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Billionaires For DACA Line Up Against American Nationhood

It’s a cinch that if a bunch of globalist billionaires are for something, there’s a catch in it somewhere for American workers, which is why the movement to pass legislation implementing Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) should be greeted with a solid wall of opposition from President Trump’s conservative – populist coalition.

Forbes reports that on August 31st, several business leaders including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner signed an open letter asking President Trump and Congressional DACA Protestleaders to preserve the program., a coalition of globalist business leaders of the technology community founded in 2013 to support “comprehensive immigration reform” AKA open borders legislation has come out strongly in favor of DACA-like legislation.

Founders of the organization include Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston and venture capitalist Sean Parker, among others.  Following Attorney General Sessions’ announcement that DACA was constitutionally indefensible, issued a statement expressing its opposition to President Trump’s decision and called on Congress to pass bipartisan legislation to grant DACA recipients blanket amnesty.

In addition to Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, other billionaires backing the preservation of DACA are president of the Emerson Collective Laurene Powell Jobs and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff who tweeted in support of the program. Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki also expressed her support for granting blanket amnesty to current DACA beneficiaries.

Marc Sternberg, director of the Walton Family Foundation K-12 program, wrote an article that argued against the Trump administration's actions. Alphabet Inc executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Google CEO Sundar Pichai also pitched in with a plea for blanket amnesty for DACA recipients.

These globalist billionaires were joined by another, more sinister billionaire – Far-Left vampire George Soros – whose billions fund (among other anti-American organizations) the United We Dream organization.

United We Dream organization, Advocacy Director Greisa Martinez, along with Kamal Essaheb of the National Immigration Law Center and Angel Padilla with the Indivisible Project, demanded Democrats force a vote on the DREAM Act, which would give amnesty to all illegal aliens covered by DACA.

Democrats have relatively little leverage in the House, but in the Senate it is another story, especially given the weak and feckless “leadership” of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and so it is no surprise that Senator Lindsey Graham quickly jumped to do the billionaire’s bidding.

In July, the Soros-funded organization began lobbying members of the Republican establishment to put forward legislation that would grant amnesty and potentially a pathway to citizenship for the 800,000 illegal aliens currently protected by DACA, as Breitbart Texas reported.

A little more than a week after beginning their lobbying efforts, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) announced they would be resurrecting the infamously failed DREAM Act that does exactly what the Soros-funded group had been demanding, as Breitbart Texas reported.

What all of these pleas for legislation to grant blanket amnesty to 800,000 or more illegal aliens have in common is a complete contempt for the American worker, their quality of life and future prospects.

Moreover, the real goal of this effort is not to merely grant some humanitarian-motivated relief to current DACA beneficiaries, it is to advance the ultimate goal of changing the United States into an open borders globalist econometric society stripped of any of the of the trappings of nationhood or American exceptionalism.

The DACA fight isn’t about humanitarian relief for some unknown universe of illegal aliens, it is about preserving the promises made to American citizens in the preamble to the Constitution. Make no mistake, this is one of the battles of our times, because the fight against any bill that grants blanket amnesty to the current DACA recipients is an inflection point in the battle to preserve American sovereignty and nationhood, and in this battle the billionaires are almost all on the other side.

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What is so special

I don't understand what is so special about the illegals who sneaked across our southern border, but immigrants coming from the rest of the world have to play by the rules. I am sick of the rhetoric about not breaking up families. The illegals put themselves in this position, so let's put the responsibility where it belongs. If a citizen committed a crime we wouldn't not send him to prison because he had a family, so the "can't break up family" reason is bovine feces. Also when these DACA kids showed up without parents, weren't we contributing to the break up of those families? Send back the ones who are nothing but criminals and leaches and reunite them with their families.


There has to be a way to resolve this DACA problem. Here is an idea. It should be based on several things. First. Anyone with a criminal record and has served jail time has no right to stay in America. Secondly. Anyone who has abused to welfare system. Gone.
But who should stay. All those DACA individuals who have served in the military at least two years or more and were honorably released from the military should have the right to stay UNLESS they have committed a crime after leaving the military. All those who have their own business, have no criminal record and have paid taxes should have the right to stay. All those who graduated high school and have full time jobs should have the right to stay. All those who are tradesmen or women and are gainfully employed should have the right to stay. All those who graduate from college or university should have the right to stay. America needs bright minds. Those given the right to stay should be on a probation period of three to five years. All the "stay" reasons are based on NO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY while in a probation period.Another reason could be "a needed value employee" where an employer could guarantee employment of 'a value needed employee." for a term of three to five years (unless employer dies or goes out of business.). This could apply to hotel workers, restaurant employees or even farm labor.

Most of these DACA kids are products of parents who came to America for economic reasons. In other words economic refugees. They need a chance to be Americans but there should be NO across the board amnesty. They have to earn the right to stay in America.


Sure, no problem, but I think those who stay should not be able to vote until they are citizens!!! If they stay, they are still illegal with a special notation but ARE NOT CITIZENS. DACA was "dreamed" up in order to increase the number of people voting Democrat, period. Sure, there are those screaming and complaining and using various reasons to oppose rescinding DACA, but the one we never hear is, "There won't be a large group of people voting Democrat if DACA is gone!"