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Voters Sent The Republicans A Wake-Up Message

Maybe the most powerful line in American politics is “send them a message” and on Tuesday the voters sent Republicans an unmistakable message.

The message to President Trump was that his brash “in your face” New York style is starting to wear thin without substance to back it up.

Richard ViguerieTrump’s “in your face” style worked well in the campaign, and his agenda of growing the economy, tax cuts, border security, repealing Obamacare and rebuilding our military remains popular, but “in your face” is not working to get the Trump agenda passed. Twitter battles with RINOs like Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and John McCain make good copy for the anti-Trump press, but they are not getting the MAGA agenda through Congress.

The message to the Republican majority in Congress was to do your job and fulfill your campaign promises.

President Trump has outsourced much of his agenda to the Republican majority in Congress, whose leadership has been singularly inept at getting it passed. Voters expect results and for politicians to keep their promises – the message from Trump voters to the Republican majority was clear: we’re not going to show-up in 2018 if you don’t do what you promised.

The message to Republican congressional leaders was resign.

President Trump won an historic victory on a clear and relatively simple agenda that drew a sharp contrast with his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Republican leaders, who have a majority in both Houses of Congress, have had almost a year to produce on that agenda and either failed or refused to pass it. The message from voters was they will not give failed Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan more time – it’s time to resign.

The message to conservatives was learn how to market/communicate your ideas views and values.

How is it possible for conservatives to lose the issue that Democrats favor 15-year old boys and girls using the same bathrooms and showers?  Conservatives are now weak and ineffective communicators, they have lost the ability to effectively communicate their ideas and values issues nationally and it showed in this election. The failure of conservatives to brand the Democrats’ ideas and actions as dangerous and sometimes evil showed in this election.

The message to Republican donors was be more knowledgeable and careful about how you spend your dollars.

Republicans were once again wedded to the campaign tactics of the past, where consultants were paid millions to produce content-free TV, internet, radio and mail ads. Donors should get the message that they must be involved in how they invest their dollars and demand the same kind of messaging, cutting edge technology, economic efficiency and measurable results that they would expect for a new product rollout or an ad campaign for their business.

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all OF US for get the two parties are of one party. when someone losses there seat ,what happen. . they find a place in the basement for them. we need term limits. look this up , P.E.R.S. DROP PROGRAM. 3 1/2 COST OF LIVE ADJUSTMENT AFTER THERE RETIRE. PRIVATE SECTOR WILL NEVER CATCH UP { LET THEM LIVE UNDER THE SAME LAW THEY PASS ON THE PRIVATE SECTOR }. TO the great president DONALD TRUMP. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO DALLAS TEXAS. THE DAY JOHN KENNEDY DIE REMEMBER THIS. THAT GREAT MAN HAD NO FRIEND CLOSE TO HIM

Tuesdays elections

I do not believe there was any message sent other than to say that Virginia has been a progressive socialist democratic state and they well remain that way for some time to come.
I believe it was said that 9 of the 10 last elections were won by the democrats in Virginia.
Then there is New Jersey, the only message they sent is that the did not like governor christy and would not replace him with a republican, thank you mr. christy for being the jerk you were.