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This Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism

We spent last week talking about the threat of Muslim terrorism and how Republicans, through political correctness and spinelessness in the face of Obama’s politics, have become complicit in growing the threat of jihad in America. 

But there’s another threat that is every bit as dangerous – if not more dangerous – than importing jihad, and that’s the threat of economic meltdown caused by out-of-control congressional spending. 

National debt clockLast week the Treasury reported that the federal government ran a $53 billion deficit in May; the government took in $225 billion in revenues, while it spent $277 billion. 

Paul Ryan and the Capitol Hill establishment Republican leadership will try to tell you this is good news because May's shortfall was down from $84 billion a year ago. 

This is complete nonsense. 

What the establishment media won’t tell you is that at the same time the federal government is running these near record deficits tax collections are also at near-record levels. 

The U.S. Treasury raked in a record of approximately $1,914,651,000,000 in tax revenues in the first seven months of fiscal 2016 (Oct. 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016), according to an analysis of the Monthly Treasury Statement done for CNS News by our friend Terence P. Jeffrey. 

According to Jeffrey’s analysis, that is up about $14,151,330,000--in constant 2016 dollars—from the approximately $1,900,499,670,000 in constant 2016 dollars the Treasury collected in the first seven months of fiscal 2015. 

And the news gets worse – even though the Treasury has collected more in inflation-adjusted tax revenues so far this fiscal year than in any previous year, tax collections were actually down in the month of April alone compared to last April. In 2015, the Treasury collected approximately $471,801,000,000 in April (in 2015 dollars). In 2016, the Treasury collected $438,432,000,000 in April. 

This means that despite collecting record revenues over the span of the first seven months of fiscal 2016, the federal government still ran a deficit of $354,592,000,000 during the period--as the federal government spent $2,269,242,000,000 in those seven months. 

In practical political terms this means that establishment Republicans have abandoned any pretense of being the Party of fiscal responsibility – a GOP principle that pre-dates the Reagan Revolution we might add. 

But more importantly, it means that the steady erosion of American economic power will continue to drive the steady erosion of American military and international political power. 

Back in 2010 then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen identified our national debt as “the single biggest threat to our national security.” 

Like the other threats that have presented themselves during Barack Obama’s tenure this one has gotten exponentially worse on Obama’s watch; in 2010 the national debt held by the public was $13.56, today it is $19.28 trillion and rising. 

But the difference between this threat and the threat posed by Obama’s disastrous policy in the Middle East and his open borders policy that has flooded America with toxic immigrants, of both legal and illegal status, is that debt, which is driven by spending, is the one threat over which Congress has direct control. 

Which brings us to the other issue raised by how the House deals with adding money to the Homeland Security and defense budgets – they simply give Obama a blank check. 

Under Speaker Ryan there’s no guarantee that the money Congress budgeted for the Pentagon or homeland Security will actually be used to confront the threats facing the United States today or in the future. 

Radical Islam isn’t going to be defeated by the kind of big ticket defense projects that make the lobbyists and shareholders of the military-industrial complex rich – it will be defeated by reestablishing American leadership in a war that is at least as economic and cultural as it is kinetic. 

We take the hollowing out of the military seriously and the failures of our Homeland Security apparatus even more seriously, but those in Congress who claim to support an effective Homeland Security effort and a strong national defense should start by cutting the politically motivated fat from the budget. 

Runaway spending won’t make Obama a more effective opponent of the Islamist threat by fighting the cultural war radical Islam has declared on America. 

Nor will they change his retreat from the Pacific or buck-up his weakness in the face of Russia’s aggression in its near abroad. 

The only thing that will defeat or deter any of these threats is an economically strong and politically confident America. The spending policies pursued by Speaker Ryan and his establishment Republican allies in Congress all but guarantee another decade of American economic weakness and with it another decade of danger. 

We urge CHQ readers to call Speaker Ryan’s office (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) tell Speaker Ryan Admiral Mike Mullen was right; our national debt as “the single biggest threat to our national security” and it is time for Republicans to stop spending America into economic ruin and national security weakness.

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We in this country take far to much for granted, we expect this elected government to fulfill their obligations legally and Constitutionally to protect and provide for the common welfare...We are poorly trained to remember that detail about us, our obligation to maintain and repair the government we happen to be....that takes smarts, commitment and acting on the problems that arise as things change and need attention to correct...Education of this country's heritage has been sorely neglected, it needs to resume.

We need, emphasize NEED to make modification to the way our elected and appointed representation holds office, by this I mean we need to employ term limits no retirement, we need to replace the IRS progressive tax collection system with a ballot driven consumption tax to regain our say in the budget and employ our representation and we need to remove, ban all gov unions because they are a special interest, they are illegal and they steal votes...beginning with these changes the government could gain some respectability, diminish corruption, utilize responsibility all of which are desperately needed......

Ryan's phone & voice mail.

Ryan's phone & voice mail are always full! Can only call Wisconsin offices!

Have we passed tipping point?

What they can't tax, they can print, and eventually the world will stop wanting dollars. There is no appetite for restraint on either side of the aisle, and the ideas of the '60s have finally come home to roost.
From what I can tell as a casual observer, the big shift in power from Congress to the administrative agencies began in the '60s, as more and more agencies were created, and were explicitly enabled to make the laws that Congress didn't want their own fingerprints on.
From that point onward, cowardice in the halls of congress has become the norm, not the exception, and slamming the brakes on this runaway spending is more and more like herding cats every time it is tried.
Ryan's famous budget was a collaboration with Democrats which barely shaved any spending at all.
Government - a giant appetite at one end, and no sense of responsibility at the other!

Invest wisely - gold, silver, bullets and maybe a few BitCoin if you feel lucky.