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Know Thy Enemy

From time to time we’ve told you about the shadowy network of Far Left “progressive” organizations and collectives funded by Nazi collaborator George Soros and his fellow travelers in the Democracy Alliance.

Last year we reported their activities in our six-part series “The Summer Revolution” that detailed the Marxist ideology driving Black Lives Matter, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Black Bloc violent anarchists (now Indivisibleoften referred to as Antifa) and how they all share interlocking funders, organizers and leaders.

In the aftermath or President Trump’s surprise (at least to them) election victory, these organizations and collectives have morphed into a broader coalition organized as the “Resistance” movement that has as its goal making America “ungovernable” in the Trump era.

One of the most prominent elements of this new coalition is an organization called “Indivisible.”

Journalist Max de Haldevang, geopolitics reporter for Quartz, has just posted a lengthy piece on “Indivisible” that is a must read for conservatives and anyone else who has an interest in the success of the Trump campaign agenda. (Quartz is a digital media outlet owned by Atlantic Media, Inc. the publisher of The Atlantic, National Journal, and Government Executive)

The American left has its own Tea Party, and it’s coming for Donald Trump, explains the origins and goals of “Indivisible” in chilling detail.

The Indivisible Project, reports de Haldevang, “is the American left’s closest equivalent to the Tea Party, the hard-line conservative movement that crashed on to the political scene in 2009. It was inspired by the Indivisible Guide, a manual written by former Democratic congressional staffers who decoded how to combat Trump’s agenda using protest tactics pioneered by the Tea Party. Following the guide’s advice, activists across the US have bombarded town halls, held sit-ins at lawmakers’ constituencies, and made phone call after phone call to their congressional offices. Their aim is to paralyse (sic) the Trump administration by pushing Republican members of Congress to vote against him.”

The Indivisible Project’s founders, married couple Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, saw “Indivisible” go viral after posting the Indivisible Guide online. de Haldevang reports that within a couple of months Greenberg and Levin had both quit their jobs to head up the new movement full-time, however, he does not report who is funding “Indivisible,” certainly a notable gap in de Haldevang’s reporting on the “Indivisible” story.

That criticism aside, de Haldevang details how “Indivisible” turns-out protesters at Republican town hall meetings to disrupt them and (they hope) intimidate Republican lawmakers into killing the Trump agenda or, better yet from their perspective, into making political gaffes that will lead to their defeat in 2018.

More importantly for grassroots conservative and Trump-supporting activists, the article provides a snapshot of the organization’s recruitment tactics and what one might call an order of battle for the shock troops that are massing to make America ungovernable between now and the 2018 congressional mid-term elections.

The movement, says de Haldevang, has “almost 6,000 local chapters throughout the country—at least two in every congressional district—and hundreds of thousands of active members, who run the gamut from socialists who supported Bernie Sanders to Republicans who revile Trump. It’s notched up some impressive grassroots fundraising and claims to have influenced several key decisions—most notably, the vote that killed the Republicans’ flagship policy, the dismantling of Obama’s Affordable Care Act.”

Interestingly, several of the “victories” claimed by “Indivisible,” such as the failure of the Republican efforts to reform, but not repeal, Obamacare, might be claimed equally by movement conservatives who viewed the Capitol Hill Republican establishment’s Obamacare bills as little more than show votes and for the most part lobbied hard against them.

Still, the “Indivisible” group is acting upon an insight that even the Trump White House seems not to grasp: “Donald Trump’s agenda does not depend on Donald Trump,” “Indivisible” co-founder Ezra Levin, an ex-staffer for Texas congressman Lloyd Doggett told Max de Haldevang. “It depends on whether individual members of Congress choose to go along with that agenda or choose to resist it, and that gives constituents actually a huge amount of power.”

To go along with the agenda that won Donald Trump the White House or resist it is an easy question to answer for most Democrats, except for a dozen or so Democratic Senators from states that Trump won. In those cases, “Indivisible” is providing them with aircover by turning out anti-Trump crowds even though polls show many of his policies, such as the border wall enjoy broad grassroots support in states like North Dakota, West Virginia and Indiana where vulnerable Democrats are up for reelection.

Perhaps the most important revelation in de Haldevang’s article was this key point about the group’s long-term goals: “In the long term, they hope to have a ‘progressive infrastructure at the community level,’ “Indivisible” co-founder Leah Greenberg says—in other words, a concrete movement that survives much longer than the Trump administration. The task is to convince a generation of the liberal grassroots that,” as Greenberg told de Haldevang, “you don’t have to wait for the next election to have a real impact on policy outcomes today.”

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, “to have a real impact on policy outcomes today,” “Indivisible” has allied with globalist billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and another, more sinister billionaire – Far-Left vampire George Soros – whose billions fund (among other anti-American organizations) the United We Dream organization.

United We Dream organization Advocacy Director Greisa Martinez, along with Kamal Essaheb of the National Immigration Law Center and Angel Padilla with the Indivisible Project, have demanded Democrats force a vote on the DREAM Act, which would give amnesty to all illegal aliens covered by DACA.

“The right has grassroots evangelical groups; it has the National Rifle Association; it has the Koch brothers’ myriad networks. But that kind of locally grounded infrastructure has been needed on the progressive side for a long time,” Marshall Ganz, a sociologist at Harvard who spent 16 years as an organizer for legendary civil rights and labor activist Cesar Chavez, told de Haldevang.

The “Indivisibles” want to create that observes de Haldevang. In fact, Greenberg uses almost the exact same language as Ganz reports de Haldevang: “Success is long-term, success means developing a foundational progressive infrastructure at the community level.”

Whether “Indivisible” can sustain between now and the 2018 congressional midterm elections the kind of “permanent revolution” Leon Trotsky once posited was necessary for Marxism to succeed remains to be seen, but one thing is clear, the push to develop a “foundational progressive infrastructure at the community level” is well underway, and President Trump’s conservative – populist coalition should take notice that there is a new enemy on the battlefield.

Click the link to read Max de Haldevang’s The American left has its own Tea Party, and it’s coming for Donald Trump in its entirety.

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