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Conservatives To Mitch McConnell: Do Your Job or No Vacation

It started innocuously enough with a comment from Marc Short, the White House legislative affairs director, who said during an event on Capitol Hill with conservative leaders: “If we reach August and [they] still have not completed appropriations work or not confirmed our nominees, then of course we would like to see Congress stay in and do its work,” Short said.

Mitch McConnellPresident Trump later challenged Congress to get a funding deal done before they recess in August or “not go home."

"The Senate should get funding done before the August break, or NOT GO HOME,” Trump tweeted. “Wall and Border Security should be included. Also waiting for approval of almost 300 nominations, worst in history. Democrats are doing everything possible to obstruct, all they know how to do. STAY!”

President Trump and Short put the onus on Democrats to move the process along, but others have been more direct in putting it where it belongs; on the Senate’s Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In conjunction with the event where Marc Short spoke, leaders of the Conservative Action Project distributed an April 27 memo to Congress suggesting August recess be pushed back “until sufficient progress has been made confirming the president’s nominees.”

The memo also suggests the break should be truncated up until, “government funding legislation has been openly debated in the House and Senate with a full opportunity for votes on amendments, and is approved by both houses and sent to the president.”

Short said the Trump administration hoped work would get done in a timely fashion on both the spending and confirmation front, and his primary purpose in being at the conservative event was to back the efforts of the conservative groups and Senator David Perdue to highlight the issue.

However, not everyone in the room was prepared to join Marc Short and the President in blaming the Democrats.

According to Roll Call’s Niels Lesniewski, Senator Perdue said that he anticipated another letter this week from a group of Senate Republicans to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., expressing support for weekend sessions and delaying recesses, including the one in August, to pressure Democrats to move ahead on more nominations.

The group of seven GOP senators on Tuesday called on McConnell to keep the Senate open as Republicans push for the upper chamber to take up the 12 appropriations bills ahead of the August recess despite only having 52 working days, excluding Fridays, to get the work done. They also called on the Senate to work weekends and throughout the night to get these nominees through.

The Washington Examiner’s Al Weaver reports the push comes five days after 16 GOP senators sent a letter to McConnell calling for him to work through the recess period and the end of the fiscal year. Perdue first made his call to end the recess early last week.

"We want to offer our full support to expedite floor consideration, even if we must work nights and weekends and forgo the August recess to get it done," the letter to McConnell read before noting the need to pass 12 appropriations bills in 12 weeks.

"That alone is an impossible task," they said. "When combined w/ the crucial need to confirm more nominees, it is clear we do not have enough time.

And the demand for action isn’t just limited to Washington-based conservative leaders and Capitol Hill’s small band of principled conservatives.

Businessman and political outsider Mike Braun, who just won Indiana's bruising Republican Senate primary, released the following statement demanding the Senate finish work on upcoming appropriations bills or skip the upcoming August recess: “Regular Hoosiers don’t get long vacations when they don’t do their jobs, and neither should Senators. I’ve never understood why elected officials seem to reward themselves with so many breaks when they accomplish so little.”

Braun added a shot at his Democratic opponent Senator “Sleepin” Joe Donnelly for obstructing the President’s nominees, but he, along with President Trump and White House legislative direct Marc Short all know the person who sets the calendar and enforces the Senate Rules – or not – is Mitch McConnell.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to tell him there should be no August recess until the spending bills are passed, the Wall is funded and President Trump’s nominees are confirmed.

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