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Endorsement: Conservatives United Behind Shak Hill for Congress in VA-10 Republican Primary

Next Tuesday, June 12, the Old Dominion will hold two important primaries featuring two limited government constitutional conservatives versus two of the GOP’s most notable RINOs.

In Virginia Congressional District 10, incumbent RINO Barbara Comstock is being challenged by limited government constitutional conservative Shak Hill.

Incumbent Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock represents everything that is wrong with the establishment Shak Hill for CongressRepublican Party in Northern Virginia; a friend of Big Government, elitist, out-of-touch with the conservative base of the GOP and opposed to practically everything President Trump is trying to accomplish on immigration, ending Obamacare and growing the economy.

As a result of Rep. Comstock’s regular opposition to President Trump’s conservative – populist agenda, a veritable Who’s Who of Trump supporters and constitutional conservatives have signed on to help Shak Hill.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, a resident of Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District and a one-time Comstock supporter, has endorsed Shak and conducted a tour of the District with Mr. Hill.

We think Seb Gorka spoke for many conservatives in Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District when he wrote:

"Barbara, we trusted you. We worked for you, we gave money to you, we believed in you, and you let us down. You broke your promises to the citizens of Virginia. Your voting record represents a betrayal of the people of the 10th District.

You vote out of personal and political convenience and not based upon the pledges to made to all of us who supported you as a candidate.

That is why we can no longer want you as our Representative in Congress. We need change.”

While Rep. Comstock’s voting record is abysmal from the perspective of advancing the conservative agenda, what’s even worse is that she refuses to show-up in public to defend it. It’s been ages since Comstock hosted a public townhall and she even refused to participate in candidate debates during the 2016 election cycle.

In contrast to Comstock’s disappearing act, Shak Hill has been all over the District speaking and defending his policy positions and himself from the sliming that Comstock’s establishment Republican political consultants have regularly aimed at him.

In addition to our friend Seb Gorka, Shak Hill has earned the support of Brent Bozell; Judson Phillips from TEA Party Nation; Dick Heller, from DC vs. Heller; Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America; and Philip Van Cleve, of Virginia Citizens Defense League, grassroots powerhouse Cathy Trauernicht and Dr. Ron Paul. We urge our friends and CHQ readers in Northern Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District to turn out on Tuesday, June 12, to vote for Shak Hill for Congress.

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