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The Uniparty Defeats Roy Moore And Trump Agenda

Make no mistake about what happened in Alabama yesterday; Roy Moore was defeated by a united Washington establishment Uniparty that wanted no part of giving Donald Trump another vote in the United States Senate and traditional Judeo-Christian values another voice at the national level.

As our friend Michael Patrick Leahy reported for Breitbart, three secretive Washington, D.C. consulting firms founded by former Obama campaign staffers provided millions of dollars in advertising services, apparently Roy Moore Senateentirely on credit, to Highway 31, a shell independent expenditure organization based in Birmingham, Alabama that supported liberal Democrat Doug Jones and opposed conservative Republican Roy Moore.

On Friday, just four days before the election, two of these Washington, D.C. based firms dropped another $101,612 into the Alabama U.S. Senate race, bringing the total spent to date by three firms run by Obama campaign alumni as apparent “in-kind” contributions to Highway 31 to $2.8 million in less than one month.

The counterweight on the Republican side?


In a pattern that was established back in the early days of the Tea Party rebellion, Moore was stripped of any establishment Republican support, even before the scurrilous and unsubstantiated charges of sexual misconduct were raised against him.

The Washington GOP establishment dumped Moore just like it campaigned against Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and a host of other outsider candidates who might well have won, had the party backed them to the hilt, as it backed damaged establishment candidates like Mississippi’s Senator Thad Cochran.

And we don’t mean only monetary support – although that was incredibly important as Moore was out spent better than 7 to 1 in reports filed before the final push by the shadowy Democrat organizations backing Jones.

We’re talking about the kind of party support that is make or break in a close race.

Alabama’s Republican Senator, Richard Shelby, made a point of going on TV the weekend before the election and campaigning against his fellow Republican by saying he would not and did not vote for Roy Moore.

Instead, he wrote-in the name of a “prominent Republican,” and the write-in votes cast for no name candidate Lee Busby and unnamed “prominent” Republicans look like they would have been enough to clinch the election for Moore.

And the drumbeat against Moore wasn’t confined to just Senator Shelby; a bevy of other Republican Senators were all over TV in the last weeks of the campaign saying they wouldn’t vote for Moore and suggesting darkly that if he were elected they would throw him out of the Senate.

Senators Cory Gardner, John Thune and Rob Portman all piled on Roy Moore and worked against electing him – the one chance they had of maintaining the tenuous Republican majority in the Senate.

It is now going to be harder to protect innocent life, enable people to escape poverty, rebuild our national defense and appoint judges to enforce Constitution. So, why would Republicans in the Senate and DC jeopardize their ability to pass their agenda by working so hard against Roy Moore – even before he was hit by the unproven allegations of sexual misconduct?

Simple: The game here isn’t electing Republicans – it is “crushing” conservatives and Tea Partiers as Mitch McConnell famously swore to do before the 2014 election.

McConnell, Gardner, Portman and Thune have no interest in the Trump agenda, the agenda of the conservative movement, or any other agenda. What they are interested in is maintaining their own power and a Roy Moore victory would have been a serious impediment to their power, but Doug Jones is merely another Democrat to cut a deal with.

In our article, “The Despicable Mitch McConnell” we predicted that Mitch McConnell would, as he did in Mississippi in 2014, pull out all the stops to kill Roy Moore’s campaign, even if it meant mounting a write-in campaign and syphoning-off enough votes to elect Far-Left Democrat Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate and jeopardizing the Republican majority.

We were unfortunately right in our prediction, and we now know just how ugly and how vicious the establishment’s lust for power really is, but the results of yesterday’s election should not dissuade conservatives from taking on establishment incumbents – far from it.

In the past, after losses such as the Goldwater defeat in 1964, and Reagan’s loss in the 1976 Republican primary, conservatives were not dissuaded from fighting for their principles – they came away with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to fight even harder to defeat the establishment – we must take that same lesson from Roy Moore’s defeat.

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Uniparty defeats Roy Moore

Two points; first, there is evidence that it was a eb Bush staffer who leaked the Moore sex story to the WaPo.

Second, a judge has ordered that the digital record of the vote not be destroyed, which suggests there is sizable evidence of vote fraud.

This whole thing with Moore need never have happened. Moore didn't lose so much as the GOP, in a fashion reminiscent of Benedict Arnold's handing over of West Point to the British, have surrendered the seat.

It is despicable.

Timothy Birdnow

uniparty defeats roy moore

I am sure this has something to do with it. Bringing people in from all over the country to vote is NOT legal

Judge Roy Moore

The establishment, Repubs & Demos, could NOT have a Christian conservative in the Senate so they fabricated lies & paid women to make false statements against Judge Moore! What better way to defeat your opponent than to pay people to make false statements against him! Most people are too stupid to understand that if someone makes an allegation against another person it's probably false and must be proven first before stating the false allegation!! The women who made these false allegations against Judge Moore will find their reward in Hell for the Bible says, "Thy shalt NOT bear false witness against thy neighbor."

the electorate

Do I blame the "Republican" party for the defeat of judge Roy Moore who ran for a senate seat? No, make that a big NO! I blame the voters (the electorate) for putting into the congress all of these big government, establishment, colluding with the left, NWO people with an "R" after their names. Is the public so stupid to believe that just because those a**h***s who call themselves conservative "republicans" will actually be constitutional conservatives? I do not blame the members of congress who betray the (former) GOP for their infidelities. I blame the ignorant, complacent public for voting such creatures into office on the strength of their fake promises of party and allow them to betray their oath of office of fidelity to the constitution while they place their hand an a bible and swear such fidelity. The American people are pretty much divided into reasoning, thinking people and brain dead following sheep. Absolutely NO support for Roy Moore and collusion with the left is the establishment mind of congress (about 50%) which means that the leftist, socialist/Marxist party hold power even after republicans (supposedly) hold both houses and the executive office.

disgraceful republicans

the republicans who came out against roy moore are a disgrace. especially so is senator shelby who could have just kept his mouth shut. the establishment is indeed power hungry and will go to any length to keep it. any of us who are pro trump and pro drain the swamp aka the cesspool must keep the pressure on our elected officials and better yet defeat them in primaries if they prove they are deep into establishment republicanism.