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On Immigration The “Do Nothing Senate” Should Do Nothing

The establishment majority in the Senate has done a great job of doing nothing on most of the conservative agenda.

The alleged reason for establishment Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s continued failure to pass significant elements of the conservative – populist agenda that propelled Donald Trump to the White Schumer McConnellHouse is always, “it takes sixty votes” to pass a motion to proceed and move a bill in the Senate.

This comic opera scenario is what drives the constant calls for “bipartisanship” in the Senate – which the Capitol Hill establishment calls win – win, but which is always code for conservatives giving in to liberal Democrats and the lobbyist-driven establishment, especially on spending.

Conservatives are now facing the ultimate expression of that dynamic in the Senate’s immigration “debate.”

We put the word debate in parentheses because there’s really no debate about what the Republican establishment and liberal Democrats want; amnesty for all illegal aliens to establish One Party rule by Democrats and open borders to keep American wages at Third World levels to enrich the Silicon Valley oligarchs who fund both parties.

Thus, “debate” has begun on a Senate immigration “reform” bill.

The problem for them is that President Trump has articulated four “pillars” of immigration reform that will grant amnesty to a very narrow segment of the illegal alien population – only those who would have qualified for Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program – while ending Democrats’ hopes for One Party rule via chain migration, the terrorist-ridden visa lottery program and open borders.

Trump’s proposal – which gives away way too much according to most conservatives – is the kind of “bipartisan compromise” that would normally attract sixty votes.

But these are not normal times.

Democrats and establishment Republicans don’t want to compromise with conservatives, and they certainly don’t want to give President Trump a win.

Hence the standoff in the Senate as demonstrated by this exchange between Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer:

MR. MCCONNELL: Now, Mr. President, for months senators have been clamoring for a floor debate on DACA, border security, and other urgent issues pertaining to immigration. We certainly had ample time to prepare. Now the week we set aside for this debate has arrived. The week my democratic colleagues insisted that we dedicate to this issue. The clock is ticking but the debate has yet to begin. That's because our democratic colleagues have yet to yield back any of their post-cloture time so we can begin this important debate. If we're going to resolve these matters this week, we need to get moving. In my view, the proposal unveiled yesterday by Senator Grassley and a number of other senators offers our best chance to find a solution. I've committed that an amendment process will be fair and both sides will have the opportunity to submit ideas for debate, for votes. But for that to happen, our colleagues will have to actually introduce their own amendments rather than just talk about them. My colleague, Senator Toomey, for example, had done just that. He's put forward an amendment to address one of the most glaring aspects of our nation's broken immigration system, sanctuary cities. I see no reason to further delay consideration of this and other substantive proposals. So let's start by setting up a vote on his amendment and an amendment for my democratic colleagues, an amendment of their choosing, not mine. With their consent we can start the debate and have the first two amendment votes. So, Mr. President, consistent with that, I would ask consent that at 2:15 today, the motion to proceed to H. R. 2579 be agreed to. I ask unanimous consent that Senator Toomey or his designee be recognized to offer amendment 1948, and that the democratic leader or his designee be recognized to offer an amendment. Further, that the time until 3:30 P. M. Be equally divided between the leaders or their designees and that following the use or yielding back of that time, the Senate vote on the amendments in the order listed with 60 affirmative votes required for adoption and that no second-degree amendments be in order prior to the votes. Finally, that if any of the amendments are adopted, they become original text for purpose of further amendment. Mr. Schumer: Mr. President?

THE PRESIDING OFFICER: Is there objection?

MR. SCHUMER: Reserving the right to object.

THE PRESIDING OFFICER: The democratic leader.

