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Democrat Doug Jones Comes Out In Support Of DACA: Miss Roy Moore Yet?

It didn’t take long for Democrat Doug Jones to demonstrate that Republicans who were buffaloed into voting for him over Judge Roy Moore made a grievous error.

Just five days after his narrow, and perhaps yet to be contested victory, Jones announced that he wants to see Doug JonesObama’s de facto amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants extended.

Despite saying comprehensive immigration reform is “complicated,” Jones told Fox News he supports the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which Trump is ending in March, and that he “hopes to see it extended.”

Jones also emphasized his opposition to the southern border wall, saying he’s already made clear that he opposes building a wall because “I don’t think that’s an expense taxpayers should have to incur.”

The increasingly establishment oriented Fox team failed to follow-up and ask Jones if he thought taxpayers should incur the billions of dollars spent each year giving health care, education and a host of other benefits to illegal immigrants.

We raise this point not to say, “we told you so,” even though we did, but to point out that the Republican establishment and Democrats like Doug Jones share a remarkable number of policy goals that conservatives, like Judge Roy Moore oppose.

And it demonstrates once again that President Trump’s tweet endorsing Roy Moore was right on the money:

“Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama,” President Trump tweeted on Monday, before he formally endorsed Judge Moore during a telephone call. “We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more.”

While Jones did his best to come across as a thoughtful moderate kind of guy – independent was how he put it, Alabama voters who expect him to vote like an old-time conservative Democrat in the mold of the late Rep. Larry McDonald or the late Senator John Stennis should not hold their breath for Jones to break ranks with Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Far-Left Democratic Senate.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie pointed out in his book TAKEOVER, Democrats have purged conservatives from their party. At the national level there are no conservative Democrats, but there is a small group of smart politicians, like West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, who talk like moderates or conservatives on some issues – but they almost never vote the conservative position, especially when it comes to the growth of government.

The Democratic party is the party of secular liberals, and they present a coherent worldview of government, and growing government, as the solution to every problem—and the means by which to impose those solutions on the rest of society.

As Doug Jones made clear during the recent campaign, he is not going to deviate from that worldview.

We can go back through election after election and discern a pattern where Big Government progressive Republicans fought conservatives as hard as or harder in the primaries than they fought the Democrats in the general election. Goldwater was savaged as an “extremist” by the establishment of the Republican Party in his 1964 campaign, from the earliest primaries and state conventions right through the November election—there was no establishment effort to unify the party behind Goldwater, such as establishment Republicans demanded of conservatives when Nixon, George H. W. Bush, Dole, McCain, and Romney were the presidential nominees.

Doug Jones wasn’t elected by Democrats, he was elected by the Republican establishment that did everything it could to prevent a conservative – either Mo Brooks or Roy Moore – from being nominated and elected. But whether Doug Jones has an R or a D next to his name in the Senate Directory doesn’t really matter to the Republican establishment that shares Jones’ worldview and policy preferences on issues from DACA and illegal immigration, to the growth of government, to funding Planned Parenthood.

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Here is a question that every AMERICAN CITIZEN must ask themselves, does American citizenship have meaning to me?

If the answer are yes then there is two question that every AMERICAN CITIZEN must ask themselves and the people they already voted for or will vote for in the future.
As an elected representative do you believe there is meaning in AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP?
As an elected representative just who do you believe you were elected to represent, AMERICAN CITIZENS or immigrant legal and/or illegal?
A person elected to office in Congress cannot serve the immigrant legal an illegal and the American citizens as if they were equal.
It seems to me that any politician who supports amnesty for illegal alien invaders does not serve the American citizen equally. I wonder just how many in the minority community thinks about how they are represented when politicians are fighting so hard to secure amnesty for these illegal alien invaders. I am not a member of the minority community and I do not believe that these politicians are representing me equally with immigrants both legal and illegal.
Members of the minority community in the inner cities across this country where poverty holds a tight grip must ask themselves just what have we gained under the leadership of the likes of jessie jackson and al sharpton two self appointed leaders of the black community who have for decades supported the progressive socialist democratic party, helping them create the welfare plantation that far too many people in this country are trapped in all the while helping those immigrants both legal an illegal come here, get jobs and move into the middle class.
After the election in Alabama Charles Barkley put the progressive socialist democratic party on notice; "they have taken the black vote for granted for far too long".
I would say to Charles Barkley that words are cheap and actions are more expensive an meaningful. If you believe that the democrats are not doing more to help the minority communities in this country then you Mr. Barkley must begin to oppose those issues that the progressive socialist democratic party has used to subjugate the minority community and force then onto the welfare plantation.
The first step Mr. Barkley would be to oppose the immigration positions of the progressive socialist democratic party not to mention many in the republican party.
Mr. Barkley join President Trump and make America first work for all Americans especially those in the minority community who I am sure would love nothing more than to end 60 years of the welfare state.

No one can convince me that

No one can convince me that the baby killing supporter Doug Jones is more morally fit to hold office over Roy Moore. The voters of Alabama voted for a far left Globalist. Next, Jones will be demanding a gun surrender so the Democrats can have their way with us. Alabama voters screwed it up for us all. I hope Jones makes them miserable.