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Violent Left Shuts Down Conservative Speakers In Wisconsin And Minnesota

Imagine for a moment that every time the baby-killers of Planned Parenthood announced that one of its leaders was speaking, pro-life conservatives threatened the venue with violence and tried to intimidate employees of any co-sponsors of the event. Such conduct would be labeled terrorism and the perpetrators would be hunted down by local police, the FBI, Homeland Security and other organs of law enforcement and quickly prosecuted.

However, as our friend Jim Simpson recounted in a recent article for The Daily Caller, when the violent Leftist of Worldview WeekendAntifa threatened the venues of conferences on the threat of Islam hosted by Worldview Weekend, a conservative Christian organization that produces radio and TV shows and sponsors events nationwide, the police simply advised the hosts to get more security.

The conferences sought to expose how leftists supported by George Soros, the John Templeton Foundation and other donors are intimidating America into silence by labeling anyone who exposes them as “racists,” “Islamophobes” and “white supremacists.”

And Jim Simpson has seen how this works firsthand, an event last fall featuring Simpson and DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was canceled by the venue following a similar campaign from Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) operatives. A second event in Illinois went on despite threatening calls to the organizer, her employer and the event location.

One of the conference speakers, our friend John Guandolo, is listed on an SPLC list of “anti-Muslim extremists.” Guandolo is president and founder of Understanding the Threat. He is a Naval Academy graduate, a combat veteran Marine officer, a former FBI special agent who created the first government trainings on the Muslim Brotherhood and its U.S. operations, and was recruited by the Department of Defense to provide strategic analysis regarding these threats.

Simpson reports Guandolo’s UTT is the only organization that provides tools for leaders, elected officials and law enforcement to map out and investigate jihadi networks. “I teach and train about the things that energize the jihadis (Sharia), and the networks that support jihad and the jihadis. This is primarily the Muslim Brotherhood, of which CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, is a prominent part. The Muslims themselves say they are motivated by Sharia (Islamic law),” he said.

The SPLC posted the locations for these venues, reported Simpson, after which Antifa groups urged their members through social media to attend events and swamp the venues with threatening calls and messages.

The hotels slated for the events were flooded with threatening calls, and the organizers voluntarily canceled one of the events following numerous warnings that it would not be safe. A fifth conference in Des Moines, Iowa carried on in defiance, despite leftists showing up to disrupt the proceedings.

Simpson reports that according to Worldview CEO Brannon Howse, a state trooper even visited the Minneapolis hotel where an event was planned for a week ago Sunday. He said the police were concerned about conference security and the organizer should add more police. With the financial losses from other canceled events, Howse said they could not afford to provide more security than those already hired, and cancelled that last event out of safety concerns.

For a taste of how the Red – Green Axis of violent Leftists and Islamists work together you really have to read Simpson’s full article, but the example of the Antifa disruption at the Des Moines, Iowa event that was not cancelled will give you a good flavor of how they work together.

First, check the Antifa Facebook postings that targeted the events in reaction to SPLC’s announcement cited by Simpson, and then ask yourself if Mark Zuckerberg’s content monitors would ever let similar postings targeting Planned Parenthood or the Council on Islamic – American Relations stay up for more than a nanosecond.

Then, notice how violent Leftists who have no obvious affiliation with Islam joined with Sharia-supremacist Muslims to disrupt Mr. Guandolo’s speech:

The [Des Moines hotel] manager said that protesters showed up and did all they could to disrupt the proceedings without pushing it far enough to get thrown out by police. Howse said that when he handed out brochures intended for the audience, one protester snatched the whole stack and put it in his backpack. He was forced to return the brochures when approached by the police. These attendees were described as “rude and intimidating.”

One person who did get asked to leave was Jack Gunnar Schuler, a local high school teacher. According to the Des Moines Register, Schuler is a transgender activist who was born a woman named Elyse, but since April of 2016 now identifies as a man. He also claims to have been a Marine, but his Facebook profile photo shows him wearing an Army T-shirt — something a Marine is very unlikely to do.

Editor’s note: Notice that Schuler, a Far Left “transgender activist,” who would be targeted for death in most Muslim majority countries, is a leading operative in the disruption of John Guandolo’s remarks on the threat of Islam to American values and constitutional government. We take this as strong confirmation of the existence of the Red (Far Left) – Green (Islamists) Axis.

Schuler had been walking around the event snapping photos of everyone in attendance, posting more than two dozen of them on Facebook, with disparaging comments about the attendees.

Activists associated with Antifa often use this strategy to publicly intimidate, shame and threaten their political opponents.

Schuler walked up to Guandolo and said, “I think you’re a f**king disgrace. You’re an absolute disgrace to the Corps and the uniform.”

Schuler was immediately escorted out by police. He videoed the whole encounter. It has since been scrubbed from his Facebook site, but you can watch it here (language warning).

Shahram Hadian, a courageous former Muslim and now Christian apologist who heads the Truth In Love project, was slated to speak at a number of the canceled events reports Simpson. He reacted strongly in a video about the cancellations and Shahram’s view well sums-up our take:

“Who shut us down folks? The Islamo-Marxist-Fascist oppressors in this nation, the same groups that we’ve been traveling around this nation warning you about…. How did that happen? It started with CAIR… the front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Then they’ve joined with the Southern Poverty Law Center… Then they got Antifa involved… and we know their M.O. – they’re domestic terrorists… If you think we are living in a free nation any more… that this is the land of the free and home of the brave, we better wake up soon. Religious liberty, the right of assembly, the right of our speech, is gone. This is the M.O. now. This is the tactic they are using to shut us down.”

Jim Simpson’s book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America is must read for every conservative and citizen concerned about preserving American exceptionalism and western civilization.

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