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Why Does President Trump Keep Hiring Anti-Trumpers?

Immigration, border security, national security and winning the war Islam has declared on the West were centerpieces of candidate Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign.

So, by rights they should be centerpieces of President Donald Trump’s successful administration.

Except the people whom President Trump keeps hiring to implement his campaign promises give every Kirstjen Nielsenevidence of being diametrically opposed to those policies.

The latest disconnect between Trump’s campaign promises and his hiring decisions is Jeb Bush donor Kirstjen Nielsen, recently nominated to be Secretary of Homeland Security.

Ms. Nielsen’s primary qualification for the job is not a background in conservative homeland security policy or conservative national security policy – it is serving as White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly’s Chief of Staff.

This doesn’t mean Ms. Nielsen doesn’t know anything about homeland security; it does, however, mean that much of what she does know is wrong and at odds with the policies of her ostensible Boss – President Donald J. Trump.

We see this failure at work right now at the Department of Homeland Security, where Elaine Duke, the acting DHS secretary and John Kelly acolyte, rebuffed efforts from the White House and even the State Department to discontinue a temporary amnesty program.

As our friend Daniel Horowitz shared in a column on Conservative Review, late Monday evening, Duke announced yet another six-month continuation of the Temporary Protected Status program for 57,000 Hondurans, while opting to discontinue the program for Nicaragua, clearly because it only applied to 2,500 people.

Horowitz points out that America has become a dumping ground for the world’s problems, and the politicians have completely disregarded the need to protect American citizens and our sovereignty. Now the Trump administration, after signaling its intent to discontinue the program, has once again blinked and bowed to the demands of the open-borders lobby.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is designed to temporarily offer safe harbor for foreign nationals whose lives have been disrupted by natural disasters. Yet in recent years, TPS has become a de facto permanent amnesty program for several Latin American countries to offload their poverty on our shores, as Horowitz so correctly put it.

The last few presidents have been beholden to open-border lobbies and the demands of these countries, such as Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti. They have endlessly extended some of these programs for as long as 20 years – and we see no indication that Kirstjen Nielsen will be the kind of change agent that will discontinue this anti-Trump policy.

Our entire immigration system has essentially become a refugee and amnesty program says Daniel Horowitz and we agree.

After voting for Donald Trump to “drain the swamp” on illegal immigration and open borders the President keeps appointing people who refuse to uphold the letter and spirit of the law and put America’s sovereignty first.

The TPS renewal for Haiti will come due in a few weeks and El Salvador in January. Those two countries have roughly 320,000 here on TPS as a result of a 2001 earthquake in El Salvador and a 2010 earthquake in Haiti points out Horowitz.

Many of these people were no different from the other illegal aliens in this country other than the fact that they happened to be here illegally at the time of a disaster in their home country. In that sense, TPS is akin to the diversity visa lottery.

Personnel is policy.

After running a campaign against the establishment, and holding the establishment figures of the Bush sliver of the Republican Party in complete contempt, how can anyone with a modicum of political or business sense think that the defeated establishment will join Trump and try to help him implement his agenda?

And that’s the key. It is incomprehensible that a group as collectively intelligent as the Trump campaign team does not comprehend that there is a big difference between “governing,” as in getting the parks open and the Social Security checks out, and “governing” in the sense of implementing the agenda you ran your campaign on.

And it is governing from your agenda that makes a great President, like Ronald Reagan, versus one who merely gets the parks open on time.

Kirstjen Nielsen, the nominee to replace Kelly as DHS secretary, doesn’t seem very promising, given her pedigree as a Jeb Bush donor and her lack of experience in, and commitment to, the conservative policy outcomes President Trump promised on immigration and the rest of the Department of Homeland Security mission.

Will the administration finally grasp this problem and address it by appointing senior officials who actually believe in and want to accomplish the President’s agenda? Sadly, given the nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen, the answer appears to be no, and Trump is slowly self-immolating by allowing his chief of staff to dictate personnel decisions.

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