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Adam Kinzinger: Empty Suit For Congress

One of the #NeverTrump regulars on MSNBC and CNN is Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger, best known for his arrogant self-righteous diatribes against President Trump and other conservative – populists, is facing principled limited government constitutional conservative James Marter in the upcoming Illinois Republican primary election.

According to The Times of Ottawa, Illinois, one of the newspapers in his congressional district, “After Trump James Marter for Congressbecame president, Kinzinger stopped conducting town hall meetings where constituents could directly ask him questions and comment on issues. He said he feared disruptions at such functions, which end up on YouTube.”

These days, noted The Times staff, he rarely announces events where the general public is allowed, but still frequently appears on cable news programs based in Washington.

To the astonishment of the Times Staff and many of his constituents, Kinzinger even refused to answer his local newspaper’s candidate questionnaire, a standard election year public information service performed by small town newspapers across the country.

Instead, Kinzinger issued a pompous staff-written statement that could have been issued by anyone running for Congress, from either party, in any district in the country:

If re-elected, I will continue to be a champion for our national security, our troops, and our veterans. I will fight to secure the border and bring sanity to our nation’s immigration system. We must also continue to rein in wasteful spending, while focusing on the urgent needs of our communities, such as confronting the opioid crisis. You can count on me fighting every day for America, Illinois and the 16th District — to hand the next generation a stronger country.

In contrast to Kinzinger’s empty-suit statement, his opponent, entrepreneur and software consultant James Marter, provided detailed answers to each of the Times’ questions.

We think The Times’ reporting is important enough to quote at length, and we particularly recommend paying close attention to Kinzinger’s answer to the first question, the border wall question and the citizenship and special treatment for illegal aliens questions where Kinzinger is already on record with positions at odds with those of his conservative – populist constituents:

Why are you the best candidate in this race?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: I am the only candidate in the race with a sound understanding of economics, business and manufacturing with real world 32 years of private sector experience. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have garnered extensive knowledge through my career working with workers on the factory line, business professionals in the office, production and quality assurance people in the warehouses, factories and labs, and executives in the boardroom. I have helped big and small businesses improve their software to optimize their operating model and remain competitive as the marketplace changes. Now I am taking on the fight to defend our Conservative values. As your congressman, I will be relentless in the pursuit of cutting the size and scope of government, while eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.

Should the United States move to single-payer health care? Why or why not?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: Absolutely not! It doesn’t work and is failing to provide medical care in every country that has it. The unconstitutional un-Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed. The formerly free private insurance market has been devastated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Prices have soared affecting millions of American families, like mine, now in excess of 300 percent since the passage of the ACA. It is not OK for the government to demand of its citizens that they must purchase a “product” in a government manipulated and controlled non-free marketplace, which you cannot see, hear, touch, smell, nor taste, which cannot guarantee any services, which comes with exorbitant ever increasing manipulated prices and deductibles, which no working American can afford. Constitutional and market based reforms need to be enacted: a) restoring free markets (e.g. prescription drugs); b) portability of insurance across state lines; from employer plans to employee; c) tort reform; d) equalized tax free treatment of health care costs individuals; e) allow all Americans to directly participate in tax-free Health Savings Accounts.

Can the federal deficit be dramatically reduced without affecting defense, Social Security and Medicare? Why or why not?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: Without affecting no, getting to sustainable marketplace solutions for Social Security and Medicare that will work and be viable and sustainable for the future. Yes, it can be done. The net effect will be positive for the future of all Americans. In the words of President Reagan, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." This is so true today. We have more than $420 trillion in debt and 10 times that in unfunded liability. It will take leadership with courage to stop the madness and end Inside the Beltway, establishment, tax and spend mentality, and finally tackle the national debt for now and for the next generations of Americans! It is time to stop stealing from our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme by any definition, antiquated and archaic, needs to be repealed and replaced, modernized to protect Americans who rely upon it. As for Medicare, Obamacare stole funds from it. Repeal Obamacare to secure Medicare. We need a balanced budget amendment. I will be relentless in the pursuit of cutting the size and scope of government, eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. This will unleash the economy by cutting taxes and red tape, and will lead to real federal deficit reduction.

Do you support keeping the middle-class tax cuts under the tax bill signed by the president? Why or why not?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: Yes, because it is the people of the 16th District’s money, they worked hard to earn. In fact, it does not go far enough. I will work for further tax cuts for workers. Washington D.C. needs to hear a message. I am prepared to take it too them loud and clear! Stop taking the wages of American workers from them, giving it to crony corporate capitalist, spending it on foreign governments, and government bureaucracies. It is time to end Inside the Beltway, establishment, politics as usual, repeal Obamacare, cut taxes and spending, and finally tackle the national debt for now and for the next generations of Americans. I will work to bring jobs back to Illinois, secure the border, make America competitive again. I will take a pro-American and pro-growth agenda to Washington to ensure you, the people of the 16th District, can keep doing what you do every day to Make America Great.

Do you support a wall all along the U.S. border with Mexico?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: Yes. I support Americans and legal immigrants by supporting the adequate enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws as the U.S. Constitution requires for the protection of American jobs, elections, taxpayer resources, health, and lives. I fully support the 10-point plan. Which includes enforcing existing Immigration law. No DACA and No Amnesty. End LBJ’s chain migration. End the practice of birthright citizenship. Build the wall. Enforce the border, deport when an illegal immigrant is detained. Require state and local law enforcement to report affirmatively all non-citizens in custody to ICE, make ICE detainers mandatory, and require ICE to pick up and remove deportable aliens. End sanctuary cities and states, enforce the law against elected officials and bodies who are in violation of federal law. Enforce the law against employers who are knowingly breaking the law. Ending the Diversity Visa Program.

