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Presidential Horse Race 2016: Only Donald Trump has a shot at bringing the country together. Period.

Well, it’s here, the day we’ve all been waiting for – Election Day. Tonight we’ll (hopefully) know which person and which worldview will guide/control American government for the next four years.

The candidates have made their closing arguments over the course of a year and a half of virtually non-stop campaigning, speeches and media appearances. Today it’s up to us to decide which one deserves it more – or, deserves it less.

Trump silent majorityAnd the choice has never been clearer in my opinion. Donald Trump must win. Hillary Clinton must lose. It’s not that Trump will magically be able to solve the myriad of problems foreign and domestic plaguing this nation. No, it’s because we know Hillary Clinton will just add gas to the fire.

In compiling the Presidential Horse Race 2016 column I’ve tried to present the best arguments for and against each of the candidates this year. Both competitors have a multitude of grounds to vote against them. Only one has a lot of good reasons to vote for him.

Before you go out to vote today, consider these incentives to choose Donald Trump:

1. As a political outsider, Donald Trump represents the best chance since Ronald Reagan to have a president who isn’t beholden to the political establishments of either party.

Together the Republicans and Democrats have trampled on our constitutional rights, denied us life, liberty and the pursuit of property and run up an unconscionable public debt.

They’ve gotten us involved in entangling foreign alliances – and wars -- and sacrificed the wishes of the people in favor of their own partisan priorities. Together the two parties have forged trade policies that benefitted the wealthy and powerful interests over working Americans. They’ve also put in place immigration policies that have displaced Americans and enriched big business interests.

Donald Trump represents the possibility of upsetting the balance. The establishments of both parties are afraid of him. No one truly knows whether he’ll keep the current power structure in place. For that reason alone, Trump is a better choice than Hillary.

2. While not a strict constitutionalist, Trump seems intent on returning power to the citizens.

Ever since Trump announced he was running for president his theme has been to “Make America Great Again.” He’s argued against illegal immigration; he’s shown a willingness to elevate common sense over political correctness in proposing a new direction for the government; and he’s promised to restore the balance of power in government by cancelling unconstitutional executive orders.

On the stump he rarely talks about the Constitution but the policies he’s advancing will restore the spirit of the document. Trump will once again make the law supreme.

3. Trump will appoint judges and Justices that will allow states to govern themselves and resist turning the judiciary into an unelected federal super legislature.

Arguably just as important as upsetting the political establishment and restoring constitutional governance is the notion of putting the right people in place to make sure reforms are allowed to remain.

Everyone knows the next president will appoint Justice Antonin Scalia’s successor. Trump has produced a list of names from which he’ll choose his Supreme Court nominees, a collection of distinguished jurists assembled by the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation. They are constitutionally minded originalist judges who will honor the Founding Fathers’ purposeful separation of powers.

They will grant states the freedom to make their own laws and customs. Regional diversity will be preserved. The will of the majority won’t necessarily trump the sacred rights of minorities to worship and express themselves.

None of this is possible without judges who understand that originalism isn’t merely allegiance to a dusty old document or long-dead white slave owners. It’s the brilliance of the system the Founding Fathers created that must be preserved.

Hillary would only follow her husband and Obama in appointing ideologically outcome-oriented judges that could very well mean the death of the First, Second and Fourth Amendments. Trump must be allowed the chance to restore the balance.

4. A presidential administration is much more than just the man (or woman) at the top.

Americans go to the polls to choose a president and vice president today, but they’re only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the executive branch. The president and his top appointees will have enormous say over who gets to staff the administration and make the lower level decisions that will govern all of us.

Donna Rice Hughes in her article “One Woman’s Case for Donald Trump” wrote, “We are not only voting for President and VP but we are in effect voting for over 7000 political appointees and individuals who will serve in his administration.

“In a recent article, Mariam Bell wrote: ‘We vote FOR the 4,000+ political appointees who will run all the agencies, departments and programs. We vote FOR the 3,000+ appointments to boards and commissions the next president will make. We vote FOR all those 300+ who will be appointed to the judiciary, including the Supreme Court — whose rulings will impact our country for the next fifty years, not just four. The next president will appoint a cabinet and has already selected a vice president.’”

We have seen how damaging it can be when the wrong people with dangerous agendas are given power to make decisions on how laws should be interpreted and implemented. If our country has any hope to return to constitutional governance, we must have honorable public servants working to enforce the laws without infringing on our rights.

It’s understandable why someone may dislike Donald Trump. Fair enough. But he still deserves a vote because there are many, many good people waiting for a chance to start undoing the damage Obama’s sycophants have inflicted on us the past eight years.

