the whole Constitution take away all of our freedoms, take away all of our rights as a free people.
This is what happens when a country has unfettered immigration without teaching the Constitution, the history of our nation and how we came to be a free sovereign nation to begin with.
This is what happens when a country pushes diversity rather than demand assimilation, where there is no longer a connection between different people and no connection to the history of the nation and how we got to be a free and sovereign nation.


The left has no viable issue, what they do have is their reliance on misdirection and a lot of corrupt money from those who plan on utilizing the lo-infos and the sheep which follow the teachings of a fallible line of thought full of holes and misconceptions......if you cannot openly educate and demonstrate to generations of people that representation of a Republic such as our is conceived in transparency, then the chances for it to survive is slim to none and you will have sold your freedom for much worse....