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The Left’s Most Feared Enemy In DC

The man in DC the Left fears the most isn’t President Trump – although this man has been attacked with the same vitriol as has his boss, the President.

In fact, he isn’t even in the White House – or on Capitol Hill – where most Republicans have already surrendered or are willful enablers of the Left’s many projects to suppress free speech.

Ajit PaiThe Left’s most feared enemy in Washington is Ajit Pai, the head of an obscure federal agency – the Federal Communications Commission – that many conservatives find to be a quaint anachronism, but that the Obama Left weaponized to regulate speech on the internet and other means of communication.

As our friend Ginni Thomas of The Daily Caller News Foundation put it, Pai’s position makes him one of the most despised Trump appointees and is facing “ritual defamation” by activists tied to Occupy Wall Street, the “resistance” to Trump’s governance, the Ford Foundation and George Soros’s funded groups.

Pai has been under intense incendiary attacks and even physical threat by the left and its mob followers says Thomas. He has been threatened, his home surrounded by militant protesters, leaving his family and neighbors shaken.


Because had Trump not won last November, Pai told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview, “there was a lot coming” for heavy-handed regulation through the FCC.

“They were using the FCC for implementing policies that couldn’t get through Congress,” including possible content regulation Pai told Thomas.

At the end of the day, says Pai, the FCC was really “the leading spear of over-regulation over the past several years with the federal government extending that into ever more fields.”

The popularized and deceptive term “net neutrality” “is really the question of regulating the internet,” Pai explains. He prefers the bipartisan light touch to government intervention that ruled until the Obama regulatory changes of 2015.

Pai explained the policy disagreements and the stakes in a recent speech, at the Newseum, noting one of the left’s leaders praised Venezuela for their government’s approach to dissent of the state.

One comprehensive report cited by Thomas explains why the left assaults the integrity on the private sector with anti-capitalist rhetoric in order to grow the government’s hand.

Speaking of European pressures starting to engage in content control, Pai says it is “disturbing that there is pressure growing from the outside of those who want government to start choosing who gets to speak and who doesn’t get to speak on this platform.” Pai believes “the internet has been one of the greatest platforms for free speech and free expression that has ever existed.”

In Europe, pressures are mounting to use the government to challenge “extremist” speech in novel manners. Governments are increasingly looking towards pressuring private companies to censor by proxy.

This has resulted, for example, in social media platforms allowing ISIS beheading videos and calls for jihad against the West, but the censorship of Christians who cite the Bible to question the propriety of same-sex marriage.

We urge CHQ readers to view Mrs. Thomas’ must see video interview with FCC Chairman Agit Pai, and to educate themselves on how the Left seeks to regulate conservative speech out of the public square by regulating the last frontier of free expression – the internet.

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The Left's Most Feared Enemy In D.C.

The Left's war on the internet and free speech violates the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment. Mr.Ajit Pai FCC chairman should enforce strict new rules and guidelines to offset regulations by the liberal left.
and those enforcing regulations on the internet and American citizens freedom of speech should be sued and fired. This is a violation of our rights as American citizens for censoring the internet and social media sites.
The liberal left always want their way they desecrate the American flag and call it free speech when flag burning is illegal and violates the U.S. Constitution and yet they want to silence Conservatives from using the internet one of our God given inalienable rights guaranteed by the U.S.