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Transgender PAC To Spend $180,000+ To Attack Conservatives Like Bob Marshall

Three weeks ago, we told you about this year’s most important conservative state legislative race; the contest pitting conservative hero Virginia Republican Delegate Bob Marshall (District 13) against Far-Left Democrat and transgender activist Danica Roem, formerly known as Daniel Anthony Roem.

Since that article ran, the outsized fundraising differential between Bob Marshall’s scrappy grassroots conservative campaign and Roem’s national network of Far-Left transgender activists has only grown.

Bob MarshallThe Breakthrough Fund, which launched last week, is a political action committee run by transgender activists and tailored specifically to elect transgender people to office. It’s starting with $60,000 to spend in four races, including Roem’s, according to the group’s co-chair, Hayden Mora. The PAC, an offspring of the group Trans United Fund, is attempting to raise another $120,000 before Election Day, according to reporting by Buzzfeed’s Dominic Holden.

In addition to the announcement that the Far-Left “Breakthrough Fund” is making an initial ad buy of $180,000 on behalf of Roem, and three other transgender activists who are running for office this cycle, the liberal Washington Post has waded into the race with an above the fold article touting Roem’s campaign themes.

With the Washington Post’s heavy circulation in the Virginia suburbs of DC that make up District 13, the article amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertising pushing Roem’s campaign theme that his campaign isn’t about promoting transgenderism.

Except no matter how hard Roem tries to deny it, his campaign always comes back to normalizing the abnormal and forcing the transgender activist agenda on a reluctant Virginia public.

An avalanche of progressive media attention, including a fawning spread in Cosmopolitan magazine, has attracted national attention and fundraising from the Far Left to his candidacy, banking a better than 5 to 1 funds-raised advantage over Bob Marshall.

One progressive donor, in Wisconsin, has given $115,000 to Roem’s campaign — almost as much as Bob Marshall’s entire general election campaign budget last cycle, add money from Far-Left PACs like the Breakthrough Fund, the LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign and labor unions and it is easy to picture Bob Marshall being swamped in a tidal wave of Far Left ads.

Roem’s vast fundraising has enabled him to craft a very professional stealth campaign that emphasizes a moderate sounding agenda on local issues, like transportation, to put a more palatable gloss on a hard-Left social agenda.

“No matter what you look like, where you come from or who you love … we can do that with low taxes and progressive social policies,” Roem told “Virginia is uniquely situated to be the best of all worlds, and I want to do my best to make that happen.”

However, there is a lot more to the Roem candidacy than a desire to impose progressive social policies on Virginia’s reluctant conservative citizens, while keeping taxes low.

A big part of Roem’s appeal is to the Far Left “resistance” who see every election as a referendum on President Trump and by extension, the traditional values that underpinned his unexpected win in 2016.

Roem, spends upwards of 30 hours a week asking for money, according to reporting by Cosmopolitan’s Rebecca Nelson. And he has focused on turning progressive fury over Trump’s transgender policies into fundraising opportunities.

Nelson reported that on a conference call, a consultant brought up the latest anti-transgender news out of the Trump administration: The White House was due to tell the Pentagon how the ban on transgender soldiers should be carried out. Roem leaned over to Nelson. “Horrible policy,” he cynically stage-whispered, “that raises us a ton of money.”

And Roem’s cynicism about the campaign and why he has worked so hard to make himself a national symbol isn’t limited to the fundraising advantage it generates among sympathetic (or gullible) progressives.

As Roem told Cosmopolitan’s Rebecca Nelson: it’s been a financial sacrifice to run for Delegate, but he’s confident he’ll be able to recoup his losses: “I think the first out transgender person seated to a legislature — there's probably gonna be interest in a book deal.”

Citizens in Manassas and Prince William County have been well-served by Bob Marshall, but this year the Far Left isn’t just coming for another Republican politician, they are coming for one of America’s most principled conservative state legislators.

This election, as an off-year election with a weak Republican at the top of the ticket, will be decided by local voter turnout.  Every single Republican vote will count.  And to ensure Bob Marshall’s reelection, every single conservative voter in Virginia House of Delegates District 13 must be identified and gotten to the polls.

We encourage conservatives around the country to help spread the message that Bob Marshall needs help and that individual liberty, true conservatism and good government are on the line in this election.

Click here to donate to Bob Marshall’s campaign.

Click here to volunteer to help in Bob Marshall’s campaign.

CHQ Editor George Rasley is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns, including campaigns in every Republican presidential campaign cycle from 1976 to 2012. He has served as a consultant, staff member or advance representative for many of America’s leading conservative candidates and elected officials, including President Ronald Reagan, Vice President Dan Quayle and GOP vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp. In the 2008 campaign he served as lead advance representative for GOP vice presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin. 

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