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Should Donald Trump Appoint Ted Cruz Attorney General?

Rumors have been swirling through New York and Washington that President-elect Donald Trump is considering his toughest primary opponent, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, for the all-important position of Attorney General. 

“Trump considering Ted Cruz for US attorney general,” blared a headline in The New York Post

Trump and Cruz“Texas Republicans support Trump adding Ted Cruz as attorney general,” trumpeted the Ft. Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram

“Ted Cruz Would Be a Very Dangerous Attorney General,” cried the radical Leftist website The Nation

All this ballyhoo was posted based on what facts? 

Few or none it would appear. 

The New York Post story said, “The president-elect’s formerly bitter rival was spotted Tuesday at Trump Tower, where the two held a private meeting, according to Bloomberg, which cited a source saying Cruz, 45, may be tapped to be America’s top cop.” 

However, admitted the Post, Cruz would not comment specifically about the possible gig. 

However, when asked for comment by Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said, “Cruz is focused on serving Texans in the Senate. He was there today to offer help in promoting the conservative policies that were campaigned on and that he’s long fought for.” 

In other words, the idea that Cruz is being considered for any job is merely speculation, based on the fact that he spent five hours at Trump Tower yesterday and apparently had a lengthy meeting with President-elect Trump.  

(You can tell us what you think of this idea by taking our CHQ poll: Should Donald Trump Appoint Ted Cruz Attorney General?) 

And Cruz has already said he’s not interested in being appointed to the Supreme Court, another job for which he has been promoted from time-to-time, most recently by his longtime Senate antagonist establishment Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who was probably looking for any hook to get Cruz out of his hair in the Senate. 

Don’t get us wrong – we love Ted Cruz in the Senate. 

We would love him even more on the Supreme Court. 

And he would make a truly great Attorney General – easily the best and most conservative appointee to hold that position since our esteemed friend Edwin Meese III held it under President Ronald Reagan. 

And the idea that President-elect Trump would invite Ted Cruz into his administration to help solidify the conservative – populist coalition that elected him, while bringing one of America’s brightest conservative thinkers and best legal minds into his Cabinet makes perfect sense. 

So perhaps the better question is, “Why would Ted Cruz leave the Senate for an appointment serving at the pleasure of his bitter primary rival?” 

One reason is because Ted Cruz truly is a patriot. 

Ted Cruz understands better than anyone, save a handful of Washington’s conservative Justice Department watchers, what a cesspit of political corruption Barack Obama’s Department of Justice has become. And Cruz understands what is required to clean it up and purge it of the Far Left political influence that Obama has attempted to institutionalize in it. 

What’s more, Ted Cruz has the iron will, brains, and understanding of the intricacies of government operations necessary to actually get the job done. 

Should Ted Cruz be nominated to be President Donald Trump’s Attorney General? Only President-elect Trump and Senator Cruz can decide that, but we’d like to know what you think. 

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Ted Cruz

...should be nominated and confirmed to take Mr. Justice Scalia's seat. That would cement a Trump "legacy."

Attorney General

I would prefer to have Ted Cruz in the Senate where he could do more good in supporting President Trump.

Cruz for Attorney General

If I was Trump, I wouldn't give Cruz the time until, or unless, he promises, in writing, not to run for the presidency in 2020.

No to Cruz. The BEST nominee

No to Cruz. The BEST nominee for Attorney General is Trey Gowdy, period.


I think Cruz has gotten over his snit and the "D" has soothed his feathers...all that being said, Cruz is a astute legal mind and whiz on the Constitution and could easily be the AG for the President's 1st term and then begin the process of sitting on the SCOTUS.....this is believe would give him credentials and voice on the bench......

On Cruz

Cruz is a self-serving usurper wannabe. Apparently he is not even eligible to be a US Senator (not an American citizen). He should be recalled and tossed on the ash heap of history.

Ted Cruz for A.G.

The real question is, how effectively could Ted Cruz and Pres. Trump work together, after such a bitter primary? Ted Cruz either as Attorney General or on the Supreme Court would be awesome. Ted's remaining in the Senate would be great, too, though as one of 100, his power there would be diluted. I notice that Menshevik Lindsey Graham supports Cruz' appointment to one of those posts, but I'm sure Graham's motivation is to get Cruz out of the Senate.

Ted Cruz for AG

1. Sen. Ted Cruz is well qualified for AG the reasons George Rasley indicates; especially his legal mind and resume, and bulldog ability to clean up the Obama DOJ aftermath.
2. Since he would be replaced by Republican Gov. Abbot's appointment the Republican Senate balance would not suffer.
3. A replacement appointment of a popular Rick Perry could give an edge over possible Democrat challengers.
4. It could make sense for a young Ted Cruz broadening his resume for future cabinet or other office considerations.

After he has served as AG for

After he has served as AG for a while he should be moved to SCOTUS. In fact, with his knowledge of the Supreme Court, he could also go there as first pick. He would be great there if he would live up to his record of already being recognized there.

Should Cruz?

No and HELL NO!

He has all but proven what a self-serving weasel he is. Look at how he attacked Trump - even when Trump won the GOP Vote.

This self-serving weasel made a " U " Turn, only because he realized that he ' fell out of grace '.

Here is the question that cannot be denied:
Cruz will stab who ever in the back again, when / if the chance presents its self.

Keep him out, period.

.. Jj ...

Put Ted Cruz on Team

I would like to see Ted Cruz as Attorney General, and watch the entire meltdown of the Democrat Party after the nomination.