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Facebook Labels ConservativeHQ “Malicious” Blocks Pro-Trump Content

It is no secret that the Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis hates Donald Trump and the millions of “deplorable” Americans who elected him to stop the globalist destruction of our country and to end the PC culture that liberals use to enforce their worldview on the rest of America. 

We have long shared the view of then-Senator Jeff Sessions that “prominent amnesty advocates, including [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg and top Obama administration officials, have argued that amnesty is a civil right. Mr. Zuckerberg’s motivation is not elusive. He heads a lobbying group representing many of his CHQ Facebook Blockindustry’s wealthiest CEOs, and their companies wish to extract generous guest-worker programs from Congress. Similar efforts are underway from other CEOs seeking new workers for everything from manufacturing to construction to restaurant jobs. Presumably, Mr. Zuckerberg believes it is more advantageous to frame the group’s lobbying as a civil-rights crusade than as a corporate crusade for lower-cost foreign labor.” 

So, it should surprise no one that California’s Far Left tech oligarchs have begun to surreptitiously use their control of social media platforms and media to undermine support for President Trump and his agenda by blocking pro-Trump content to starve conservative online media outlets of viewers and advertising dollars. 

Our problems with Facebook censorship began when we made attacking globalism a major editorial effort in the final crucial weeks before the election and we suddenly discovered that our pro-Trump or anti-Hillary Clinton articles posted to Facebook were being taken down or the links were being disabled. 

The message “Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content. Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive” would pop up when CHQ readers tried to post or distribute CHQ content through Facebook. 

Inquiries to Facebook produced the excuse that “community objections” were to blame and after a lag of hours or days the links would be restored. 

In responses that sounded like they were written by Lois Lerner, we were assured that the problem had nothing to do with ConservativeHQ’s name or the conservative content of our articles, but the problem continued to grow. 

After much back-and-forth, the next excuse offered was that ConservativeHQ’s landing page had too many ads and redirects, and that we should “Avoid ad creative that baits people to click on it, such as overly cropped ad images or ad copy that may be shocking or sexual.” 

This was patent nonsense. 

Other than our ads for CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie’s books we host one or two ads – far fewer than liberal sites, such as Salon.comDaily Kos or The Daily Beast, some of whom hide their ads using the “sponsored content” technique – and given our editorial policy in opposition to the degradation of American media and culture CHQ has never advertised anything shocking or sexual. 

But in an effort to work with Facebook we even changed our ad policy foregoing thousands of dollars in ad revenue. 

The result? 

Yesterday, CHQ was labeled a “malicious” website and links to the site were again blocked by Facebook. 

And we are not the only conservative site experiencing these problems with Silicon Valley’s tech oligarchs – our friends at the Virginia Citizens Defense League have had their emails blocked by liberal internet service provider America Online. 

In our view the goal here is obvious: Starve President Trump of the support and energy conservatives supply to his agenda and starve the conservative media – especially independent outlets, such as CHQ – of the viewers and ad revenue they need to survive. 

It’s a twofer for the progressive Left and the Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis – kill the independent conservative media and kill President Trump’s agenda in the process. 

To paraphrase something Jeff Sessions said during his days as a Senator: America is not an oligarchy. Americans must forcefully reject the notion that a small cadre of CEOs can tailor the nation’s politics and policy to suit their narrow interests. A Republic must answer to the people. 

We urge CHQ readers to support us in our efforts to get an even social media playing field for conservative views and content. You can do so by emailing the following message to Facebook’s U.S. Politics & Government Outreach officer Don Seymour at [email protected] and use this link to send a copy of your message or specify your complaint about Facebook’s anti-competitive censoring of conservative content and other monopolistic behavior to the Federal Trade Commission’s internet division. 

Dear Mr. Seymour: 

As a conservative and Facebook user, I demand that Facebook whitelist and stop abusing its market power by blocking and other conservative content.  

It is obvious Facebook is applying different standards to conservative websites than it uses for liberal sites in an effort to starve conservatives of the viewers and ad revenue they need to survive and thereby kill support for President Trump’s agenda. Facebook’s social media monopoly does not entitle it to stifle views at odds with those of its globalist management. Accordingly, I believe the Trump administration’s Federal Trade Commission should begin an investigation into Facebook’s censorship policies. 


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Oh, but the ads ARE the problem!

All clean, wholesome and pro-American, but look at those titles "No Amnesty Pledge," Defund Sanctuary Cities Now," "Stop Obama From Sending Illegals To Your Town!"
And what about that shocking graphic image of an illegal giving Americans the finger?

It's all more than a snowflake liberal can stomach - don't you think FacePlant are just protecting their rich and famous investors?

Seriously, I think it's time for conservative social media, and for conservative news sites to band together and promote better solutions.

FACEBOOK - Just don't.

FACEBOOK. I just don't.

I'm not a 'member', so none of their 'membership polls' speak for me.

I didn't buy their stock, so in effect my money isn't helping them do anything for anyone or to anyone.