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What's Missing From CPAC

Senior members of President Donald Trump’s administration have appeared at CPAC this week and laid out the President’s strongly conservative agenda; reestablishing our sovereignty by building a wall on our southern border, protecting the sanctity of human life, reestablishing federalism by confining the federal government to its constitutionally defined role and reestablishing the rule of law, especially regarding sanctuary cities and the deportation of illegal aliens. 

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon set the tone in his remarks saying, "I think one of the most pivotal Mike Pencemoments in modern American history was his immediate withdrawal from TPP. It got us out of a trade deal and let our sovereignty come back to ourselves," referring to the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. 

That decision, which he called just a first step in re-imagining U.S. trade policies, was just one of three steps Bannon identified as the important actions President Trump has taken since his inauguration. 

On the national security front, Bannon highlighted President Trump's executive orders on building a border wall and reestablishing the rule of law by enforcing our existing immigration laws.  

Finally, Steve Bannon pointed out that President Trump’s plans for the "deconstruction of the administrative state" began when he appointed individuals from the private sector to key economic Cabinet positions who will work to strip down federal regulations. 

Vice President Mike Pence keynoted Thursday evening’s session and invoked President Ronald Reagan’s fabled 1981 CPAC address when he said, “fellow conservatives, our time is now.” 

As our friend Claire Chretien reported for, much of his speech emphasized conservative national security policy and the longtime conservative goal of repealing Obamacare.  

The Vice President also listed "restoring the culture of life" and upholding the Constitution as among the ways President Trump is rebuilding the country.  

"Because of President Donald Trump, life is winning in America again," Vice President Pence said. "Last month he reinstated the Mexico City Policy…and we will make the Hyde Amendment permanent." 

In January, the U.S. House voted to permanently ban taxpayer funding of abortion. The bill it passed would make the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal money from being used to fund abortions through Medicaid, permanent rather than subject to annual renewal. Trump promised to sign the legislation. 

Vice President Pence also drew “roaring” applause for saying that no state would be forced to adopt Common Core reported Claire Chretien. 

Even President Trump’s most establishment-friendly Cabinet member, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, said that she wants to return as much authority over education as possible to states and districts, and that she intends to identify programs and initiatives to cut at the Education Department. She has also made clear that she intends to use her platform to expand alternatives to public schools, including charter schools, online schools and private schools that students attend with the help of public funds – music to the ears of conservative education reformers.  

However, for all the great beginnings members of President Trump’s team reported to the thousands of conservatives assembled at CPAC something was missing. 

What was missing was a steady parade of allegedly conservative Republican congressional leaders promising to partner with and support President Trump and his administration in pursuing these conservative policy goals. 

Indeed, the Capitol Hill leadership of the Republican Party, allegedly the political home of President Trump’s conservative – populist coalition was entirely absent from CPAC this year. 

Fewer than half a dozen Members of Congress spoke at CPAC, and not one of them was a member of the House or Senate leadership. 

Last year Speaker of the House Paul Ryan attended CPAC and delivered a powerful address about raising Americans out of poverty, this year he was MIA when he had the opportunity to commit to joining President Trump in doing so. 

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last attended CPAC it was 2014 and he was then the Senate Minority Leader facing a tough reelection campaign and an uncertain future for his Senate Republican Conference. In his remarks, McConnell suggested that Republicans could regain control of the Senate after the 2014 midterms (they did) and that he’d be ready to lead the Senate to accomplish a conservative agenda; “If I am given the opportunity to lead the U.S. Senate next year, I won’t let you down,” he said. 

This year, when he had the opportunity to commit to joining President Trump in pursuing that conservative agenda he too was MIA. 

In his book TAKEOVER, CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie made the point that the first and most troublesome impediment to governing America according to conservative principles isn’t the Democrats and liberals, it is the Republican establishment, and nothing demonstrates the importance of that truth more than the failure of the Republican congressional leadership to attend CPAC and commit to supporting President Trump’s conservative agenda.

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Republican Establishment

The Republican Establishment is basically Marxist Light to the Democrats' Communist Revolutionaries. Neither have the best interests of the American citizens at heart. Both are captive to the globalist agenda to surrender national sovereignty in pursuit of money to accomplish permanent power and the advancement of their own status and that of the behind the scenes donor class. They are the ones Jefferson warned about in his "Tree of Liberty" writings. It appears to be upon us, though 200 years late.

What is missing...?

mozarkcore on Fri, 02/24/2017 - 14:15.: I totally agree with your message. It's time to kick out those that have taken roots and believe they are invincible.

What's Missing

I know what's missing, members of congress who don't want to be re-elected next term. Rino's and slimeballs prepare to retire. You want to stay home and suck your thumbs because the people didn't want your guy,(JEB)??? Well, you can get on board or be run over, the TRUMP Train is coming through. MAGA

What's Missing

I hope you're correct but I thought McCain wouldn't be reelected, the same for Paul Ryan, Ryan said if immigration was up to him it would stay the same, I consider people like him Traitors we finally get a president who wants to turn this country around before it's completely ruined and these Traitorous hypocritical liars such as McCain, Graham, McConnell, Ryan just to name a few are doing what they can to stop him. These same jerks worked with Obama, McCain even helped Obama get elected, at one town-hall meeting he said Obama is a good man I know him, at another meeting he said Obama would make a good president. Then we get the snake in the grass Romney who crushed Obama in their first exchange, then it was as if he was told to stand down because that's pretty much what he did.

Our RINO's

Our congressional Republicans have no guiding philosophy they are mostly of the get along-to go-along type.

Missing New Leaders

In Arizona Kelli Ward is running for US Senate in 2018 against NeverTrumper & Open Borders Jeff Flake.. We had a twitter storm to Matt Schlapp Pres of CPAC that she was a good speaker on Healthcare, but they were not interested. Same thing with Rick Saccone who is first to declare to run against Sen Robert Casey-D in Pennsylvania.. No speaking role, but he may be recognized at the Reagan Dinner. The only way he gets noticed by CPAC is cause he paid for tickets..
Not too concerned that Mitch & Ryan are not there since both of them were sure that Trump was going to lose and told members of Congress to not campaign with Trump.

CPAC conference

Come to think of it, you're right. The Republican leadership does not
seem eager to use the power we have endowed in them in our historic
victories. If not now, when?