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Ted Cruz Explains Why He Opposed The Omni-Disaster

On Friday, another government shutdown was “averted” by a last-minute spending bill. The legislation was over 2,000 pages long, crafted apart from the appropriations process, and delivered to lawmakers with just hours to review prior to the vote. These bloated “omnibus” spending bills seem to be recurring with an increasing regularity that is inversely proportional to their popularity.

Ted CruzThe more they happen – the less the American people like them said principled limited government constitutional conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

In 2016, the American people voted overwhelmingly for Republicans to change Washington. Now, Congress did the exact opposite: pass a massive $1.3 trillion spending bill — 2200 pages drafted by the Swamp in the dark of night — that will plunge our nation even deeper into debt.

The disastrous elements of this bill are almost too numerous to list said Cruz:

It continues to fund Planned Parenthood, a corrupt organization whose horrifying abortion practices should preclude it from receiving taxpayer dollars.

It continues to fund sanctuary cities, which are defying the law and making Americans less safe. Instead of rewarding sanctuary cities, we should be passing legislation like Kate’s Law, a bill I introduced that would put criminal illegal aliens in jail so they cannot prey on innocent Americans.

It fails to provide sufficient funds to properly secure our border, let alone build the wall that is necessary.

It tells federal agencies that they can spend taxpayer dollars to study the ‘causes’ of gun violence, a mandate that – make no mistake – will be abused by future liberal administrations to manufacture evidence to try to violate law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

It funds the Ex-Im Bank, a classic example of corporate welfare that has doled out over $100 billion in taxpayer-guaranteed loans, primarily to a handful of giant and well-connected corporations.

It fails to reduce funding for the EPA, which under Obama administration zealots, killed thousands of jobs and dramatically strayed from its core mission of ensuring clean air and water.

All of these measures amount to piling even greater debt onto the backs of our kids and grandkids, all because Congress is incapable of living within our means, Cruz observed.

To be sure, this bill could have been even worse, said senator Cruz, who was happy to say that he was able to fight to keep out even more egregious proposals:

I am proud we successfully blocked a bailout of Obamacare. There were voices in Washington who wanted to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars directly to insurers, so they can maintain their Obamacare policies. We promised the American people we would repeal and replace Obamacare, not prop it up.

Lobbyists in Washington also almost got a new Internet sales tax added to the bill, which would have been catastrophically foolish. This proposal would have applied to virtually every transaction on the Internet, pouring cold water on the benefits of the bold tax cuts we achieved last year. Americans need more permanent tax relief, not additional tax burdens.

I also worked to prevent an increase in the passenger facility charge; another tax increase that would have driven up the cost of every airline ticket purchased by consumers and inflicted a significant burden on the Texas airline industry, which supports thousands of Texas jobs.

Finally, although this bill overall is truly a monstrosity, it does contain a few positive elements for which Cruz gladly advocated.

First, it fully funds our military, providing an additional $61 billion for national defense over FY 2017 levels, the largest year-to-year increase in base funding for the Department of Defense in 15 years. The bill will also increase our security here at home by providing resources for new border security infrastructure and personnel, noted the conservative Senator.

Second, the bill includes the Taylor Force Act, legislation he proudly cosponsored, which will stop U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to the Palestinian Authority if it continues its policy of paying monetary rewards to terrorists and their families, said Cruz.

“These provisions are the few glimmers of light trying to escape the gravity of this black-hole of federal spending and liberal priorities, concluded Senator Cruz. “Washington is failing the American people, but I will continue to fight for a better path, one that respects the will of the American people, who sent us here to fight for fiscal sanity.”

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the only bright spot I see is that this is a sign that the deep state still has much work to do and they need this continued funding in order to carry on their mischief.
So the path to stop them is very clearly marked by their own "priorities"