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NeverTrumpers Redeemable or Irrelevant?

It appears to us the #NeverTrump cabal had two kinds of members; those who honestly could not bring themselves to support Donald Trump because of his past personal conduct, and those who are actually closer to Hillary Clinton ideologically and opposed Donald Trump because they support amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, Big Government, a no-win foreign policy or are wilfully blind to the Islamist threat. 

Please tell us what you think: Who among the #NeverTrumpers are Redeemable and who are now Irrelevent?

NeverTrumpers Kasich Bush French Kristol

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To identify a #NeverTrumper as Irrelevent vote by clicking the box next to the name. Vote for as many as you want, feel free to write in any name you think we've missed.

NeverTrumpers Redeemable or Irrelevant?

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