MR. SCHUMER: Mr. President, I appreciate the process the majority leader agreed to this week, but the proposal he just offered does not address the underlying issues of this debate, why we're here. It doesn't address dreamers nor does it address border security. As I said this morning, the Senate must focus on finding a bipartisan solution that addresses those two issues, dreamers and border security. Rather than the partisan proposal offered by the Republican leader, I suggest we consider two proposals inside the scope of debate. One for each side. Let the Republicans offer the president's plan in the form of legislation carried by the senators from Iowa and Arkansas, which the leader supports, and the democrats will offer the bipartisan Coons-McCain bill, narrow legislation that protects the dreamers, boosts border security, and adds resources for immigration courts. Each is the opening foray, one for democrats, one for republicans, and can start the process and let us know where we stand. Our legislation is ready to go and we'd be happy to vote as soon as the Republicans have their proposal drafted and ready for an amendment vote. To begin this debate as the Republican leader suggests would be getting off on the wrong foot, unrelated to DACA, very partisan. Respectfully, I suggest we move to the bills offered by senators Grassley and Senator Coons instead. Let's get this debate started on the right foot. So, I object to the leader's request.

THE PRESIDING OFFICER: The objection is heard.

Now, keeping in mind that President Trump already pronounced the McCain – Coons bill unacceptable, and keeping in mind that the Senate voted to proceed to debate on immigration reform 97 to 1, so wouldn’t it make sense for the Senate to take up the President’s proposal?

Not if you are an open borders Republican, and not if you are a Democrat of any stripe.

So, what’s the answer?

Our answer is for the Senate to do what it does best; nothing. If Congress does nothing the law stays as it is, illegal aliens get arrested and deported, the quality of life of American workers and their families is protected, and America protects itself from a future of One Party rule. Now, that’s what we call win – win.

We urge CHQ readers to call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044) to ask for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Tell Rep. McCarthy there should be no path to citizenship for illegal aliens, and that if Republicans must do an immigration reform bill, the only game in town is the Securing America's Future Act (H.R. 4760) sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, and that H.R. 4760 sets a FLOOR for immigration policy below which no legislation should go.

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The finger pointing on the issue of immigration has been going on for decades.
Is it the Republicans, is it the democrats, is it the President, is it the Congress, is it the business community? Well in our representative government it is us the AMERICAN CITIZENS, the voters, who are rally to blame.
It is questionable whether the average AMERICAN CITIZEN understands how our government works when election after election we believe ourselves to be cleaver by voting in a divided government. Then we demand that Congress works together and compromise, just what do we believe the two party system is all about, two sides having different beliefs and positions on issues and expecting them to compromise. Have we forgotten the old saying get one bit of the apple, in the end you compromise until one side has eaten the whole apple and the other side is left with the core.
Immigration is the best example, however it seems that both sides are divided about the issue depending who occupies the White House and even both sides are divided. So the real question remains what does the AMERICAN CITIZENS want?
We demand that immigration be controlled and not used to hurt American workers, but then sit by and allowed president obama to violate his oath of office and illegally create the DACA program, he should have been impeached and removed from office on that one issue alone. but he went further he further added insult to injury by directing all those involved to look the way by creating the catch and release program
WE THE PEOPLD OF THE UNITED STATES at fault for the predicament that we find ourselves in the immigration debacle.
Do we want border security? Do we want to control immigration that does not hurt American citizens/workers?
Well if that is what we want then we need to elect one party to the majority that will get the job done without compromise.

Immigration and the Esablishment

There is are defining reasons the Demorat Party is locked into open borders. The more immigrants, especially illegal, the better for the Demorats and the status quo. (The Republican establishment also has a vested interest in preserving the status quo.) As mentioned in the article these immigrants build, over time, a omnipotent voting block that will guarantee permanent Demorat control, just like in California. (That state is a preview of where America is headed.) There are two other equally important reasons the Demorats want unlimited immigration. The more unskilled and uneducated the general population becomes the lower the overall standard of living. The lower the standard of living the more dependency on government which translates to more dependency on the Demorat Party. Also, the more unskilled and uneducated the population becomes the more the demographics trend toward a socialist/marxist nation. This IS the ultimate goal of the Demorat Party. A goal they have successfully pursued for decades.