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Is Indiana Governor Mike Pence The Conservative Choice For Vice President?

It looks like Donald Trump has made his choice for Vice President: Indiana's Governor Mike Pence.

Is the Governor Pence the candidate who can cement the winning populist – conservative coalition for Donald Trump?

In view of his betrayal of conservative principles on Indiana's RFRA and ending Common Core many conservatives, including CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie, have expressed reservations about Governor Pence. Click here to read Mr. Viguerie's column on Governor Pence. 

Please tell us what you think; does Governor Pence satisfy your expectations for a running mate for Donald Trump?

Who will Trump choose for VP?

Instructions:'s GOP Vice Presidential Straw Poll is available exclusively to registered CHQ members. To register, click here. If you are already a member, please log-in by clicking here. You may vote once a week by clicking on the button next to ONE candidate's name on the list (please don't click on the photos).
 You may vote for Governor Pence a write-in candidate.

Dear Mr. Trump, I urge you to nominate this candidate to be your running mate:
Newt Gingrich (write-in)
43% (17 votes)
Indiana Governor Mike Pence
40% (16 votes)
Saran Palin (write-in)
8% (3 votes)
Rick Santorum (write-in)
8% (3 votes)
Total voters: 40

Rick Santorum

Pence is a squish.


I read that Pence thinks a ban on Muslims is unconstitutional and offensive. Wrong of both accounts. And then in Indiana, they pass a law and then back down when people complained about it. Not good signs.

There were quite a few Republicans

There were quite a few Republicans who were for muslim immigration, but have since changed, due to extreme circumstance, have changed. They have pretty much seen Donald Trump (vis We The People)was correct. For more on that topic, go to you tube for recent interviews with Jeff Sessions. He explains it well. BTW, I would have loved Jeff Sessions as VP pick, but Donald Trump is to be trusted, and I think this will work out fine. I wasn't sure, at first, either.

Governor Mike Pence the Coservative Choice For Trump's VP

Conservatives everywhere in the U.S. should embrace Mr. Donald J. Trump's
choice for his Vice Presidential running mate because Mr. Trump and Governor Pence align on the same issues affecting the country besides he can strengthen the grassroots Conservative movement and thwart the Republican Establishment in their efforts undermine the Conservative cause.
I say Congratulations to Governor Pence as Mr. Donald J. Trump's running mate.

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Thank you for the correct assessment. We must pull together as Republicans who love this Country and want her strong again.

God bless you and God bless the USA.


NOOOO !! ...EXTREMELY POOR CHOICE. ... A BRAIN-DEAD DECISION. ... I was almost to the point where I could be enthusiastic about Trump, and now THIS. ... WILL SUCH POOR JUDGMENT BE A MARK OF HIS PRESIDENCY ?? ... God help us, because Pence WON'T. ... Remember how he so quickly caved on the Indiana-GAY decision? ... Now, when I vote for Trump, I am forced to vote for Pence. ... How can a sane person do it? ... JUST ANOTHER WASHINGTON INSIDER

I felt the same at first

Go to you tube. Look up Jeff Sessions interview after Donald Trump VP announcement. This has changed my mind. Hope it will help to make you feel a little calmer. It did for me. (after my melt down like yours)

Pence has work to do: Newt's ready for battle

Pence is the archetype of the Republican designed by committee:
Good looking, conservative sounding, hated by Democrats...... But bends on key issues, and not supported by the base either.
I was a long time admirer of Pence until he waffled on RFRA. The steely constitutionalist image evaporated in a flash, and will be much harder to rebuild.
Democrats still hate him because he appears to stand against their "values", while conservatives don't trust him because he tried to appease the left.
If you think appeasing the hard left works, ask Neville Chamberlain..... Or Scott Brown!