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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Outraged Obama will not stop Donald Trump this year

You had to figure once Donald Trump secured enough delegates to become the all-but assured Republican presidential nominee that his positive press coverage would quickly vanish, but what’s happened in the past couple weeks to go from bad to worse is beyond what even Trump’s skeptics must have envisioned.

Perhaps starting with the media generated controversy over Trump’s contributions to veterans groups and then last week’s focus on his “Mexican judge” comments and continuing right on through the current post-Orlando back-and-forth over dealing with terrorism and Muslim immigration, The Donald is now enduring a negative Angry Obamamedia pile-on of epic proportions.

Niall Stanage of The Hill reports, “Media coverage of Donald Trump is shifting in a more negative direction as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee opens another front in his war with the Fourth Estate…

“The [Washington] Post reported, ‘In a speech laden with falsehoods and exaggeration, Trump was antagonistic and pugnacious, in stark contrast with his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.’ It added, ‘While Trump was fiery and combative, Clinton was cool and collected.’”

Personally, I think America can use a little “fiery and combative”, but maybe that’s just me.

And if that Post piece is not cheerleading for the Democrats, I’m not sure what would qualify. Clinton has often been described (even by people who supposedly favor her) as unlikable, so it’s hard to fathom how she’s suddenly made the transition to “cool and collected.” But all it takes is one liberal writer with a keyboard and instantly screechy old Hillary is a smooth presidential figure.

I will say Trump is not being singled out entirely in this matter. If Ted Cruz had won the nomination, for example, journalists would be trying just as hard to paint anything and everything Ted said in a negative light compared to Obama and Hillary. As much as the media storm contains a healthy dose of hate for Trump the person, it’s mostly being propelled by antipathy for Trump’s conservative message.

This latest smear campaign is basically just a reiteration of a very typical pattern for the mainstream news media. Every four years they fawn over the leader in the Republican primaries only to turn on him once he crosses the finish line. Ordinarily the turn is a little more gradual, however, and not so blatantly biased.

In other words, the journalists usually try harder to conceal their disapproval.

The fact Trump is already such a conspicuous controversial figure is making it worse this year. Adding to the damage is a new poll showing The Donald’s unfavorable ratings hitting 70 percent (a 10-point increase over last month). When you’ve got round-the-clock commentators and writers bashing Trump, it’s not difficult to see why people aren’t warming to him.

But before the #NeverTrumpers launch into yet another dump-Trump tirade, a little perspective is needed here. Yes, the media spotlight has been intensely negative and yes, Trump probably didn’t phrase his critiques of the federal judge handling his Trump University case very well.

Despite this, there are a few reasons for optimism that things will improve. First, Hillary is clearly benefitting from the easing of tensions with Bernie Sanders now that the Democrat presidential race is over. The formerly crusty Sanders has suddenly become meek as a lamb on the subject of Hillary and met with her this week to see how the party might unite against Trump (though interestingly enough, Sanders isn’t dropping out of the race).

Funny how just a couple weeks ago Bernie was in full attack mode on the Clinton candidacy. But as senile as Bernie is, maybe he’s forgotten all about it by now.

Second, it’s still early. We’re a little over a month away from the party conventions, a time period that isn’t likely to figure prominently in the minds of voters come November. Trump will have plenty of opportunity to refocus the race back on the issues where Hillary is weakest, particularly on the economy.

Voters are going to care a lot more about the poor health of the economy in November than they are about what Trump may have sputtered in June.

We’re also yet to see how the Orlando Muslim terrorist attack ultimately plays out with the public. The initial shock is wearing off, allowing rational people to consider which candidate is really offering the best long-term solutions to the problems rather than listening to pundits pecking at Trump for his immediate and hotly worded reactions.

Lastly, Trump is still being harmed by many of the establishment leaders of his own party who can’t seem to grasp that their politically correct waffling isn’t doing themselves or their nominee any favors.

Here is a sampling of what the party nominee’s supporting cast has been saying about his proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration from war-torn countries:

Speaker Paul Ryan said “I do not think it is reflective of our principles. Not just as a party but as a country.”

Senator Bob Corker was even more critical of Trump’s reaction, saying “It wasn’t the kind of response I would expect when 50 people have perished. I think I’ve offered words of public encouragement in important times and continue to be discouraged by the results.”

And the always reliable for a quote Senator Lindsey Graham said Trump’s comments on Obama were “beyond out of line.”

As I’ve wondered many times, I’m not sure what the establishment hopes to gain by overtly condemning Trump’s statements and actions while leaving Obama’s politically correct nonsense alone. The president saved special scorn for Trump on Tuesday while downplaying once again Islam’s role in the ongoing war between East and West.

While we may not be in complete conflict with the Muslim religion as Obama insists, we are at war with the Islamic radicals with guns who seek to impose their will on the entire planet. And last time I checked, they’re the ones in control of a large swath of the Muslim world.

It is not possible to make peace with people who don’t want peace. Israel has been at war since Biblical times because most of its neighbors aren’t interested in sitting across the table from them to talk about peace. In their minds, the centuries’ old war will continue until they win – or everyone adopts Islam.

