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Trump Amnesty Disaster


At about 9:00 p.m. yesterday the White House issued a statement outling an immigration proposal that basically gives the Democrats everything they want on amnesty for the illegal aliens presently covered by the unconstitutional Obama DACA program. Here are the relevent points from the release:

DACA LEGALIZATION: Provide legal status for DACA recipients and other DACA-eligible illegal immigrants, adjusting the time-frame to encompass a total population of approximately 1.8 million individuals.

 10-12 year path to citizenship, with requirements for work, education and good moral character.

 Clear eligibility requirements to mitigate fraud.

 Status is subject to revocation for criminal conduct or public safety and national security concerns, public charge, fraud, etc.

PROTECT THE NUCLEAR FAMILY: Protect the nuclear family by emphasizing close familial relationships.

Promote nuclear family migration by limiting family sponsorships to spouses and minor children only (for both Citizens and LPRs), ending extended-family chain migration.

 Apply these changes prospectively, not retroactively, by processing the “backlog.”

While the White House proposal technically ends chain migration and the lottery, it uses ALL those visas to bring in the 4 million people on the visa waiting list.  That means current immigration levels will continue for the next 10-15 years or more AND amnesty will be granted to a minimum of 1.8 million illegals currently residing in the United States. 

While the proposed policy changes will last only until the next Democratic Congress, the amnesty and grants of citizenship are permanent changes to America's electorate. 

As we noted yesterday, this is the same thing that the hated Gang of Eight “comprehensive immigration reform” bill promoted by failed Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio (and steered behind the scenes by President Barack Obama) proposed back in 2013, and it led to the defeat of then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the end of Rubio’s presidential ambitions.

Some well-meaning conservatives may see the opportunity for some grand conservative sounding deal on immigration reform that would include legislating a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and coupling it with a few watered-down elements of the Goodlatte bill or Senator Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act.

This is a dangerous folly.

But establishment Republican “leaders” on Capitol Hill have no interest in honestly pursuing the wishes of the conservative grassroots of the Republican Party who are adamantly opposed to any form of amnesty for any universe of illegal aliens.

The establishment Republican leadership is only interested in paying-off the cheap labor wing of the business community and the globalist Silicon Valley oligarchs who have poured millions into keeping low-cost labor pouring into the United States.

Democrats likewise have no interest in doing a deal to restrict immigration. They see immigrants from poor countries, especially those who owe their legal status to special treatment from politicians, as a rich source of votes for Big Government Democrats and their liberal welfare dependency programs.

And there’s a good bit of evidence they are right in that assessment.

Back in 2015 the late First Lady of the Conservative Movement Phyllis Schlafly wrote an incisive article on Townhall explaining why conservatives – and establishment Republicans – should oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

Mrs. Schlafly presented an enormous body of survey research that showed that large majorities of recent immigrants, who are mostly Hispanic and Asian, hold liberal views on most policy issues and therefore vote Democratic two-to-one. Their motivation is not our immigration policy; it is economic issues.

“The 2008 National Annenberg Election Survey found that 62 percent of immigrants prefer a single government-run health care system. The 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study found that 69 percent of immigrants support Obamacare, and the Pew Research Center found that 75 percent of Hispanic and 55 percent of Asian immigrants support bigger government.”

It is also worth noting a Harris poll Mrs. Schlafly cited that “found that 81 percent of native-born Americans believe the schools should teach students to be proud of being American, compared to only 50 percent of immigrants who had become naturalized U.S. citizens. Only 37 percent of naturalized citizens (compared to 67 percent of native-born citizens) think our Constitution has a higher legal authority than international law.

The Pew Research Center reported in 2011 that, of all groups surveyed, Hispanics have the most negative view of capitalism in America -- 55 percent. This is even higher than the supporters of Occupy Wall Street.”

What’s the bottom line in Mrs. Schafly’s article?

The data do not support the notion that immigrants are social, economic or constitutional conservatives.

As Mrs. Schlafly noted in quoting Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute, "It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic Party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation."

All you must do is view this video of a group of so-called DREAMERS in action or this one of so-called DREAMERS saying F-ck Senator Thom Tillis or those outside Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer’s house to understand the outcome of adding these Far-Left activists to the base of the Democratic Party.

Republicans on Capitol Hill must finally get smart and understand that the current level of immigration, even without amnesty, will add nearly 15 million new potential voters by 2036, a large share of whom will favor the Left. Add to that amnesty for 1.8 mostly Mexican and Central American DACA-eligible illegal aliens and you have a formula that will make Republicans a permanent minority party and limited government constitutional conservatism a soon-to-be extinct philosophy of government.

