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Far Left Censorship: Sean Hannity Advertisers Attacked

The Far Left is attacking conservatives again, and this time the target is Fox News’ star commentator Sean Hannity.

Led by Far Left propagandist David Brock, Media Matters published a list of Hannity’s advertisers on Wednesday to kickstart a public campaign to pressure the advertisers into dropping Hannity’s show.

Sean HannityThe campaign followed the usual Leftwing media formula in which Media Matters head David Brock’s posse of do-boys in the press began scaring advertisers by contacting them to ask whether they would continue supporting Hannity after he reported on the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

On Twitter, advertisers were flooded with angry Brock-inspired threats of boycotts if they didn’t pull their ads from “Hannity.”

Naturally, the corporate Chicken Littles started running for the hills as soon as the manufactured Tweets and phone calls began coming in.

According to The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson, the first advertiser to pull out from Hannity’s show was, which did so in response to an inquiry from BuzzFeed, which claims to have contacted more than 50 of Hannity’s advertisers.

Hasson says exercise company Peloton was the next to go. The company tweeted, and then later deleted, a tweet saying they are taking steps to “stop advertising on Sean Hannity’s show.” According to Business Insider, the statement was issued “in response to Twitter users who slammed Peloton for advertising on Hannity’s show.”

At least five companies have now said they will stop advertising on Hannity’s show after USAA announced they are pulling out Wednesday night.

Far Left scalp hunters Media Matters, Think Progress and BuzzFeed, among others, are keeping a running tally of advertisers that have left Hannity’s show reports Hasson.

This tactic follows a formula the Far Left has been using since the 1970s, when they mounted an unsuccessful boycott against Florida Orange Juice for using as a spokesman conservative singer, and Save Our Children founder, Anita Bryant.

Through the turn of the 21st century they have regularly, but unsuccessfully, attacked Rush Limbaugh with threats of boycotts against his advertisers, now they are after Sean Hannity.

However, rather than sit back and take the beating, this time conservatives are getting organized and fighting back.

Our friends at Tea Party Patriots have launched a counter attack urging members of the Tea Party Movement to fight back by calling advertisers and telling them they want them to stick with Hannity.

Jenny Beth Martin has sent a call to action to Tea Partiers saying, “If we don't stand up to the anti-American tactics of the deranged Left, we will allow them to bully the President's allies into silence and undermine our own cherished First Amendment rights. Please call and USAA today and tell them we know their company has chosen sides and is working with the far-Left wing extremists to undermine freedom of the press!”

We find it very interesting that the Left would mount such an outsized attack on Sean Hannity for his coverage of the Seth Rich murder – that tells us Hannity must have been close to something important because the Democratic National Committee and Clinton organization wouldn’t have devoted these vast resources to rebutting a story that is merely a crazy Rightwing conspiracy theory.

You can join the campaign to support Hannity, and other conservative media personalities who may be targeted next, by tweeting to and USAA through the links below, or better yet by phoning them and telling them that you plan to boycott them if they continue to shun conservative media.

Twitter link to

Phone at (312) 601-5000

Twitter link to USAA

Phone USAA at (210) 531-8722

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