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How Catholics Swung the Electoral College to Donald Trump: Part 3 of 3

Part 3: The Numbers 

FedUp PAC, which I founded and Chair, played a key role in helping get the message out to Catholic voters, swing Catholics to Donald Trump, and deny Hillary Clinton the presidency. 

FedUp PAC sent 3 million emails and oversized post cards to Catholics in 14 key battleground states detailing Electoral Collegevital information the biased liberal media were deliberately withholding about Hillary Clinton’s anti-Catholic, anti-religious liberty agenda. 

The campaign was designed to get “the most bang for your buck.” For example, each of our FedUp PAC anti-Hillary letters, postcards, and internet ads were seen and shared by an estimated 1.6 other voters (more than 6,000,000) as they were passed on by their original recipients. 

Other Catholic lay organizations and leaders sent out millions more. 

We also reached millions of Catholic voters with powerful online ads with the same message… and the results of our efforts were stunning. 

President-elect Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton and won the Catholic vote by a margin of 52 to 45 percent, and won 8 of our 14 targeted states in the process.  

That is a big turnaround from 2008, when Obama won 54 percent of the Catholic vote, while McCain took only 45 percent, and from 2012, when President Obama won the Catholic vote by a margin of 52-48 percent and beat Mitt Romney in 13 of those 14 target states!  

This victory was no accident. 

We were able to wage a tight and targeted direct marketing campaign aimed squarely at voters in those key states that were still very much up for grabs as Election Day approached. 

And the results speak for themselves. 

In the top four battleground states Trump won Wisconsin (where 31 percent identify as Catholic) by 22,177 votes. In Pennsylvania (where 27.4 percent identify as Catholic) Trump won by 67,416 votes. In Florida (where 26 percent identify as Catholic) Trump won by 134,000 votes and in Michigan (where 23 percent identify as Catholic) Trump won by 10,704 votes. 

George Marlin, author of the book The American Catholic Voter: Two Hundred Years of Political Impact, pointed out in an August 16 opinion piece for Newsmax that practicing Catholics could make the difference in the Rust Belt battle ground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. "If the Rust Belt states are closely contested in November," Marlin observed, "the one or two percent difference that practicing Catholics can make will determine which person will be sworn in as president on January 20, 2017." 

George Marlin was right, and I am proud that FedUp PAC was one of the organizations that recognized that fact and built a uniquely effective campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton by informing and turning-out Catholic voters in key battleground states. 
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