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Endorsement: Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate

You would have to go back to the 1960s and early 1970s and the days when Nelson Rockefeller was Governor of New York to find a more anti-conservative Republican than Senator John McCain of Arizona. Which is why, as Senator McCain seeks an unprecedented sixth term in the US Senate, we are pleased to endorse Dr. Kelli Ward to replace him. 

Over his 30+ years in the Senate and House John McCain has gone out of his way to antagonize conservatives in Arizona and nationally, especially on matters of amnesty for illegal aliens, the Second Amendment Kelli Wardand spending and the growth of government. 

And in most of these fights McCain has been far out of synch with the Republican voters he purports to represent in Arizona and conservative opinion at the national level. 

More than once Republican Party organizations in Arizona have censured Senator McCain for his liberal voting record – in 2014 the state party adopted a resolution by voice vote condemning the five-term senator for a record that is “disastrous and harmful” to the nation. 

The resolution also hit McCain for being critical of his party’s conservative wing while staying “eerily silent against liberals,” working closely with Democrats on amnesty for illegal aliens and not backing a conservative strategy to defund Obamacare. 

We could go on, but readers of this endorsement will already get the point: Kelli Ward will fight for the conservative agenda and work to govern America according to limited government constitutional conservative principles, while John McCain’s history and record prove that not only will he not support the conservative agenda, he will actively work against it. 

John McCain’s service in the Navy remains worthy of respect, but it does not grant him a lifelong sinecure in the Senate. Thirty years of working to defeat the conservative policies that the vast majority of Republicans support is way too long; it is time to retire John McCain and elected a solid limited government constitutional conservative to replace him, and that candidate is Dr. Kelli Ward. 

To learn more about how you can help Dr. Kelli Ward and her record and biography please click the link.

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Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate

Dr. Kelli Ward Conservative proven record in Arizona should make her the next senior Senator of Arizona to restrain the Conservative cause in Congress and the US Constitution .It's time for John McCain to leave the Senate and retire because his work in Congress does not align with Republicans ideals. She's the Senator the people of Arizona wants.


six time is about five too many way past time for his retirement from senate FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT ! in other words seen what he can GET AWAY WITH and DOES