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Faith Leaders And Women Of Faith Rally For Judge Roy Moore

Yesterday Faith2Action President Janet Porter hosted a press conference for embattled Alabama conservative Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Thursday’s rally will be followed by a press conference today featuring Women for Moore hosted by Alabama Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson.

Judge Roy MooreAccording to reporting by our friends at F2A presented Moore with a letter signed by pro-family supporters, stating:

We stand with Judge Roy Moore, a man of integrity who has never wavered from his valiant defense of the unborn, the Ten Commandments and the Constitution.

We are confident the voters of Alabama will not be fooled by suspiciously timed accusations without evidence, and will reject the politics of personal destruction led by the Washington Post. If the media lynch mob and establishment politicians are allowed to ambush Judge Roy Moore, then they will destroy anyone who gets in their way. We stand with Roy Moore.

The conference was held at the Birmingham Marriott. Speakers included Dr. Alan Keyes of Renew America, Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Pastor David Floyd of Marvin Parkway Baptist Church in Opelika, and Pastor Tom Brown of First Baptist Church in Gallant.

"When Gideon of the Bible needed encouragement, God told him to go and listen to what the enemy was saying about him. I say the same thing to the voters of Alabama." Porter said. "Not sure who to vote for? Just look at who the enemy is firing at the hardest. He's the guy you want."

Many of those who spoke were conservative leaders from out-of-state who have known and worked with Judge Roy Moore for many years. Many of those who spoke said the allegations against him were false and that “the truth will set him free.”

Rabbi Noson Leiter, said he was there to support Judge Moore because Moore will stand up to “gay terrorists.”

Reading from his smartphone, Leiter proclaimed that Moore “has a proven track for fighting for public policy based on biblical values and not perversion, and that’s why he’s a target.”

“We all, especially those of us in Orthodox Jewish communities nationwide, need Judge Moore in the Senate now more than ever,” he went on to say. “We need someone with a proven record of facing off against the gay terrorists who never, ever let an opportunity to lie to go to waste.”

Leiter also cited a midrash, an interpretation of scripture, which claimed that the biblical Noah’s flood was triggered by “societal recognition of same-gender marriage.”

Rabbi Leiter also criticized “anti-God Republicans” like Sen. John McCain for “fail[ing] to combat the agendas of sodomy and transgender insanity… They have failed to push even one simple bill to protect bakers, photographers, etc. from homosexualist gay terrorist blackmail.”

“May the Ultimate Judge speedily pour out his heavenly wrath against our enemies and mercifully save us all,” Leiter concluded according to reporting by Aiden Pink, Deputy News Editor for the Forward, one of America’s oldest Jewish-focused news outlets.

In his remarks Judge Moore said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying “to steal this election” by calling for him to step down amid unproven allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago.

Moore thanked supporters for their words, and addressed the allegations against him, calling them "untrue" and slammed them as having "no evidence to support them."

He said in response to those calling for him to step down from the Alabama race, "I'll tell you who needs to step down, that's Mitch McConnell," according to reporting my Emily Tillett of CBS News.

"There's been comments about me taking a stand," said Moore, adding, "I'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground."

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The Ten Commandments is his calling card. Vote Roy Moore :-)