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CHQ and Ear to the Ground Survey Reveals Trump Supporters Will Not Support President On Amnesty

Trump supporters, surveyed over the past two weeks by CHQ collaborator Ear to the Ground said they are closely following the immigration reform debate and believe the president will not back down on his campaign promises regarding immigration reform.

 “Trump supporters couldn’t be clearer: 71% of his base say they will no longer support the President if amnesty is included in immigration reform. They also said they are confident President Trump will follow-Illegal immigrationthrough on his campaign promises regarding immigration. There may be perilous waters ahead if Congress or the president appear to include a form of amnesty,” said Ear to the Ground Executive Director Anne Sorock.

“We also learned that it is security, above all, that these Trump supporters feel is most important to focus on when it comes to immigration – above cultural fit or self-sufficiency of immigrants.”

The new data from the Ear to the Ground Listening Project, a collaboration of academics, market researchers, and policy experts, including is based on the results of a panel survey of 6,883 Trump supporters:

• 84% said they are following immigration news “very closely.”

• 87% approve of President Trump’s handling of immigration reform.

• When asked if they would support President Trump if he signs an immigration reform bill that includes a form of amnesty, only 3% said “definitely yes,” 13% said “probably yes,” 36% said “might or might not, 26% said “probably not,” and 22% said “definitely not.”

• 16% of current President Trump supporters approve of the way Republicans in Congress are handling immigration (and 49% disapprove) Trump supporters prioritize a Border Wall over issues over Amnesty or e-Verify, and felt it is most important to focus on security and cultural fit.

• 71% said it was “extremely” or “very important” to eliminate DACA as part of immigration reform efforts.

• If Congress passed immigration reform that removed DACA but incorporated a form of Amnesty, 62% would not support it, 7% would, and 32% are unsure if they would or would not. 

• Top 5 Immigration Topics, in order of preference, are: Border Wall (1), Chain Migration (2), E-Verify / Employment Verification (3), DACA (4), and Amnesty (5).

• Given a choice of 5 immigration-reform philosophies, the most popular was to “keep out people likely to present a danger to American citizens” (41%), then “admit people only who are compatible with our culture and way of life” (28%), and “protect Americans’ jobs” (17%).

Trump supporters are confident he will keep his campaign promises: 

• 27% are “extremely confident” President Trump will follow-through on his campaign promises regarding immigration, and 44% are “very confident”; and 24% are moderately confident. 

• Regarding campaign promises on a Wall in particular, 41% are “extremely confident” he will follow-through on the promise, 37% are “very confident,” and 18% are moderately confident.

About the Ear to the Ground Panel:

• 6,883 panel respondents

• Screened so that they indicated a “4 – Support,” or “5 – Strongly Support” (on a 5point scale) current level of support for President Trump

• 68% male, 32% female

• Age breakdown: 78% 60+, 17% 50-59, 4% 40-49, 1% 30-39

• 66% Republican, 30% Independent. 4% other 

About the Ear to the Ground Listening Project: is an original collaborator in The Ear to the Ground Listening Project. Ear to the Ground is a collaboration between individuals in grassroots and public policy arenas seeking to understand and reflect the voice of the American people through the tools of market research. Learn more at

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I suspect, and I could be wrong, Trump has put the ball in the Demorat's court for the purpose of exposing them for their hypocrisy and lies. He knows the Demorats will NEVER go along with border security, a wall, and ending chain and lottery immigration. He has put them in a position of choosing amnesty for these DACAs, or border security, a wall, and the end of chain and lottery immigration. This puts the Dems in a no win situation. They claim to care about these illegals already here, but they desperately need as many immigrants, legal and illegal, as possible. There are three reasons the Demorats support unlimited immigration. One, these are a guaranteed permanent Demorat voting block. Two, uneducated, unskilled immigrants depress the overall living standards for everyone. The lower the living standards the more dependency on government which means more dependency on the Demorat Party. Three, the more immigrants the more the demographics are skewed toward total single party socialism. The long term goal of the Demorat party. If I am right the Dems will abandon DACA and Trump can pull that offer off the table.


I certainly hope You are right, but I am not seeing dems abandon their precious illegals--As you said, dems need unskilled uneducated immigrant votes in order to get them into office


I think you are right too. But the GOP needs to just get the dem wits out of the way. Their nuclear option is always there, it is time to enact it. Harry Reid started that game, why not use it?