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We The People Demand A Peaceful Transfer Of Power

As the DC elite, staggered by Donald Trump’s victory, wonder what his administration holds for them – and how they can turn the transition of power to their advantage – Obama and his Far-Left minions have already signaled they will not go quietly, or peacefully. 

When Trump’s victory became certain rioters immediately took to the streets in California. According to the Los Angeles Times, shortly after Trump delivered a victory speech in New York, up to 1,500 people gathered at Trump protestsUCLA. The demonstration peaked about 1 a.m., when a Trump piñata was set on fire in a trash can outside a Westwood Boulevard store. 

In Oakland, demonstrators smashed a window at the Oakland Tribune newsroom and ignited trash containers and tires, the East Bay Times reported. Protesters also burned Trump in effigy, KNTV reported. 

At UC Santa Barbara, the LA Times reported hundreds marched near the campus, with some chanting, “Not my president. Not my president.”  

One person carried a Mexican flag, according to video posted by the student newspaper, the Daily Nexus. 

However, the greatest threat to the constitutional transfer of power is not a few rioters who as one put it, “were overcome by devastation,” it is from collusion between establishment Republicans and outgoing President Barack Obama. 

Obama’s Far-Left supporters say he "is still very ambitious about these last couple of months, and he's got a huge agenda with things he wants to get done.” 

And as Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times pointed out, as “President Obama runs out the clock on his eight-year tenure, analysts say, he still has plenty of business left undone, and they expect him to follow the lead of other presidents and issue a series of rules, to add to his list of executive orders, to continue his record-setting pace of commutations and perhaps add a controversial pardon or two into the mix.” 

Make no mistake, unless the Republicans in Congress stand-up to him at this late hour Obama can still do a lot of damage. 

For Obama, who already has set records for the most expansive regulatory agenda in U.S. history, his final months offer a chance to pad his lead and plow new ground, particularly on energy and environmental issues, observed Dinan. 

“What we’ve seen in the past is when the outgoing president is replaced by somebody from the opposition party, then in the waning months of their presidency there’s a burst of regulatory and rule-making activity,” said William G. Howell, a political scientist at the University of Chicago. 

He could also sow the seeds of a massive law enforcement problem for President Trump by trying to use executive power to amnesty millions more illegal aliens. 

Such a move would throw their immigration status to the courts where liberal judges have shown a great willingness to simply write the law to their own personal whim rather than follow the immigration laws passed by Congress. 

Clyde Wayne Crews, vice president for policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Stephen Dinan that this president may not even use the traditional methods of executive orders or regulations. During his time in office, Mr. Obama has expanded the use of other avenues of executive power, including memos and guidance for underlings. 

“There are a lot more rules that get issued now by the federal government that don’t go through the standard notice and comment procedure,” Mr. Crews told Dinan. “They don’t need to write rules anymore. They’ve got things pretty much under control.” 

Forgoing the official process doesn’t always work out, however, noted The Washington Times’ Dinan. 

One of Mr. Obama’s biggest moves, his 2014 attempt to grant a deportation amnesty to more than 4 million illegal immigrants, came not from an executive order or regulation but in a policy memo he directed be issued by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. A federal district court put the amnesty on hold, ruling that Mr. Johnson should have gone through the regulatory process instead. 

Later, a federal appeals court issued an even broader ruling finding that the amnesty violated immigration law. The Supreme Court upheld that decision on a tie 4-4 vote. 

Americans must demand a clean break from Obama’s failed policies and a peaceful transition of power from Obama to Trump. 

That means no Midnight regulatory dumps, no extra-legal amnesty, no Midnight shredding parties, no waning hour recess appointments and no pardons for Hillary Clinton and the malefactors of her inner circle. 

To ensure this peaceful transition of power Republicans must do only the most limited continuing resolution necessary to fund the government until President-elect Trump takes office, and if necessary, keep Congress in pro forma session to ensure no eleventh-hour mischief from Obama.

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You Can Tell

We have OW's, Commies and Morons in the street involved in destructive acts considered riotous, they need to be policed...some of these misdirected creatures did vote, many more did not, they apparently do not want lower taxes, a chance for a real job to aspire to, freedom of choice and speech without PC limitation...What they do not want, the rest of us will take by the barrel full for as long as this nation is a representative Republic governed by the US Constitution and the rule of law....Freedom is not Free, it requires constant guarding by the use of useful maintenance.....

Transition Accountability

The Republican House of Representatives could rise to the challenge and begin the process of impeaching the enemies of the state, those in government who flaunt the law in pursuit of their policy objectives. The bureaucrats and the courts that have been usurping the powers of the legislature present a target rich environment.

Properly executed, impeachment proceedings could overwhelm the bureaucracy, preventing them from pursuing their regulatory mischief. Furthermore, it would provide a big civics lesson on the operation of the U.S. Constitution.

A Test for the Empowered R's

As a real R I would like to see the R's as a party push past their fear of rejection and enforce the rule of law as is required by all democratic countries who wish to be taken seriously...I am not interested in what the RINO thinks or their BFF on the left, I want law and order as applied by the rule of law under our Constitution.....The lame duck in office at present is not going to say, Stop this nonsense, the left's candidate is not stepping forward to call for the destructive acts to stop.....Americans know dissent, they do not approve of acts of violence and destruction by mobs to destroy law and order, time for the real R's to step up to the line and put things right....