It’s a pretty simple concept, one that Donald Trump appears to understand. I only wish the same could be said for the rest of the folks.

Could Trump be trying to goad Obama to get into the 2016 conversation?

When President Obama took special exception to Trump’s criticisms of his handling of terrorism the other day, the thought occurred to me that this could all be part of a grand Trump strategy to draw Obama into the presidential race.

Everyone knows Obama is itching to stay relevant in the political realm and is even more protective of his legacy, so Trump probably figured it wouldn’t be hard at all to get the easily-angered Obama to position himself right in the middle of the Trump/Clinton general election.

Whether that’s a good thing is yet to be seen. But there’s little doubt Trump is steering the debate on his terms. Even his detractors are impressed.

Leading #NeverTrumper Erick Erickson writes at The Resurgent, “Despite my dislike of Donald Trump, the man has an amazing ability to force everyone else to play on his turf. For the second time in eight years, Donald Trump has forced Barack Obama to play Donald Trump’s game Donald Trump’s way. It is a skill few in the GOP have ever mastered and Trump has done it twice.”

The “first time” Erickson is referring to is Trump’s demand that Obama actually produce his birth certificate to back up his claims of being born in Hawaii. Though there were a number of odd and questionable things about the certificate itself, most people accepted it as genuine.

But Trump had won the debate in forcing Obama’s hand. And as Erickson pointed out, Trump’s doing it again on the terrorism issue.

As far as Obama is concerned, it will definitely be to Trump’s benefit to have the big fat target of Obama to attack in the fall in addition to Hillary. After all, the economic policies that are failing so badly right now belong to Obama, not to Hillary.

Hillary will likely offer plenty of references to the healthy economy of the 90’s with her husband in the White House. It won’t convince anyone with a brain, but having one of those is not a prerequisite for a Democrat.

Meanwhile, Trump is busy working to be as negative as possible in order to define his opponent early in the process, which will make it much harder later on for her to change impressions. He did the same thing before the Republican primaries last summer and he’s doing it again now.

If he takes a bit of a media hit at this point in the race because of it, so be it. Trump is gambling he’ll be able to resurrect his image later on. And I bet he can, at least to some extent.

Trump should be glad Obama is jumping into the fray.

Door now wide open for Rubio reelection run in Florida

Speaking of jumping in, all signs now lead to Marco Rubio “changing his mind” about running for reelection to his Florida senate seat.

All along, Rubio said he didn’t want to run again because his friend (Carlos Lopez-Cantera) was in the race to succeed him. But now, that reason no longer exists.

Marc Caputo of Politico reports, “Friends for 20 years, Marco Rubio and Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera were at the scene of the Orlando massacre on Sunday when they had an unusually frank conversation about their political futures.

“’You should reconsider running for your seat,’ Lopez-Cantera told Rubio as they sat in the senator’s pickup truck about an hour before sunset, after witnessing the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.”

There’s nothing like a candid conversation in a pickup truck to make someone want to change his mind about breaking his word to the voters. In deciding not to run for president and the senate at the same time, Rubio could have been clearing the way for his friend back then…or, he could have been banking on being the party nominee, so why raise money for both campaigns?

I personally think Rubio didn’t want to run for reelection because he hated his job as a senator. His poor attendance record was an issue during the campaign, but probably his biggest problem with his day job is he isn’t very good at it.

Rubio’s only high-profile issue during his first term was a failed attempt to push through amnesty as a leader of the Gang of Eight. He’d done so little else that supporters had a difficult time remembering anything he’d achieved during his time in Washington.

So why run for reelection now?

Again, I think it goes back to some sort of secret arrangement between Rubio and Trump for future considerations. Trump thinks he’d have a much better chance of winning Florida if Rubio is on the ballot along with him. Rubio wants Trump to win because as a reelected senator in (hopefully) the majority, he’d have a greater say in the direction of legislation.

And most importantly, he’d have a microphone. If he’s sitting at home in Florida, nobody would pay any attention to him.

With Rubio’s primary reason for not running again out of the picture now, expect an announcement from Marco within a matter of days.

Does cable networks’ simultaneous dumping of Trump signal shift in emphasis?

Finally today, as alluded to above, the media could be seen as abandoning Donald Trump to promote Hillary Clinton.

But usually the cable networks don’t all do it in the same news segment.

T. Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner reports, “The three major cable news networks dumped coverage of a live Donald Trump rally on Wednesday in favor of an address by Hillary Clinton, a rare moment in which the networks chose to focus on a candidate other than the presumed GOP nominee.”

What Adams didn’t initially mention was the switch was made after about 30 minutes of a Trump rally had already been shown.

Facts are facts. The media will continue to feature Trump because he generates interest. Because of his high negatives, a lot of the attention isn’t the type Republicans would want. But Trump doesn’t seem to mind.

In Trump world, even bad news is good news, since he’s what everyone is talking about. It couldn’t be truer than the events of the past couple weeks. One thing’s for sure – life is never boring when The Donald is around. And because of it, Hillary should be concerned.

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