5. Trump is not Hillary – that’s a good enough reason right there.

Hillary Clinton is probably the most compromised, corrupt person to ever run for president. Her party leadership helped ensure she would be nominated. She’s lied and pandered all throughout her career and campaign. Most Americans believe she’s an untrustworthy liar and cannot run the country without bowing to her own special interests and personal greed.

Plus, she’ll likely be investigated, possibly indicted and impeached. With this knowledge, how could anyone help but vote for Trump?

Like with Ronald Reagan, under Trump, patriotic Americans will have the opportunity to feel good about their country again and know that the forces of the cultural left haven’t won the ultimate battle. The laws will be enforced. Other countries will respect us and when necessary, fear us.

Donald Trump may not be the candidate some of us wanted, but he’s the right man for the job right now. He deserves everyone’s support today.

Is this the last presidential election Republicans have a legitimate chance to win?

As Americans head out to vote today, one sobering thought to keep in mind is the rapidly expanding ethnic gap that exists between Republicans and Democrats. Simply put, with the Democrats heavy reliance on minority votes for their political existence, they’re fanning the flames of division in order to give Crooked Hillary her best chance of winning today.

And demographically speaking, this could be the last hurrah for the Republicans unless trends reverse.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reports, “This may be the last year that a Republican will be elected president, as the growth of liberal-leaning minorities all but guarantees that Democrats will hold the majority at least for the next four decades…

“The bottom line: In no presidential election from 2020-60 do the Republicans win. The closest the Republicans come is 2020 when the Democratic vote under the 2004 model reaches 50.48 percent, WalletHub said. The widest gap is projected for 2060, when the minority population will be its biggest, delivering the Democrats 58.8 percent of the vote.”

Pat Buchanan’s been arguing on this topic for decades. Similar to the demographic shift taking place in Europe in recent years, America is becoming a lot less white and a lot less free politically because of it.

Skin color only matters in the sense that many of the newcomers don’t share the same political values. This isn’t a race thing, it’s a cultural and worldview thing.

Statistics say minority groups tend to vote for Democrats. When paired with the fact the Democrat Party has moved steadily left in the past 20 years to the point where there really isn’t any such thing as a “moderate” Democrat anymore, the significant growth in minority populations means problems for the concept of limited government.

If there are any “moderate” Democrats anymore, please point them out.

By the lot, Democrats support centralized control by the federal government, virtually unlimited immigration, gun control, the liberal pro-LGBTQ social agenda, abortion on demand and huge all-encompassing publicly funded social programs like Obamacare. The fact that these policies don’t work in practice doesn’t matter at all to Democrats and their supporters.

Meanwhile, the media has its own agenda and doesn’t do the work of presenting the facts and encouraging healthy debate on the issues. As an example, the national debt will soon hit $20 trillion and it’s highly doubtful Hillary Clinton would be open to any kind of pro-growth tax incentives that could serve to help raise revenue (along with cutting spending) to bring down the number.

Consumers will start feeling the pinch with Obamacare next year but Donald Trump and the Republicans appear to be the only ones talking about it. Democrats spin the issue by saying the law (passed with 100% Democrat votes, by the way) is “broken” and needs to be “fixed” rather than ditched.

The concept is broken. It can’t be fixed. It needs to be trashed. Trump is right – return the matter to the states and encourage local solutions to the challenge of ensuring a healthy population.

Compounding the minority vote issue is there don’t appear to be many – if any – non-white ethnic groups that vote strongly for Republicans any longer. It can still be said that certain minority blocs favor Republicans – such as Indians (Asian) and Cubans – but their numbers are miniscule compared to the larger non-white ethnic groups.

We’re becoming a country that’s divided not only by race but politically by ethnicity. There isn’t much room for improvement either, unless the Democrat Party suddenly ditches its blatant pandering to minority voters and suddenly starts running on issue positions.

But here too there’s a problem. Even the more conservative political values of some minority groups have not translated into support for Republicans as the party of traditional values and limited government. But make no mistake, Hispanics don’t vote for Democrats solely because they’re opposed to the GOP’s stance on the immigration issue – it’s because the newcomers by and large favor big government.

Generally speaking Hispanic immigrants are a lot less interested in the concept of the American Dream than they are in being taken care of. First-generation Hispanics have little problem with government collecting taxes in exchange for big government services. Further, if they originate from Mexico and Latin America, they come from systems and cultures of enormous corruption, large disparities in the haves/have-nots and striking poverty.

It appears as though they see an overpowering American government as the answer to these problems and some sort of grand protector of the people. The fact Hillary Clinton is as corrupt as the leaders from which they fled doesn’t matter at all as long as the government service gravy train continues chugging down the tracks.

Certainly there are exceptions to the rule but it’s hard to argue that if immigration policies don’t change the country is moving rapidly towards a one-party state, at least at the presidential level. And when that party is only out for showering favors and goodies on its voting constituencies you awaken all the problems associated with tyranny of the majority.