How should Congress address the issue of net neutrality?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: The idea of "Net Neutrality" and the associated federal bureaucracies and regulations as imposed by the Obama Administration are not neutral. Folks engaged in reactionary rhetoric, neither reflex knowledge of the actual impact and effect of the regulations, nor of the First Amendment rights of the American citizen. I see very limited powers of Congress to regulate the internet. I see the negative effect of congressional and bureaucratic meddling in the free exercise of commerce and communications, therefore I am sure we the people are much better off on our own, as imperfect as that may be, than granting some federal bureaucracy (e.g. FCC) powers to oversee “Net Neutrality” that will surely be used to obfuscate the mission of being “net neutral," by the despots and partisan bureaucrats in D.C., resulting in favoritism (for sale to highest donor) of one oligopoly or monopoly business (e.g. Google, Facebook, Comcast, Twitter, etc.) over others. I am for the government not interfering with private citizen’s rights, their business, and their associations, and their ability to engage in free enterprise, including all manners of communications, and public intercourse.

What role should the United States play in Syria?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: We should first and foremost on the world stage be engaged in diplomatic efforts, and when necessary military actions to protect the safety and security of the American citizen. Americans have grown weary of wars without clear and direct purpose and impossible rules of engagement that put the lives of American soldiers at risk. The rules of engagement should protect the American solider first. Rogue states, like Syria, and radical Islamic terrorist organizations, like ISIS and Hamas, are a clear and present threat to Americans and our allies. They should be treated as a direct enemies and handled as such. In Syria there are bad actors, enemies of Americans on both sides, we should not be taking any unvetted refugees from Syria and we should be weary of war hawk congressmen who wants American soldiers’ lives put on the line and engaged in a war on Syrian soil. When American lives are on the line, we should take immediate and direct action, but we should not engage in occupation or nation-building.

What is your view of the Trump administration's tariffs on washing machines and solar panels?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: On trade, we should seek free trade, but that means deals negotiated for the American citizen first with trade partners who will abide by the agreements without cheating or dumping cheap products on our markets. To that end, I agree with President Trump who has said that he will negotiate FAIR trade deals for the American workers first. As I know from business, a good deal is one that benefits both sides and is executed with fairness by all parties involved. I support that when there is a bad, deal renegotiate it or when there is the need to level the playing field, I support the limited use of tariffs as needed to correct imbalances on bad deals or treaties, until such time as they can be corrected. We should think of these as short term measures until we get to Free and Fair trade treaties.

Should the United States pull out of NAFTA?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: At this point it would be impractical to pull out. What needs to be done, as President Trump campaigned on, is to renegotiate the treaty to be fair to American workers and taxpayers first, not second, third or last. Treaties between countries is a constitutional duty of the federal government; it would be both foolish and detrimental to the American people to engage in isolationism. We need to engage in not just free trade, but fair trade for the American citizen and businesses. However, it is the first responsibility of the president and the Congress to ensure all trade deals and treaties are negotiated with the BEST interest of the American worker and consumer as the focus of all trade agreements.

Should the United States give a pathway to citizenship for people who are in the United States illegally? Why or why not?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: No, other than the current path. Go home, get in line and apply for citizenship the legal and right way. The process to gain American citizenship provides a due process and more than fair access to all, and there is plenty of room for discretion built into that process. Illegal aliens have broken numerous immigration and civil laws to be here and remain here. They have likely cooperated and colluded with multiple organizations from foreign governments, to drug cartels, to coyotes and various organizations to first engage in the act of human trafficking of themselves and others, often clogging up our legal system and jails. Many put their own children in grave danger and great risk to come to America. Once here, many falsify IRS tax returns to get thousands of credits for children who live in foreign countries (to the tune of billions of dollars), earned under the table and directly from the treasury of U.S. citizens. Other than emotion-driven politics, I suggest it is time to fix the immigration problem, and stop the influx by standing for the rule of law, and enforce our current immigration law, without yet another amnesty program under the guise of “it is for the children," who by now are no longer children.

Should cities have the right to ignore federal immigration violations? Why or why not?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: No. The process to gain American citizenship provides a due process and more than fair access to all. Illegal aliens have broken our immigration and civil laws to be here and remain here. But they did not do this alone! Follow the money. They have a supporting cast of our own fellow citizens: federal, state, and local institutions and officials, and private charitable organizations, businesses, and individuals. And at the top of that food chain, our own elected representatives — local, state and federal — have repeatedly and consistently sold us out, including our own Gov. Bruce Rauner with his signing of SB31 this past August. Sanctuary cities and now a sanctuary state, brought to us by Speaker Madigan and Gov. Bruce Rauner, prevents local police and authorities from cooperating with federal Immigration officials to capture and deport illegal criminal aliens. Sanctuary cities and states are illegal and are in violation of federal law. We need to end the practice and support the federal and constitutional immigration process and hold elected officials accountable for criminal prosecution.

Will you hold town halls around the district in which you take questions and comments from constituents?

Kinzinger: No response.

Marter: Yes, I have been all around the district doing exactly that, and will continue that as the elected representative of the people of the 16th District.

Adam Kinzinger is a prime example of what is wrong in Washington DC’s Republican establishment; out of touch, arrogant and thoroughly corrupted by DC’s insider lobbyist culture. We urge our friends in Illinois’ 16th District to vote for James Marter for Congress.

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