We urge CHQ readers and our other friends to contact the White House through this link. Tell President Trump there should be no path to citizenship for illegal aliens, and that if we must do an immigration reform bill, the only game in town is the Securing America's Future Act (H.R. 4760) sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, and that H.R. 4760 sets a FLOOR for immigration policy below which no legislation should go.

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What continues to be a failure in the discussion on the wall vs. technology is that the wall will be permanent, technology can be stopped by the next progressive socialist democrat president.
Next week we could put 100's of drones in the air, place thousands of sensors up and down the border but we know that once an illegal alien invader crosses the border it is only a matter of time before they are miles into the interior of the U.S.A. and finding them is much more difficult. The wall would prevent them from entering in the first place.
Even if we put these technological elements into place either in 2020 or 2024 if a progressive socialist democrat like, biden, cuomo, gellibrand or any number of the open borders crowd gets elected all the technological elements will disappear and the border agents will be told to stand down like they were under the obama administration.

1.8 million illegal immigrants

If a serious opening gambit, this will be the president's biggest blunder to date. Very disappointing...ApS5t

No Amnesty

No Amnesty
We have existing Immigration Law.
DACA is an unconstitutional executive order. A border wall and the enforcement of existing law has no legal or logical connection to DACA
I do not want my children and grandchildren living in a Balkanized country where 29 languages are printed on voting ballots because immigrants are not assimilated into our language and political culture before being allowed to vote.
We must enforce our existing immigration laws and not permit cities and States to flout the immigration laws and declare themselves “sanctuary cities and States.”
All aliens here illegally must not be granted amnesty and permitted to become citizens unless they return to their original country and apply for citizenship by the legal process.
Foreigners do not have a Constitutional right to come to this country and become United States citizens, and we cannot absorb and assimilate the many millions of foreigners who want to come here. If we let everyone in the world into our country, we will lose our culture and our political heritage and our freedom.
We must build the wall on the Mexican border and enforce the immigration law at all points of entry to our country.
We must have a respite of at least 20 years from all immigration, like we did in the past, so that recent immigrants can be assimilated and immigration policy can be reevaluated

Immigration deal

This is a horrible deal, just as the article implies. Democrats will not vote for ,or will reverse, its side of the agreement when the time comes, just as they've done in the past. Ronald Reagan reached a similar deal with the Dems in 1986, and they reneged on it as soon as they could. This deal will be the end of the Republican Party, with this nation sinking into the abyss of liberalism. Trump must be used to negotiating with honorable people, Democrats are not honorable.


Damn it NO! We have immigration laws that these ILLEGALS should NOT subvert. NO to ILLEGALS - PERIOD!

Trump Gets It Right

Most Hispanics tend to be Catholic, which makes them mostly pro-life and the most natural political home for any pro-life Catholic would have to be the Republican party. With a Republican President being the one arranging the deal for their naturalization and path to citizenship, they will have all the more reason to in gratitude vote Republican once given the opportunity to participate in that facet of American life. While Trump is then being fair to the many people who were brought here by their parents as children through no fault of their own, he is also through the wall funding deal along with limiting chain migration and switching the lottery system to one that is merit-based putting an end to the problem going into the future AND improving our immigration system so that we receive more competent and productive citizens from around the world with the cream of the crop then adding to the growth of America. Our good President obviously has excellent advisers and is putting forth an immigration plan going forward that will truly MAGA.

I Don't Think You Read The Article

The assumption that "Most Hispanics tend to be Catholic, which makes them mostly pro-life and the most natural political home for any pro-life Catholic would have to be the Republican party" has been refuted by many studies, including some quoted in this article. More to the point if it were true then why don't Catholic Hispanics vote Republican now? This plan will speed-up the naturalization of millions of unassimilated anti-conservative voters and change -- forever -- the demographics of our country.

Trump and the new DACA deal.

With the constantly changing stance by Trump on the various illegal immigrants deals, is Trump a Mancurian candidate?

I've been wondering how long

I've been wondering how long it's going to take the Tea Party is inform the President that this strategy on his part will cost him the support of us, the supporters who placed him in office, have supported him through his first year!! President Trump has crossed that line in the sand if he actually continues with allowing 1.2 million into this country under full citizenship! We are pleading with the Tea Party to use all resources & influence to stop the President now!!!

Reagan and Bush Amnesty

Reagan - "legalized illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 ..."