It’s a lot to think about on Election Day. But this indeed could be the Constitution’s last hurrah before demographics turn America into an ethnic hodgepodge that essentially supports socialism.

Hard as it is to believe, the election might not be over by tomorrow

It’s safe to say most people in this country very much hope the election will be over tomorrow, with roughly half of Americans wanting Donald Trump to be the president-elect and the other half desiring it to be Crooked Hillary.

But what if your candidate doesn’t win? What then?

The reality is the election may not be finalized by tomorrow. If the election is close – closer than the polls indicate – we could be in for at least another month of legal wrangling over the result.

John Fund of writes in National Review, “‘Margin of litigation’ is a phrase we might hear a lot after Tuesday if the presidential election is close in one or more states. It refers to the number of votes by which a candidate must win in order to prevent litigation — and delays — before a result is final. Both parties will have armies of lawyers deployed on Election Night looking for irregularities and opportunities to go to court…

“It’s said that the fervent wish of every election official is ‘Lord, please don’t make the election super close.’ But if several of Tuesday’s races are tight, we could enter a quagmire of recounts, lawsuits, and protests outside government offices. If you thought the election campaign was ugly, just wait in case there is a post-election legal contest.”

Fund’s is a very real scenario, especially if Trump over-performs the polls and takes a state or two that he isn’t expected to compete for. Thanks to the media practically everyone now expects Hillary to win, so should a Brexit-like wave materialize, there are going to be an awful lot of furious leftists and Democrats who are going to cry foul.

Needless to say, fraud is also a very real possibility in numerous places. A close result virtually guarantees that people on both sides are going to be coming out of the woodworks with tales of a rigged election. Pro-Hillary people are probably busy this very moment tucking away any number of ballots to “discover” in case a razor-thin margin for either candidate materializes.

Democrats could have avoided this legal free-for-all over the years by joining with Republicans in calling for more elections security measures, something both sides should be able to agree upon in theory. Instead, any attempt to assure the integrity of voting is met with cries of “racism” and “voter suppression.” Democrat judges tend to go along with the stupidity.

If the election is indeed close the system could crack-up. But some semblance of intellectual sanity needs to be restored in order for the country to go on. It might as well start there.

Either way, we’re likely headed for some very tumultuous and troubling times ahead.

Only Donald Trump has a shot at bringing the country together. Period.

Finally today, as my last note before the great 2016 election mystery is solved, I personally believe there’s only one candidate running that has any shot whatsoever in healing the divide in America -- and that’s Donald trump.

Hillary admitted yesterday she would have a lot of work to do in bringing the country together if she wins. That’s an understatement.

Rebecca Savransky of The Hill reports, “Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday appeared confident of victory in the election, talking of the work she said needs to be done to unify the country after votes are cast.

“I think I have some work to do to bring the country together,’ Clinton said Monday, speaking to reporters outside of her plane…

“’Because I think that these splits, these divides that have been not only exposed but exacerbated by the campaign on the other side are ones that we really do have to bring the country together,’ Clinton said.”

Of course Hillary couldn’t help but blame Trump and the Republicans for the divisiveness as if she played no role in the whole affair. Even when Hillary seeks to reconcile she divides.

Ever since the 1960’s the political left has actively sought to advance its agenda by instigating violence, instilling fear in the population, fomenting resentment of American leaders and undermining the legitimacy of our institutions in the name of “racism” “sexism” “bigotry” “hatred” etc...

Hillary Clinton was not only a witness to all of this happening, she’s been an active participant in fostering the destruction. She’s been on the front lines throwing rhetorical Molotov cocktails at anyone who disagrees with her, labeling opponents as the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and “enemies”.

Crooked Hillary’s demonized a quarter of the country as “deplorable” and “irredeemable”, callously broken the law, abused her position to enrich herself and trampled on those who tried to stop her, her husband and her party from “fundamentally changing” the America that we love.

There simply isn’t enough slop in the federal trough to satisfy all her pet constituencies and not enough favors to dish out to keep her political enemies from exposing the truth on her.

As indicated above, Donald Trump isn’t perfect. Far from it. But he is from outside the system. With Congress likely to be more cooperative with his proposals, there’s at least a chance some of them will be implemented. Hillary will have NO chance. Zero. If you think Congress is stagnant now, just wait a few months.

The 2018 midterms will crush her fellow Democrats as well. We’ll be stuck with a hapless leftist corrupted ideologue president versus a Republican Congress that will be tasked with trying to stop her – or at least slow her down.

“Legitimacy” is a word a lot of people will be using in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

The country will be divided no matter what happens today. But only Trump has a shot at truly being successful in shaking things up.

One way or another it will be a different world tomorrow. Today is one of those where every vote counts. Go out and cast it for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

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